Best Electric Cars for Kids in 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you remember the day you got your first car?

That much-anticipated ‘click’ sound that opened the door to so many new adventures and memories.

That feeling of being home when you sat in the driver’s seat for the first time.

We are sure you remember every single one of these feelings like it happened yesterday.

So why not help your child experience them too?

And no, you don’t have to wait for more than a decade to do that…

You can help them experience that joy right now. How? Choose from among the best electric cars for kids and give them the present they will never forget.
Because after all, kids love to move around – in top-notch strollers when they are babies, comfortable walkers when they are learning how to walk, and then in cars!
let’s move on to discussing some of the best electric cars for kids in the market today.

10 Best Electric Cars for Kids in 2021 – Quick Comparison:

10 Best Electric Cars for Kids in 2021 – Detail Reviews:

1. TOBBI Licensed Mercedes Benz 12V for Kids:

The car sports an advanced Bluetooth 2.4 GHz remote control system that makes it easy for you to maneuver the car to your liking. In the initial stages, you can control the car while your child learns the ropes. Eventually, your little loved one can get used to the car and ‘drive’ it on their own using the steering and the foot pedal accelerator.


  • The car has a functioning hood, trunk, and doors.
  • There are a large number of working lights in the car. These include a bright headlight, AUX light, turn signal light, and tail, brake, and backup lights – in other words, it feels just like their very own real car to your child.
  • The car comes with a small 7-inch Android Tablet PC Smart System which has WiFi as well as an MP3 system.
  • The car has built-in speakers so your kid can enjoy his or her jam as they go on a long drive around the neighborhood.
  • As with any car, especially one for children, there are electronic speed control options (up to 5 MPH) that allow you to make sure that your child remains safe and does not get into an accident. There are a number of driving, safety, and comfort options that you can choose from.
  • The tires are made from high-density Urethane.
  • Spring suspension and shock absorbers ensure a smooth ride.
  • A leather seat exudes a luxurious feel like no other while a seat belt keeps your child securely in place.
  • The car has a rechargeable 12V 14 Ah Battery Pack and a 110V wall charger.
  • The car comes mostly assembled – all you have to do is to attach the wheels before your child takes it for a spin around the block.

What We Think:

With the look and feel of a real-life luxury sports car that one’s friends and acquaintances remain in awe of, this car for kids does not disappoint. Although it is on the pricey side, it does offer an immense number of features that make it stand out from among the rest, including the tablet, sound system, and so on. All in all, a great product if you can afford it – one of the best ride on cars with remote control!

2. Aosom 12V Land Rover Ride On Car Toy:


  • This is an officially licensed Land Rover ride that looks just like the real thing. So your tiny human will feel like they are driving around in a real Land Rover.
  • With a 12V 7AH battery pack, the car can be fully charged in 8-10 hours, after which it gives you a drive time of around 45 minutes.
  • Functioning lights are always a feature that attracts kids and this car does not disappoint in this regard.
  • An adjustable seat belt makes sure that your child stays in place and remains safe just in case there is an accident. Apart from that, it is very important because it teaches them, from a very early age,
    that they need to be wearing a seatbelt when they are sitting in a car.
  • While your child can control the car using the steering and the foot pedal, you also have the option of driving it using a 4G Bluetooth remote control when your little one is feeling lazy.
  • The car moves in the forward and backward directions, as well as giving you full control when it comes to steering to the side.
  • It is important to note that only one child can enjoy a ride at one time.
  • The car comes with an MP3 function which ensures that your child does not have to take the car for a spin without any music – with an AUX cable, they can listen to their favorite song while they do so.
  • The maximum speed limit is 2 mph, ensuring that your child experiences thrill while also remaining within a speed limit that ensures that they will remain safe.

What We Think:

If your child is a fan of the bigger car, this Land Rover is the perfect ride for them. 45 minutes of drive time on a full battery is enough for them to take a decent route and return just in time for supper. What makes the electric car for kids stand out is its exceptional features that are all available at a much more affordable price than the previous one! It is definitely a good buy, especially if you are on the lookout for real cars’ for kids!

3. Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali:


  • With a maximum forward speed of 5 MPH and a max reverse speed of 2.5 MPH, your child can experience a real thrill when driving the car while also remaining safe. And that is what owning your own car is all
  • The car features a massive maximum weight limit of 130lb. This is almost double of what most other cars offer, which means that
    your baby does not have to ride alone – they can very well take a friend along and enjoy the ride to the fullest!
  • With two opening doors, the thought of having
    company when driving the car becomes even more pleasant for your child and their friend – they can each use their own door and there have to be no fights about who will get into the car first.
  • Featuring a 12V rechargeable battery, the car can be fully charged in around 8 to 12 hours.
  • A battery life indicator works much like the low fuel warning indicator in a normal car – it gives you an idea of just how much
    longer the car will be able to function, ensuring that you are able to mentally prepare your child that it may be time to get off soon.
  • With real sounds and lights that make the experience all the more thrilling, your child is bound to fall in love.
  • An external MP3 port allows your child to listen to their own jam as they cruise, making every ride the ride of a lifetime.
  • The tires have rubber traction which means that the ride is super smooth on the road, as well as off it.
  • Cup holders, a clear windshield, a detailed dashboard, and real mirrors that fold give an illusion of reality that is too hard to miss. 

What We Think:

What makes this car stand out from the ones we have discussed above is its massive weight capacity among other things. Featuring the ability to carry around 130lb of weight, which is almost
double of what other cars offer, this one makes sure your little gangster does not have to fly solo – they can pick up a friend before they set out on their adventures.

4. Peg Perego John Deere Farm Tractor and Trailer:

If your child is the sort that loves role-play and getting their hands dirty by pretending to be a farmer, for example, this is what you won’t get them for their birthday this year.


  • This is a classic pedals-style tractor that makes sure your child gets those leg muscles working if they want to get from one place to another. In a world of electronic and remote controlled toys that run on battery and power, this is a breath of fresh air.
  • Because the tractor features a pedal-style mechanism, there is no need for any batteries. You also do not have to deal with the problem of charge or, worse yet, running out of charge.
  • The product has large, heavy-duty tractor wheels which make it easy for your kiddo to drive it while also ensuring a smooth ride.
  • A realistic dashboard allows your baby to remain in control when they are aboard the truck.
  • With a large, adjustable bucket seat that allows your child to be comfortable as they get to work, you will have to hear no complaints about what hurts where and so on – all will be well.
  • The tractor comes with a detachable trailer. When your baby is ‘going to work’ and has to haul heavy objects from one place to another, he or she can leave the trailer attached. When they just want to take a ride around town, they can remove the trailer and get rid of the extra weight. 
  • This product can be used outdoors, as well as indoors.

What We Think:

While kids nowadays always want to find the easy way out and do things that require the least amount of effort, even when they are playing, it is essential that you, as a parent, make sure they get the exercise that they need. And that is where this tractor comes into the picture. The only one in the list that features a pedal design, it does not require any batteries and comes at a price that is quite nominal when compared to the amount of fun it makes room for.

5. Kid Trax Dodge Viper SRT Ride-on Car:

This car has the look and feel of a real sports car. So it isn’t just the functionality that your child gets to enjoy – they also get to relish the feeling of being in a car that sets the benchmark higher for all other cars in the electronic car niche.


