Best Baby Gates in 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


“Honey, where is the baby?”

“I left him in the living room, he was there just a minute ago”

“I don’t see him…oh no, the stairs!”

This is a conversation you have likely had in your home a thousand times. What follows is you leaving all you are doing and running to the staircase, only to find your little one on their favorite mission – to climb their Mount Everest, the stairs of the house.

Whether it is the thrill of coming across a new adventure or the anticipation of finding a long-lost treasure (a candy bar?), it is their favorite activity.

And we’re not surprised if it makes your heart skip a beat every time. But fret not, because there is a solution – a way you can keep the love of your life safe.

You guessed it – in this blog post, we are going to talk about the best baby gates that you can easily install in your home!

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Sometimes, all you need to make the right decision is to have all the facts in front of you.

Having all the basic specifications of the top baby gates currently in the market can help you compare them with ease, focus on the things that you need more than others, and pick the option that works best for you.

We understand this and so we make it easier for you by putting all these important details in one place. Take a look at this table that contains the best baby gates of 2021 before you go on to read details about every individual trending baby gate.

10 Best Baby Gates in 2021 – Quick Comparison:

10 Best Baby Gates in 2021 – Detail Reviews:

Let’s now look at each one of these gates in more detail.

1. North States Supergate 38.5″ Wide – Best Baby Gates for Stairs:

How many times have you gone to the shops to get yourself a gate that does its job – protecting your child against falls and injuries – while also being classy and complementing the interior of your home and returned empty-handed?

Too many to count, right?

With the North States Supergate Easy Close Gate, your problems come to an end. With one of the best baby gates for stairs in 2021 that is easy to install, pleasant to look at and, most importantly, sturdy and strong to provide unwavering protection, you’re covered from all angles. Let’s take a look at some of its specifications.

Every parent can understand the pain of babyproofing the house – installing all those different mechanisms all around the house to keep your baby and your belongings safe can be a pain! Featuring a pressure-mounted system and tension knobs, this gate is easy to install, without the need for any tools or technical expertise.

So you can do it yourself, that too without any trouble. If you do want to mount it at the top of the stairs using hardware, however, you have been provided with the option.

This is what makes it one of the best top-of-the-stairs baby gates.

The gate swings each way and features a double lock system that helps with mobility without causing a hindrance when it comes to adults.

It also allows you to open it with one hand because, as you know all too well, parents are multi-taskers and very rarely do they have both hands free. Strength and durability are two things of the utmost importance when it comes to a baby gate.

This North States gate has a sturdy steel structure that guarantees ultimate protection.

The width of the opening of your staircase can vary immensely, depending on the size of your space and your personal preferences. The gate comes with a number of extensions that ensure that no matter what your requirements, it fits them perfectly!

The basic gate can fit any space from 28” to 38.5”. But that’s not all! You can also purchase separate extensions that allow you to cover an area of up to 62.25”.

You know you don’t want a bulky baby gate to ruin the aesthetic you have worked so hard to create inside your home. The North States baby gate will complement your interior, adding a sleek, tidy finish.

  • Sleekness that complements your interior.
  • It features a pressure- and hardware-mounted installation system.
  • The gate doesn’t cover too wide of space without extensions sold separately.


Final Verdict:

One of the top picks when it comes to the best gate, this option gives you everything you need from such a gate, that too at a price that doesn’t put a hole in your pocket.

2. Multi-Use Deco Extra – Tall Walk Thru Gate:

If a product wins an award and beats all other competitors in its niche, you know they have got to be doing something right. And that is the confidence you get to have in the Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate.

Available in two different stylish colours and sporting some of the best features you’ll find in any gate in the market, this product is a very good option for your needs.

Let’s a take a more detailed look at how it does its job so you can be at peace, knowing your child is safe in the house without having to follow him or her around all day!

We all know that the top of the stairs is a dangerous place for your child – they learn how to climb the stairs a lot quicker than they learn how to come back down.

So while it is essential to place protective measures in both these places, having a gate at the top of the stairs is crucial.

The Multi-Use Deco Gate provides you with an added layer of protection when used at the top landing of your staircase.

The gate comes with not one, not two, but three extensions of varying sizes. One extension is 8.75 inches wide while the other two are each 4.25 inches wide.

This gives you a great deal of flexibility as the gate is bound to fit most staircases and doorways. To give you an idea of the range, it will fit any space between 28 to 48 inches wide.

