Best Baby Jumpers in 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Once babies reach the age where they are able to sit up straight and hold their neck unassisted, there is no stopping them – they want to move around ALL. THE. TIME.

And if you are a parent who struggles to take something as small as a bathroom break in peace, you’ll know JUST what we are talking about. And while you may have tried the best baby swings in the market or top-notch bouncers, nothing can match the best baby jumpers when it comes to keeping your active baby happy.

And now that we have mentioned them, we are sure you know that we are going to share with you details about some of the best-rated baby jumpers in the market today. But before we get to that, let’s answer some questions parents usually have about jumpers.

10 Best Baby Jumpers in 2021 – Quick Comparison:

Num Photo Title Ratings Buy
1 Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo,...image Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo
2 Baby Einstein Neptune's...image Baby Einstein Neptune's Ocean Discovery Jumper
3 Jolly Jumper -...image Jolly Jumper - The Original Baby Exerciser
4 Jolly Jumper The...image Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Door Clamp
5 Skip Hop Baby...image Skip Hop Explore and More
6 Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo,...image Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo
7 Evenflo Exersaucer Triple...image Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center
8 Jolly Jumper -...image Jolly Jumper - Stand for Jumpers and Rockers
9 Summer®Pop ‘N Jump®...image Summer Pop ‘n Jump Portable Activity Center
10 Bright Starts Bounce...image Bright Starts Bounce 'N Spring Deluxe Door Jumper

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10 Best Baby Jumpers in 2021 – Detail Reviews:

1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Best Baby Activity Jumper:

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo Features:

  • A rainforest theme that reflects in all the amazing elements of the jumper.
  • The 360-degree rotating seat that lets your baby look in every direction.
  • Spring covers that prevent pinching.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Three heights options to choose from.
  • Toys at five locations for fun all around, including stuffed toys (an elephant, monkey, parrot, and more), a spinning bead ball, a chew toy, and much more.
  • An electronic main toy that sports lights, music, and action on spinning a drum.
  • Four minutes of continuous playing (that the parents can activate).
  • A foldable baby jumper whose frame folds down into a more compact version so that it can be stored easily.
  • Lightweight and easy to move.
  • Ease of setting it up.
  • Lights and sounds when the baby jumps and spins around.
  • Beautiful rainforest theme.
  • Multiple height adjustment options.
  • Comfortable and safe seat.
  • Many interactive toys to keep the child occupied.
  • A combination of lights, sounds, and movement.
  • Some parents complain of their children’s feet not touching the ground, even at the lowest setting.

Final Verdict:

Overall, this product is great for any child who likes to move around and interact with different kinds of toys. It helps their gross motor skills, as well as their hand-eye-coordination as they reach out to touch the different toys. And most of all, it keeps parents happy because their child is happy – it probably is the best baby activity jumper available in the market today.

2. Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean – Best Baby Stationary Jumper:

Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper Features:

  • Blue ocean theme that is attractive to the baby and you.
  • 360-degree swivel seat offering full freedom.
  • Activities and toys in all directions – 15 in all, including a crab in a spinning ball, octopus paddle toy, flashcards, and much more.
  • Extra link loops for your child’s favourite toys.
  • Adjustable seat that can be set to four different height positions.
  • Toys can be wiped clean with a cloth.
  • Removable sea turtle station so your child can take it along.
  • Educational toys – teach your kids number and colours in three different languages, i.e, English, Spanish, and French.
  • Electronic toys to keep your child happy and busy.
  • Machine-washable seat pad for easy clean-up.
  • Well-displayed ocean theme.
  • Educational toys to get your child learning from a young age.
  • Wipe-clean surfaces and machine-washable seat pad for utmost hygiene.
  • 4 height positions.
  • Some parents have complained of the jumper tipping over with the baby inside.