  • With a maximum speed of 5 mph, your child will enjoy the thrill of real race car driving without even realizing that they are in a toy car. What sets it apart is that it also has a reverse speed of 5 mph so your baby doesn’t have to slow down.
  • Kid Trax Power Trax rubber traction strip tires ensure that the ride remains smooth, whether it is on the road or off it.
  • With a 12V rechargeable battery with Kid Trax direct connect one-step charging system, all you need to do is to plug it in and let it charge so that the fun can begin!
  • This car makes sure that your baby doesn’t have to explore the world on their own – they can take a friend with them. With a wide seat, sturdy build, and a maximum weight capacity of around 130lb, your child can enjoy playtime with their best mate!
  • With an electronic horn and LED lights among many other features, your baby gets the real deal with this car – it isn’t just a flimsy rip-off. So if your child is crazy about cars and you want to give them the full experience, this car is for you.
  • An FM radio AND an MP3 input?! Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is true! This means that your baby has an endless choice of songs they can jam to along with their friend as they ride on down the road.

What We Think:

As with only one other car that we have discussed up until now, this one also features the capacity of letting two best friends sit side by side as they set out to explore the world together. That paired with its out-of-this-world look and exceptional functionality puts it right up at the top with the best cars in the market today.

6. Costzon White Mercedes Benz ML350 Electric Kids Ride-on Car:

This car gives you what you desire most – the ability to let your child be independent and venture out to explore the world on their own, but also the option of helping to steer them on the right path. With two modes of driving, you can do just that. With the Parental Remote Control Driving mode, you get to be a part of your child’s journey. With the Battery-Operated mode, on the other hand, you get to hand them the confidence on being on their own and driving their very first car themselves.


  • On a full charge (8-12 hours), this car gives you a ride time of around an hour, which means no more tantrums need to be thrown and no resulting disciplinary measures taken as your child will be able to enjoy fully before the charge ends.
  • The car features a super-comfortable seat that is complemented by a seat belt so that your baby remains safe at all times.
  • Giving new meaning to realism, this car is equipped with movable wing mirrors, a horn, an LED headlight and much more, so your child can get the complete experience.
  • The maximum speed this car offers is 1.86 mph which, unfortunately, is a lot slower than what most kids want. However, if your child has not experienced a faster car, it will make them happy so you are good to go!
  • The anti-skid tires have a great grip and make sure your baby remains safe.

What We Think:

If your child has never been in a faster car and you are concerned for their safety, you can get this car which has a lower maximum speed than most others in the market. At a relatively cheap price, it contains some of the best features that you could want in a toy car! It does, however, have a lower maximum weight recommendation than most of the other products we have discussed, so that is something you should be mindful of when making the purchase.

7. Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride-On Truck:

This truck gives your child the feeling that they are in a big car, a truck that makes them powerful. With the perfect design and structure, your child will get the real deal!


  • As with the previous option, this truck offers you two sets of control options. The first is a remote control option that allows you to maneuver the truck while it is still new and your baby is getting used to it. You, understandably, don’t want to hand over the controls to your little loved one immediately. Once they are used to the truck and are comfortable in it, you can allow them to control it manually and steer it in the direction they wish using the steering wheel and the foot pedal.
  • The 14-inch traction wheels and spring suspension system ensure that your kid’s ride will always be smooth, whether they are driving the car on the road or on a dirt path.
  • An adjustable seatbelt keeps your child safe from any potential accidents.
  • The three speed options that are available in the car – low, medium, and high – allow your child to cruise along at a pace of their choosing so they stay happy during the ride. The highest speed is 3.75 mph so you don’t have to worry about your child going too fast.
  • Bright LED lights and a sturdy, solid body makes the experience all the more real.
  • What would a ride be without the right music? This car offers you the option to plug in your own devices and listen to your favorite music using an AUX cable that comes with it, as well as to turn up the volume for the melodies that are built into the system of the car.
  • Once it is fully charged, which takes 8 to 12 hours, the car can run for 1 to 2 hours easily.

What We Think:

This car is one of the best bargains you can find when it comes to buying a sweet ride for the little love of your life. What sets it apart is its realistic features and varying options for control, speed, and comfort, making sure that your child feels at ease while riding it. What’s more is that it even comes with in-built tunes and melodies, so even if your baby forgets their own music at home, they can groove to the songs offered by the car’s own system – it really is one of the best remote control cars for kids.

8. Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler:

This car comes in the shape of a realistic Jeep Wrangler with a twist – a twist that is a dream come true for most girls and even some little boys. Brace yourselves because this jeep has been decorated according to the theme of Disney’s Frozen. Adorned with the perfect shades of blue and purple, this jeep takes styling to a new level and will definitely become a new favorite for your child!


  • This is a jeep – what do we know jeeps do best? They maneuver off the road and find paths where there are none. In other words, they are the best vehicle for off-road driving. And this one is no different. The jeep’s power wheels allow your child to steer it perfectly smoothly, no matter what the terrain.
  • The jeep has a pretend radio that is actually a sound system built within the truck that plays songs from the movie. So your child can truly ‘let it go’ and set out on a new adventure every day!
  • The jeep moves forward and backward at a maximum speed of 5 mph and 2.5 mph respectively, making sure your child experiences the full thrill without putting themselves in any kind of danger.
  • The jeep also has functional doors that allow your loved one to get in and out easily.
  • The seat has a capacity to fit not just your little one but their friend as well. This means they do not need to go out on their adventures alone – they can always take their partner in crime along!
  • When you are talking about girls going around the neighborhood or even just around the garden for a ride, you know that they will want to bring all their essentials along. The roomy rear storage area offered by the jeep, thus, is the perfect addition to this vehicle which is targeted primarily towards girls. Because of it, they don’t have to leave anything behind. And whether your son is driving the car or your daughter, they can always use the storage area to pack a lunch and go for a picnic on a sunny day.
  • With a power-lock brake system, the car lets your child have full control so that they can stop before they bump into something and hurt themselves or damage the car.

What We Think:

If you have kids who are absolutely crazy over Frozen, as most kids are, this car is the perfect buy for you. With its customized design and look and accompanying features, this electric off-road vehicle has the beauty and the brains. And the best part is that it doesn’t have to be enjoyed by your child alone – they can have fun with their best friend instead! This is one of the best electric cars for toddlers who like to play with themed toys.

9. Best Choice 12V Kids Ride on Truck:

For their toy to be realistic in its look and feel is a must for most children nowadays. While parents in the past had been able to get away with cheap rip-offs of the real thing without their children getting upset, that is not possible today. But this truck makes sure you do not have to worry about that as it offers the best look possible.


  • The SUV features a real horn and engine sounds, along with bright LED lights in the side mirrors, headlights, and on top of the windshield to complete the classy, realistic look of the car.
  • With two different speeds, high and low, your child gets to choose just what kind of ride they want to go on. So if they are involved in a high-speed car chase, they can step on the pedal and get away with ease while if they are out for a long drive after a long, tiring week, they can take it slow and relax.
  • But that is not all the variety you get. Your child gets to drive the car manually once they have grown comfortable in it. Until then, however, or even after, when your child is feeling lazy, you can steer the car using a remote control system.
  • The car features a seat belt so that no harm comes your child’s way, even if they do get into an accident. On top of that, the seat belt features a purpose much greater than that – it gets your child into the habit of wearing a seatbelt and taking steps to ensure their safety and that of others from an early age.
  • This sweet ride offers your child the option of cruising along to their favorite music or humming along to the tunes that are included in the sound system of the car. Because the variety in music is something we all need in our lives.
  • With two comfortable seats, this car is the best 2 seaters ride-on car with parental remote control for when the friends want to do nothing but gossip.

What We Think:

This car takes on the shape of a truck and has all the flash and accessories it needs to complement that image. With two comfortable seats, an amazing sound system, two ways to control and steer the car, and two different speeds at which you can drive, this is one of the best ride on cars for toddlers who are always on the lookout for the next adventure! Because of its pink colour, however, it doubles as power wheels for girls.