Kids nowadays are smart and you will definitely have laughed at lots of videos online with babies climbing over stair gates and feeling on top of the world. But it isn’t so funny when it happens to you.

That’s where a good height helps out a lot. As your child grows older, it becomes easier for them to manipulate gates with lower heights. But this gate stands tall at 36 inches and does not allow for your child to climb over it.

The pressure-mount installation system allows you to put the gate in place with ease without damaging your walls in any way.

However, with the Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, you have the option to mount it with hardware to ensure an enhanced level of security.

While this method does require tools and basic know-how of how to use them, it converts the product into one of the best stair gates available today.

It comes with a door stopper that you can use to ensure that no one, child or adult, can open the door towards the stairs as this is highly dangerous, especially for the child if someone leaves it unlocked by mistake at the top of the stairs.

Available in two colours, beige and bronze, it allows you to purchase the option that goes well with your interior.

  • Pressure-mount + hardware-mount for enhanced security
  • Good height
  • Covers a wide range of widths (three extensions)
  • The gate doesn’t cover too wide of space without extensions sold separately.


Final Verdict:

With three different kinds of extensions, pressure-mounted and hardware-mounted mechanisms, and different colours among other things, this gate provides you with a relatively more variety than other variants, so you can choose a gate that suits your exact requirements.

3. Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall – Best Gate for Bottom Stairs:

A combination of the best features in a single product is what you no doubt search for when looking for a product for your child. And a baby gate is no different.

The Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall & Wide Gate provides just that.

With a pressure-mount system that makes it easy to install, as well as the stay-open and double locking system that makes it convenient to use all day, every day, it is your go-to product in the baby gate niche.

One of the best baby gates for the bottom of the stairs, here are the specific features that this product has to offer.

It can be a hassle to have to fiddle with the locks and the gate itself when you want to cross over from one side to the other. After all, you are going to through the gate multiple times on any given day.

This is where the smart stay-open and auto-close features of the innovative product come into play.

When you know your baby is somewhere safe (in bed or with your partner, for example) and you need to pass through the gate repeatedly, you can make use of the stay-open option to avoid the hassle of opening it again and again.

The auto-close functionality takes care of your baby at all other times, as does the double lock system.

The ability to multi-task, as mentioned above, comes easy to a parent. But a little bit of convenience never hurt anybody.

The one-hand open system is no different – it allows you to easily open the gate while carrying your baby, their clothes, or that much-needed cup of coffee in the other!

This gate features an EZY Check Indicator.

When you have a child you love more than life itself, you can take no risks.

This indicator turns red when you have left the door open by mistake or it has failed to close properly so that it catches your attention and you can take care of the hazard.

Suitable for the top and bottom of the stairs, as well as for doorways, hallways, and any other openings where you may need it, the gate has you covered from all angles.

What sets this particular gate apart is the sheer flexibility it offers you in terms of width.

Without extensions, you can use it in spaces with a width of 38 to 42.5 inches, similar to other brands and products.

With extensions that can be purchased separately, however, this gate can fit a space as wide as a staggering 188 inches.

So whether you want to block the stairs or barricade one part of a slightly partitioned room, this is your go-to product.

  • Extremely wide gate with extra extensions that are sold separately (188 inches!)
  • Extra high (39.5 inches)
  • EZY Indicator brings attention to an open door immediately
  • Slightly expensive
  • Only swings one way


Final Verdict:

While it does go for a little more money than the usual baby gate, this is the one you should choose if you are looking for the best baby gate for a wide opening. With 188 inches at your disposal, you can even use it to partition a large room.

4. Munchkin Easy Close Metal Gate – Best Safe Gate for Your Baby:

If you are looking for a basic gate that will keep your baby safe around the house and give you peace of mind, the Munchkin Easy Close Metal Baby Gate can do the job for you.

With its easy-to-install, easy-to-use functionality, you can rest assured that you will be making the right choice by bringing it into your home.

Let’s discuss the specifics in a little more detail before we pass a final verdict on the gate and all it has to offer.

Because the structure is made of metal, it sports a sturdy structure that guarantees to do its job well against all odds.

This is essential in ensuring the safety of your child. The range of widths this gate fits is 29.5 to 35 inches.

It comes with one extension that measures 2.75 inches. While the included extension makes a very slight difference to the width that this gate is suitable for, extensions can be purchased separately, using which the gate can expand up to 54 inches.

With a pressure- and hardware-mount option when it comes to installation, you can go for the one that suits you best.