Final Verdict:

With a 360-degree bounce seat that helps strengthen your baby’s leg muscles, interactive toys, some of which are educational in nature, multiple adjustable height positions for your little one’s comfort and much more, this jumper is ideal for your growing baby. What’s more is that you can wipe and clean or toss the seat pad in the washing machine when the need arises, ensuring utmost cleanliness at all times. It is one of the best baby stationary jumpers.

3. Jolly Jumper – Best Baby Jumper (Exerciser):

Jolly Jumper – The Original Baby Exerciser Features:

  • A tall, sturdy frame that allows your baby to bounce and have fun without any safety concerns.
  • Spring action for an active baby.
  • A saddle seat that ensures your baby maintains the correct posture as they exercise.
  • No tools required for assembly.
  • Suitable for use inside the house and outdoors.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Folds flat for easy storage, as well as for portability.
  • Lightweight and easy to move around.
  • Safe and comfortable.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • No tools required to put it together.
  • No toys or activities.

Final Verdict:

The manufacturer prides itself in the ability of this product to help your child “develop coordination and rhythm, strengthen muscles, and improve balance” – and it does not disappoint. Lightweight and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it is the best baby jumper (exerciser) for your baby as they grow older. It does, however, have no toys or other activities with light or sound so if you have a baby who is likely to get bored jumping up and down without any other activity to turn to, this isn’t for you. Overall, a great portable jumper for your super-active baby.

4. Jolly Jumper Exerciser – Best Jumper for Your Baby:

Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Door Clamp Features:

  • A strong and sturdy clamp allows the swing to hang from a doorway without the fear of it falling down or coming loose.
  • Hangs freely, providing more space for the child to move around.
  • Scientifically-designed saddle providing adequate back support and allowing for easy breathing.
  • Extremely light in weight and, hence, highly portable.
  • Highly compact fold for easy storage and transportability.
  • Requires half an inch of flat surface above the door moulding to clamp.
  • Very light and, hence, easy to carry around and transport.
  • Small weight and compact fold allow for easy storage.
  • No frame that takes up a lot of space – a tiny footprint.
  • Scientifically-designed saddle, perfect for your baby’s health.
  • No toys or activities to keep your child distracted for too long.

Final Verdict:

This product is very similar to the previous one – it is just missing the frame and comes with a clamp instead that allows you to hang the swing from any door (as long as the basic safety requirements are met). Allowing your child to build strength in their muscles, as well as to work on their coordination and balance, it is the perfect exercise accessory. The jumper that weighs the least and folds flat, it is extremely easy to store and transport. If you do not need the typical kind of toys and activities to keep your child distracted, this is the best jumper for your baby.

5. Skip Hop Explore – Best Value for Money:

Skip Hop Explore Features:

  • Features a whole body approach when it comes to play-time.
  • 360-degree swivel seat ensuring fun all around.
  • 3-stage functionality – Sit, Swivel Bounce, and Play; Cruise and interact; Play Table.
  • Grows with the baby – the jumper turns into a table for your child as they grow older.
  • A seat that turns and stretches for utmost flexibility.
  • Toy attachment system clips (that can be used anywhere on the jumper) to add your baby’s favourite toys.
  • A discovery window that allows the child to see their feet and understand cause and effect.
  • Multiple toys including a light-up piano, peek-a-boo owl, hedgehog bead chaser, and much more.
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe snack bowl.
  • Detachable legs for easy storage.
  • Multiple activities to keep the little one distracted.
  • Snack bowl so your baby can munch while playing.
  • Ability to attach your baby’s favourite toys.
  • Grows with the baby – 3-stage functionality.
  • Easy storage.
  • Some parents complain of their baby’s fingers getting stuck in the owl toy and the piano stops working after a few months.

Final Verdict:

The best whole body jumper you will find, this product is amazing for your child as they develop their muscles, coordination, and balance, all the while enjoying the fun toys and activities that are present all around the jumper. With unique features like a look-through window and a removable snack bowl that lets your baby feast while they explore, as well as the ability to grow with your baby, it may just be the thing for you.

6. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo – All-in-One Jumper:

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo Features:

  • 2 modes of music – short-play, in which music, lights, and sounds are activated when your baby jumps; in long-play mode, you can keep everything playing for up to 20 minutes.
  • Songs the baby can sing along to and words they want to imitate.
  • A 360-degree seat ensures all-around fun.
  • Multiple toys and activities, including a giraffe toy bar, shape sorters, a book with turning pages, and much more.
  • A sturdy steel frame ensures the safety of your baby.
  • 3 height adjustment options for your growing child.
  • 3 springs with soft covers for the protection of little fingers.
  • Machine-washable and dryer safe seat cover.
  • Compact fold for storage and transportation.
  • Multiple sound and entertainment options.
  • Multiple safe height adjustment options.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintaining hygiene.
  • Compact fold to store and move around easily.
  • Some parents complain of a poor design in which some toys hit the baby’s head when they jump.

Final Verdict:

This has got to be one of the best all-in-one jumpers available in the market today. Not only does it offer a large number of toys and activities that can keep your baby engaged, but it also offers the utmost safety and multiple height positions so that your child remains comfortable. It is one of the best baby activity jumpers for you to keep your baby distracted and happy.

7. Evenflo Exersaucer – Best Jumper for Small Spaces:

Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Features:

  • Amazon theme that is fun to look at and interact with.
  • 3 stages through which the activity centre grows with your child;
  • A playmat – for when your baby is 0 to 4 months old.
  • A baby jumper activity centre – from 4 months on to the age when your little one starts walking.
  • An activity table – for when your child starts walking to when they are around 24 months old.
  • 11 toys and activities so that your child achieves 10 developmental milestones such as fine motor skills and tactile development with ease.
  • 3 height adjustments for the comfort of your baby.
  • The activity centre folds flat for easy storage and transportation.
  • A carry handle that adds to the portability factor.
  • Machine-washable seat pad that can also be tumble-dried for top-notch cleanliness.
  • Removable toys for your baby to take along.
  • Surrounding tray that brings the baby closer to the toys.
  • 3 stages so that the activity centre grows with the baby.
  • A beautiful theme that keeps the baby occupied.
  • Multiple activities to keep the child engaged.
  • Removable toys for later use.
  • Some parents complained of the paint on the toys coming off – safety hazard for the baby.
  • Assembly has caused problems for others.

Final Verdict:

Now you can help your baby strengthen his or her neck, back, and leg muscles without boring them out of their minds. With multiple toys and activities that keep them happy and occupied while also helping them reach certain developmental goals, it is one of the best jumpers in the market today. One of the more compact products in this niche, it is also one of the best baby jumpers for small spaces.

8. Original Jolly Jumper Exerciser – Baby Jumper with Stand:

Jolly Jumper – Stand for Jumpers and Rockers Features:

  • No tools needed to set up the baby jumper withstand.
  • A flat fold that allows for easy portability and storage.
  • Suitable for use inside the house and outside.
  • A saddle that supports the baby’s back and makes sure they don’t hurt themselves while they exercise.
  • Light in weight and, thus, easy to carry around.
  • Strong frame to ensure your baby’s safety.
  • Light in weight and easy to carry around.
  • Suitable for the indoors, as well as the outdoors.
  • Sturdy frame ensuring the safety of the baby.
  • Compact fold making it easy to transport.
  • No toys, activities, music or lights to keep your baby distracted for too long.  
  • Some parents complain that is only useful for a few months.

Final Verdict:

This product is quite similar to its variant, the Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Super Stand that we discussed earlier on in the list. With its sturdy frame, comfortable seat that maintains the posture of the baby, lightweight, and compact fold, it provides you with everything you need from an exerciser. What makes this free-standing baby jumper different from the other products, though, is that it is significantly cheaper and, hence, a better buy when you are shopping on a budget. All in all, one of the safest top-rated baby jumpers in the market today.

