Are Baby Monitors HSA Eligible?

Are Baby Monitors HSA Eligible?

Are Baby Monitors HSA Eligible? There is a lot of excitement for your family right now. The challenge of taking care of a new baby just became more daunting after you welcomed a beautiful baby into the world.

Expenses must be met while maintaining the same lifestyle, with responsibilities as well. Health care and especially baby care benefit from tax benefits. In addition to monitoring a baby’s temperature and pulse, the latest technology baby monitors can cost upwards of $100.

It is fortunate that HSAs and FSAs offer tax-deductible benefits as well as other benefits.

Here we provide recommendations for buying a baby monitor that can be deducted from your FSA or HSA.

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HSAs and FSAs

In Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Savings Accounts (FSAs), you can set aside money to cover medical expenses, which can be deducted from your income tax.

It is true that FSAs and HSAs have some fundamental differences, but most people prefer HSAs because they offer more flexibility and are not dependent on a job or employer contribution.

A good source for learning more about HSAs and FSAs can be found here.

When you use a baby monitor that is FSA/HSA approved, what are the benefits?

HSA plans cover most non-medical items as long as they support your health care, whereas FSA plans do not.

FSA and HSA spending and tax benefits for baby monitors can be derived from two types of categories. Health monitors (Breathing and pulse monitors) and Baby care (Postpartum).


Would my HSA work for a baby monitor?

HSA and FSA dollars can now be used to purchase the Complete Monitoring System. All the items you need to keep track of your baby, including their sleep and breathing movements, are included in this bundle.

Are baby supplies eligible for HSA use?

Let’s start with feeding. A woman who is breastfeeding her baby can purchase breast pumps, nursing pads, milk test kits, and storage bags that are considered eligible items. Depending on your account plan, infant formula powder may also be covered if the baby drinks formula.

Nanit can be purchased with my HSA?

Is it possible to purchase Nanit using HSA or FSA funds? accepts FSA/HSA debit cards at the checkout if you wish. The plan administrator may reimburse you for a different card (at the plan administrator’s discretion).

Does FSA cover all baby monitors?

A baby monitor used to be considered medical equipment and thus not eligible for FSA coverage. But technology advancements have changed that. A baby breathing monitor from Nanit or an Owlet combines high-quality video with readouts of your baby’s breathing and vital signs.


Our goal with this blog post is to assist you in finding out if you can purchase baby monitors with an FSA/HSA account tax-free. Depending on your health insurance coverage, you may also be eligible for the items.

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