If you live on rent and do not want to drill any unnecessary holes into the walls, the pressure mount installation system is the way to go (but not for the top of the stairs).

However, if you live in your own house and want to take that extra step to ensure that your baby remains completely safe, you can use hardware to secure the gate into place.

The gate features a double-lock system. While this may seem like a bit of a hassle at first, once you start to use it, you get to know that the system is quite easy for adults to use.

You can open it easily while it does not budge for your little one so they cannot open it up when they want and head on out to their next adventure.

Similarly, the easy close gate makes sure that the door swings back easily and the lock clicks once the door is completely closed.

In addition to this, the door swings both ways, which is a massive convenience for you and other adults around the house.

  • Door swings both ways
  • Locks with a simple push
  • Low height – less suitable for babies after a certain age.
  • Only one extension included which increases the width by 2.75 inches only.


Final Verdict:

The door swings both ways and locks automatically when pushed back into place. However, if you eventually want to use the gate in a much wider space, you will have to buy the additional extensions separately.

5. Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate – Suitable for Top of the Stairs:

We’re sure you must have been bored reading about the same kind of metal structures that you can install in your home to restrict your baby to their safe space while you move around the house completing your chores.

So let us mix things up a little and share with you a different kind of gate that serves the purpose just as well without making different parts of your home look like tiny jail cells for your children.

Presenting to you the Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate, which offers tons of benefits to you that the metal gate just cannot. Made of a soft, cloth material, it is easy to install, machine-washable, and much more.

Read on as we discuss all its features in more detail.

This Evenflo baby gate is made of a fabric mesh material and does not take away from the homely look and feel of your rooms.

While it, of course, is not as sturdy as a strong, metal structure and cannot be used at the top of the stairs where you need utmost security, it can be used at the bottom of the stairs, as well in rooms and hallways to create aesthetic-friendly partitions.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate is that it is portable.

So whether you are going to Grandma’s place to relax for a month during the school break or going on a week-long holiday where you have booked a suite for yourself, this gate is a godsend.

Simply roll it up and pack it with the rest of your belongings. Once you reach your destination, dig it back out and install it with ease.

Because the gate uses pressure-mounted technology and comes with rubber bumpers, you do not need to drill holes into your walls, use any hardware or require any technical expertise to get it in place.

Installing it as easy as 1, 2, 3, something that is a major plus with a portable product that you need to move around often. 

The product is machine washable, so you do not need to worry about cleaning it to get rid of dirt and germs.

You can simply toss it into the washing machine, give it a spin, dry it off, and it is ready to use, good as new!

The gate covers a wide range of widths, from 38 inches to 60 inches. You can, thus, use it in a variety of different spaces.

However, it does not come with any separate extensions that can increase the width further, so be mindful to take proper measurements before you invest your money in the product.

At a height of 27” inches, the product becomes easy to transport, as well as to keep clean.

However, this does mean that you cannot use it as your baby gets older as they will just be able to climb or jump over it.

  • It’s portable – that trip to Grandma’s has never looked so promising!
  • Machine-washable to save you the hassle.
  • Not suitable for the top of the stairs.
  • Average height – only suitable for younger children.


Final Verdict:

If you travel a lot and take your baby with you, this is your go-to baby ‘gate.’ However, do keep in mind that it is not suitable for the top of the stairs, nor will it of much use as your baby gets older.

6. Regalo Easy Step Safety Gate – Suitable for Older Kids:

Now that we refreshed your mind a little bit with a completely unique kind of gate, let’s discuss another metal variant that is quite popular in the market.

This is the Regalo Easy Step Walk-Through Gate. A tall, wide, sturdy gate that takes care of all your needs when it comes to restricting your baby to a certain part of the house, you can’t go wrong with it.

By now, we have established the fact that being a parent does not leave you with too much time to waste doing nothing at all.

So essentially, you do not have time to stop and fiddle with the gate and lock every time you want to walk through it (which could be tens of times in a single day)!

The walk-through, one-hand-open gate allows adults to pass through with ease, hence not wasting your precious time.

With a height of 30 inches, it provides a great level of protection for your child up until a certain age.

They can, however, eventually find ways to manipulate it by climbing over it and gaining what they believe is freedom. The gate is, thus, less suitable for older kids.

The gate can cover a width of 29 inches to 38.5 inches as it comes with a 6-inch wide extension kit.