9. Summer Infant Pop N’ – Best Travel Jumper:

Summer Pop ‘n Jump Portable Activity Center Features:

  • The Folding frame that you can fold and set up in seconds.
  • Light in weight and easy to carry around.
  • Compact fold that makes it ideal for storage in small spaces and transportation.
  • Soft cloth under your child’s feet to ensure they remain safe whether you use it indoors or outdoors.
  • Interactive toys including a teether, rattle, spinning ball, and mirror book.
  • Overhead canopy to protect your child from the excessive sun when outside.
  • Additional travel bag to make carrying it a breeze.
  • Machine-washable seat to ensure cleanliness.
  • Easy and compact fold for easy portability.
  • Travel bag for ease of carrying.
  • Perfect for the outdoors, complete with canopy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Some parents complained of the product scratching the floor.

Final Verdict:

If you like to take your little one out a lot and want them to have the freedom of jumping and bouncing as they please, this is the product for you. The best travel jumper, it features a lightweight, compact fold that makes it extremely easy to carry around. It even comes with a travel bag that you can hang from your shoulder as you carry your baby. What’s more is that it comes with fun toys that will keep your child busy and give you a chance to relax, that too at a great price.

10. Bright Starts Bouncer – Most Affordable Jumper:

Bright Starts Bounce ‘N Spring Jumper Features:

  • Secure fit on doorways using a sturdy doorframe clamp.
  • Padded seat to avoid discomfort.
  • Adjustable strap that can be set according to the baby’s height.
  • Extremely light in weight, ensuring ease of storage and transportation.
  • 4 toys that can be repositioned, including a mirror, leaf teether, and 2 plush toys.
  • Machine-washable seat pad for guaranteed hygiene.

Soft prop pillow that gives extra support to smaller babies.

  • Available at an incredibly low price.
  • Colourful and fun to look at.
  • Extremely light in weight.
  • Comfort and hygiene guaranteed.
  • Some parents complained of their child moving enough to the side when bouncing to hit their head in the doorframe.

Final Verdict:

This is the second hanging jumper we are discussing and it is quite different from the first. Super colourful and adorned with toys that keep the child happy and distracted, it is a great jumper for your child. But that is not all. This product offers all its features at an incredibly low price, making it the most affordable in this and most lists. All in all, a great product if you are looking for cheap baby jumpers and need something that does not take up a lot of space while also being easy to fold up and store for later use.

Best Baby Jumpers – Buying Guide:

After reading the following guide, you will know exactly which baby jumper is the best for your baby.

  • What is a jumper?

A baby jumper is basically a product that your baby can exercise and play in while being in the comfortable confines of a safe product.

There can be many different kinds, including hanging door jumpers, jumpers that have a sturdy base, and so on.  

  • What does a jumper do for my baby?

Well, first of all, the best baby jumpers allow your baby’s leg, back, and neck muscles to get strengthened as they bounce away. On top of that, they polish their fine motor skills and their hand-eye coordination among many other things as they reach out and grab the toys that often come with a jumper.

On top of that, many baby jumpers also come with fun, interactive activities that introduce them to colours, numbers, the alphabet, languages and more so that your child’s learning begins at an early age.

  • What should I look for?

When looking to buy a jumper, there are a number of things you have to consider if you are to make the right choice.

Some of the things you can focus on, according to your own unique needs and requirements are mentioned below:

  • Price:

Any product that you go for needs to fall within your budget or you’ll regret the purchase for the rest of your days. Or at least for a month or two after when you will have to hold back from other things because you just don’t have the money.

  • Colour and theme:

What the jumper looks like has a major role to play in whether or not your baby will like it. A colourful, exciting theme will keep them happy and distracted.

  • Dimensions:

The dimensions of any baby product are important as they will determine how well it fits into your space. If you have a small house or just don’t like your entire living space crammed with baby accessories, you can go for a more compact option, for example.

  • Item Weight:

Again, if you travel a lot and like to take the jumper with you, or if you are just prone to moving it from one room to the other, you should ensure that it has a small weight – your arms will thank you. However, be mindful that it should be strong enough to support your baby’s weight and movements.

  • Maximum weight recommendation:

Most of the jumpers in the market today accommodate children between 25 and 30lb but others may accommodate less or more. You need to buy one that is best for your particular child, whether they are small and petite or bigger and heavier.

  • Type:

There are many different types of jumpers available in the market today. You can go for door-hanging ones or those that are held up by a frame; you can go for an ocean theme or a rainforest one; you can go for multiple toys or none at all. All these decisions are based on your own needs and preferences and which product fulfils them best.

  • Safety:

Although most manufacturers claim that their products are safe for your baby, you need to do your own research and be mindful of certain things related to the product. With jumpers, for example, you need to make sure that

  1. The frame is sturdy and does not tip over;
  2. The plastic components of the jumper do not contain any BPA, phthalates, or other toxic elements.
  3. And so on.

  • Comfort:

No matter how good a product may be to look at or how exceptional the features, if your child is not comfortable in it, there will be hell to pay for. And you don’t want that. Which is why comfort should be a top priority when it comes to any kind of product.

  • Durability:

Always consider parent reviews when it comes to the quality of the product and how long it lasts. You may only get a few months of use out of a jumper for one baby but you may want to save it for the next, so be mindful of that.

  • Quality of toys and activities:

As is understandable, the number and quality of the toys and activities on a jumper play a role in how happy your child will be. The aim is to keep your child engaged and, for that, it is a must to have entertaining toys and activities.

  • What are the types of baby jumpers?

There are many kinds of baby jumpers, some of which include

  1. Stationary spring-loaded jumper
  2. Activity jumper
  3. Door Hanging jumper
  4. Stand-alone jumper
  5. And so on.

  • Why do I need a baby jumper?

A baby jumper is a good way for your baby to get exercise and strengthen their muscles once they are able to fully support their neck independently. Another thing it does is that it keeps your child busy and happy because of its toys and interactive activities and that is always a plus.

  • How old should my child be to use a baby jumper?

Your baby should be old enough to be able to sit up unassisted and hold their head up firmly without any support. This is to ensure that they don’t hurt themselves as they have fun. On top of that, it is essential that you consider the product against your baby’s weight and height. If your baby is too small or too big, it is better to not use the product.

Now, before you go ahead and make a final decision as to the jumper that suits you best, the one that you should go for, here are some safety considerations that are very important for you to know.

Baby Jumper Safety Considerations:

  • When looking to buy a jumper, make sure that you get a product that is free from BPA, lead, phthalates, and all kinds of harmful components.
  • Limit the time your baby spends in the walker – it should not be more than 15 to 20 minutes a day.
  • Use the jumper in a safe area, away from stairs, sharp objects, and so on.
  • If you are using a jumper that has a steel or plastic frame set on the ground, make sure you place it on an even surface. If it is unstable, it may tip over easily.
  • Make sure your baby fits snuggly into the seat. If they are too big, they won’t be comfortable and if they are too small, there is a greater chance of them being able to just jump out of the seat.
  • Don’t leave your child in the jumper unattended. You should be around in case something goes wrong.
  • Don’t use the jumper beyond the maximum weight and height limit – that is never recommended.
  • If you are using a door hanging jumper, make sure you only use it on doors that meet the special requirements of the product or the clamp might not fasten properly and the swing may fall.

Other safety measures may also need to be taken based on your unique situation, of which you are the best judge. You know what is best for your baby at any given moment – just ensure that and no harm will come their way.

Top Pick – Best Jumper for Your Baby:

For us, the top pick has to be the…take a guess…that’s right, the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo! With its 360-degree rotating seat, beautiful rainforest theme, comfy seat, multiple toys, and fun activities, 3 height adjustment options, a compact fold, and much more, this is one of the best baby jumpers in the market today! And that’s not all. You get all this at a highly reasonable price so don’t hesitate for even a second – get it today and thank us later.

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