However, if you need to cover a wider area, you can simply purchase extensions separately and use the gate for an opening up to 60 inches wide. 

You must note that to fit an opening between 34 to 35 inches, you will have to purchase an additional 4-inch extension – without this extension, the gate will not be able to fit an opening or staircase of this size.

The gate sports a pressure-mounted installation system and comes with four pressure mounting spindle rods and four wall cups for an increased level of protection.

Because it doesn’t have the hardware mounting option, it is suitable only for hallways, doorways, and the bottom of the stairs.

The safety locking feature provides the ultimate level of protection to your child.

  • This product is relatively cheaper than other variants in the market.
  • This gate is not suitable for use at the top of the stairs.


Final Verdict:

Looking for great features at a better price? Your search ends here.

7. Kidco Safeway Safety Baby Gate – Ideal for Top Stairs:

This product is one that you cannot go wrong with when it comes to the protection of your baby, especially on the first or second floor of your house.

A sleek and tidy design that comes in two different colours, both elegant and classy, the gate offers you safety for a wide range of widths without the need for an extension.

Because it sports a hardware-mounted installation system, it is ideal for the top of the stairs but that does not mean it cannot be used elsewhere.

You can also use it at the bottom of the stairs, in hallways, and so on.

With a foolproof hardware-mounted mechanism that allows your mind to stay at peace, this gate will not budge from its place if it has been properly installed.

This means that you do not need to worry at all about where your baby is and what they are doing, as long as you have shut the gate properly.

As mentioned above, because the gate comes in two colours, white and black, it does not have to interfere with the interior of your home – in fact, you can further complement it by making the right choice.

The gate is suitable for a large array of widths, ranging from 24.75 inches to 42.5 inches. You can adjust it according to your own needs.

The convenience of operating it with one hand makes the gate stand out among adults.

The hinge side hardware that comes with the gate allows it to be mounted on an angled surface.

This ensures that you can use it, no matter how potentially problematic your space.

You can stop the gate from swinging out over the stairs.

This ensures that even if you forget to lock it properly, it still won’t open when your kid applies pressure towards the stairs – this can save them from a dangerous fall.

The gate features quick release hardware which allows you to easily uninstall the gate when you do not need it anymore.

  • You can mount it on an angled surface.
  • It comes in two different colours, black and white.
  • It does not come with additional extensions.


Final Verdict:

If you need a very simple, sturdy gate that meets all your needs without putting a hole in your pocket, this is the one for you.

8. Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate:

Now we come to the Stairway Special Baby Gate by Cardinal Gates.

This gate is constructed with aluminium with a powder finish in white – the look that it has and the sophistication it brings to the surroundings is remarkable.

What sets this gate apart, though, is that this product can be fitted at different angles.

Not every house is constructed in a symmetrical manner and it is not always possible to fit a gate in a straight line in the way that nearly all other gates are designed.

This baby gate for stairs with a bannister and wall solves this problem and allows you to set up at an angle of up to 30 degrees, as well as in complicated settings.

This flexibility works wonders when you have to play around with the space that you have and do it in a way that doesn’t compromise your interior.

Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons why this gate may just be the perfect choice for you.

The gate, as mentioned above, is constructed with aluminium which is slightly lighter than steel.

This makes it easier to handle and use, offering you convenience.

There is nothing like a gate that fits all your unique requirements.

Although we have mentioned this above, we believe this feature is so unique and special that it deserves to be talked about some more.

The angle at which you can fix your gate is crucial if you do not have a stairway where you can fit a straight door.

This flexibility in terms of setting up the gate at an angle of up to a staggering 30 degrees is what allows it to beat all the variants in the market if you have an even slightly problematic staircase opening.

So if you have been searching for a gate for days and day without any success, this might just be the one for you.

The finish of the gate is such that it is easy to clean, while also adding a modern, sophisticated look to the surroundings.

The latch mechanism and lock system of the gate does its job well in baffling your children – they just cannot figure out how to work it and get it to open so that they can achieve what they think is freedom.

So, mission accomplished, right? But that’s not all! While it keeps your baby restricted to a particular safe area in the house, it allows you to work the lock easily and pass through without any difficulty – the lock is no match for an adult.

The width of the gate is adjustable and it can fit any opening from 27 inches to 42.5 inches wide.

A stop bracket (which you can choose whether you want to use or not) ensures that the gate does not open towards the staircase.

This adds an extra layer of protection as it reduces the chances of your child taking a fall down the stairs, head first. The gate comes in two colours, white and black.

This means that you do not have to worry about it messing with your aesthetic.

If you have a light-coloured interior, the white will complement it perfectly.

Similarly, if you have designed your interior such that it only offers the option for darker colours to be added to it, you can go for the black gate.

  • Set it up at an angle of up to 30 degrees without a problem!
  • The gate sports an average height – not suitable for older children.


Final Verdict:

If you have a unique space where you cannot fit a straight gate, this should be your pick!

9. Evenflo Secure Step – Best Top of Stairs Gate:

The gate from Evenflo we discussed previously was one made mainly from cloth and great for people who travel frequently.

It, however, was not suitable for places like the top of the stairs because it was not sturdy enough to provide an optimum level of protection to your baby – if manipulated, it could lead to a very dangerous fall down the stairs for your baby.

This product from Evenflo, on the other hand, is the opposite – it provides the best possible amount of protection to your baby. Hardware-mounted and specially designed for the top of the stairs, this product is a great pick. Read on as we discuss the features of the gate in more detail.

The gate, as we have already mentioned, has been designed for the top of the stairs, keeping the utmost safety of your child in mind.

A hardware mounted gate that is fixed into place using sturdy brackets that are drilled into the wall, it ensures that your mind remains at peace while you go about your daily activities.

In addition to being one of the best top of the stairs baby gates, it can be used in doorways, hallways, the bottom of the stairs, and wherever else you require a barrier for your child.

The structure is made of metal and plastic which adds a further layer of sturdiness to the gate. The swing control feature of the gate allows it to swing in both directions or only one.

You can choose this based on your own preferences, as well as where you are using the gate.

If you are using it as a barrier in the hallway or a partition between two rooms, you can allow it to swing in both directions so that it makes coming and going easy for you.

At the top of the stairs, however, you want the gate to only swing in one direction – away from the stairs.

And you can achieve just that.The Lever Loc mechanism of the gate is a sophisticated technology that allows you to open it with one hand by pressing the buttons and pushing down.

While this is difficult in itself for your child to get the hang of, it also requires a bit of pressure that your child cannot exert, especially from down below.

This means that while crossing the gate is a piece of cake for you, there is no way your little one is getting through to the other side.

A glance at the Red/Green lock indicator is enough to tell you whether the gate has been safely closed once you have passed through.

If you see that the gate has not been locked properly, you can fix that immediately.

This is especially helpful at the top of the stairs where you just cannot take any risks.

The gate is adjustable to any width between 29 and 42 inches. It is 30 inches high but can be set up 3 inches above the ground if you wish, giving you a total height of 33 inches.

  • The width and height are adjustable.
  • A lock indicator ensures that the gate is closed properly every single time.
  • You do require tools and a certain level of expertise to put the gate up.


Final Verdict:

This gate is one of the best ones you will find in the market!

10. North States 47.85″ Easy Swing – Best Baby Gate (Overall):

This is the second North States Supergate that we are taking a look at in this list.

This should be proof enough that this is a company you can trust when it comes to your baby gate needs.

This gate, which is as sophisticated in its look and feel as it is in its technology goes well with all kinds of interiors, making sure that you do not have to compromise on the aesthetic of your space – the beautiful bronze finish will add grace to the surroundings.

Let’s take a more detailed look at what this gate has to offer.

  • When you have a baby and have to take care of them as well as other house chores or even your professional tasks, something as small as locking the baby gate can skip your mind. And that mistake, as small as it is, can result in catastrophic consequences. Once you install this gate, however, that is one less thing for you to worry about. With an automatic swing and auto-lock mechanism, you don’t have to do anything but swing the door shut – the gate will lock itself automatically.
  • With a wide range of widths that it can cover (28.68 inches to 47.85 inches) and a height of 31 inches, you cannot go wrong with this gate – the dimensions are perfect for most needs.
  • Because the gate is hardware-mounted and is fixed securely into place during the installation phase, it is suitable for places all around the house, including the top and bottom of the stairs, hallways, room entrances, and so on.
  • As an adult, you can operate the gate with one hand, ensuring that you do not have to waste time every time you pass through.
  • The beautiful bronze finish complements any home décor.
  • The auto-lock feature ensures that there is no chance of ever leaving it open.
  • No pressure-mount for simpler installation.


Final Verdict:

A simple, yet sophisticated gate that ensures the protection of your child, this is a wonderful option to choose for your home.

Best Baby Gates 2021 – FAQs:

Now that we have shared extensive details with you about each of the top products we have discussed, you must be in a much better position to make a decision regarding which baby gate suits you best. Rest assured, if you know your basic requirements and have read this blog post in detail, you will not go wrong.

If you are a new parent and are still a little confused about which gate you should go for when you should install it, what features you should look for, and so on, let us help you. Below, we have discussed some of the most common questions that young parents ask when it comes to babyproofing the house and installing gates in various places inside your home, your child’s safe haven. Read on!

When should I install baby gates?

Think about it, when does your baby risk hurting themselves by being somewhere they shouldn’t be? The moment they start moving around, of course. And we are not talking about when they start walking – you need a baby gate the moment your child starts crawling. Because the moment they learn how to move about on their own, there is no stopping them. And why stop them anyway? You should let them explore their own little world. In fact, you should facilitate them in doing so by marking off dangerous places such as the stairs and automatically making them no-go areas. To sum up, have a baby gate ready, especially for the stairs the moment your baby starts crawling.

Are pressure-mounted baby gates safe for the top of the stairs?

Pressure-mounted gates have a lot of advantages, as we have mentioned above multiple times. For starters, you do not need to hire somebody to install them – you can do it yourself. On top of that, you do not require any tools or any kind of technical expertise – for most gates, minus the problematic ones, of course, all you need is to give the instructions manual a thorough read before you start to install the gate. Thirdly, you do not damage your home when you install them. However, pressure-mounted gates are an ABSOLUTE NO-GO when it comes to the top of the stairs. You have to go with a hardware-mounted gate that is drilled into place, even if it takes more of an effort to install it. This is essential for the safety of your child. A slightly over-enthusiastic push can result in a really bad accident if the pressure-mounted gate is at the top of the stairs.

Do you put baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs?

This depends entirely on the layout design of your house, your unique living patterns, and your preferences. Some people gate just the top of the stairs, some just the bottom, and some both. Again, this depends on where you and your baby spend most of the day, where you want to restrict them from going, and so on. For example, if your living room is downstairs and that is where you spend most of the day, you will want a gate at the bottom of the stairs. If you sleep upstairs, however, you will also need one at the top. If your bedroom is also on the ground floor and you only go upstairs every once in a while, you don’t need one upstairs. So as we said before, this one really depends on your unique living conditions.

How much does a baby gate cost?

The price of a baby gate can vary immensely, depending on the brand you choose, the specifications you go for, the kind of flexibility it offers to you, as well as other factors such as safety and security requirements being met, ease of installation, ease of use, look and feel, and so on. Generally, the price of the best baby gates ranges from around $40 to around $80. Additional extensions, help required to install the gate, and some other factors can add to the price tag so be mindful of these things when making the purchase.

Are pressure-mounted baby gates safe?

While we have discussed this above, we have only talked about this in the context of the stairs. And we stand by that – if you want a baby gate at the top of the stairs, you need a hardware-mounted one. Around the rest of the house, however, a pressure-mounted version works just as well. Even if your child applies an immense amount of pressure to it and it does come loose, they will fall flat on the floor, not tumble down a staircase that never seems to end as you stare in horror.

At what age can you remove baby gates?

Baby gates are usually made for children when they start crawling, all the way up to when they start to learn how to walk. Stairs are usually the trickiest part of the house and while many babies manage to learn how to climb the stairs perfectly well, once they reach the top, they’re not quite sure how to come back down. Once they’ve mastered the art of going up AND down the stairs and when they are old enough to understand and obey your instructions when you restrict them from doing certain things, that is when you can get rid of all the baby gates in the house.

Bottom Line – Take Your Pick!

Buy now, you must be a lot clearer as to which gate you should go for based on your unique desires and requirements. But we want to make it even easier for you. We have picked out the top 4 gates for you in terms of different factors.

Optimal features at the best price:

If you are on a budget, you should definitely go for the Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Baby Gate or the North States Supergate Easy Swing & Lock Gate.

Angle gate that allows for flexibility:

One of the only baby gates for difficult stairs, the Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate allows you to set it up at an angle of up to 30 degrees, so if you have a complicated space, this should be your pick.


If you are always on the go and take your baby with you, the portable Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate are the ones for you!

We hope this blog post about the best baby safety gates has helped you pick out the perfect one for your needs and you have a wonderful experience with it. Choose from among the best baby gates for stairs so you never have to worry about the safety of your baby inside the house again.

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