10. Fisher-Price W2602 Power Wheels Dune Racer:

Is your child into Formula-1 racing? Can they feel the rush of the wind in their ears while they watch racers speed along the track on the TV? You can recreate the same experience for them, even if it is not that fast. With this race car, that looks pretty much like the real deal, your kid will be left in awe. Its top-notch sturdy structure and realistic design would have any kid drooling over it, let alone a racing enthusiast.


  • The car’s monster traction system makes sure that your baby doesn’t only have to drive it along the track – he or she can also witness a smooth ride on other terrains, such as grass or a bumpy mud path.
  • When moving forward, the car has two speed options, 2.5 mph and 5 mph. When moving backwards, you can only go at the slower speed of 2.5 mph. If you ask us which power wheels car is the fastest, we will definitely tell you this one, not necessarily because of its speed, but because of its look and feel paired with the speed.
  • Because the structure of this car is different from the usual passenger style car that has doors and a closed off space where the child can seat with ease, it sports two metal bars at the side. These bars are present for support and your child can easily grab onto them whenever they need to.
  • A power lock brake system makes sure that your baby can always stop the car in time, no matter how fast they were going.
  • The open seat of the car is large enough to accommodate two young ones and you know what that means – your child does not have to race alone! They can take a friend or sibling and it can be a team effort!
  • The weight limit on the car is 130lb, which makes it perfect for the heavier child to ride alone. In other words, it will be a while before your kid outgrows it so it is the perfect present.

What We Think:

If your child is all about the aesthetic as well as the functionality, this is the car for you. And it makes even more sense if they are into Formula-1 racing because in that case, being gifted this monster will be a dream come true for them. With all the amazing features it has to offer at an amazing price, you don’t really need to think twice before making the purchase – it really is the best motorcar for kids.

Best Electric Cars for Kids – FAQs:

Do I have to assemble the car?

When it comes to cool kids toys, the one thing a lot of parents are concerned about is whether they will have to assemble the product once it arrives.

And with a large, expensive product like this one, which likely has a technical assembly procedure, that worry increases tenfold.

You will be happy to know, though, that most cars come fully assembled – all you have to do is to attach the wheels to the car.

You can then charge it fully before you use it for the first time and you’re good to go.

Then again, there are some cars which require more of a technical assembly.

Be careful to check the specifications of the products you go for before you make the purchase.

Where can my child ride it?

Because it is a car, your child can definitely ride it with ease along the road or a smooth surface that does not have too many obstacles in the way.

However, some cars have great tires, those which can be used to maneuver the car over grass or bumpy terrain.

Once again, take care to look through the specifications in detail to see what kind of tires your shortlisted options are providing you with.

Is it safe?

Baby cars usually have a maximum speed of just 5 mph, so you don’t need to worry too much about your child getting into an accident.

Most of them also come with seat belts to protect your child against minor bumps. That said, it is still important for you to keep an eye on your child as long as they are in the car, especially if they are driving out on the road.

The reason for this is simple – there are other real cars on the road that go a lot faster than 5 mph and that is what you need to be on the lookout for.

Because of this reason, it is always better to let your child ride in the car at day time and on a wide, straight road, not one that has narrow turns and blind spots.

To summarise, you need to supervise your children, especially the younger ones, when they go out for a ride.

Can I store it with ease?

Electronic cars for kids are bulky – that is a given. So you do need a large area where you can store them.

If you have a garage that has enough room to store the car alongside your own, you should have nothing to worry about.

If you don’t have one, however, you can always bring the car inside but you can’t just have it parked in the living room – you need to find a proper spot for it.

If you have a smaller space, try to look for a car with a more compact design.

How long can my child use the car?

The maximum age limit on most kids’ motorized cars is seven to eight years.

However, this is entirely dependent on the individual product, as well as the maximum weight capacity offered by the car.

If the car allows for two toddlers to sit in it comfortably, it likely has a higher weight threshold, meaning it can double as an electric car for kids aged 10 and up.

Once again, you have to look at the specifications of the unique car so that you can make the right decision. 

How fast does a 12V ride-on go?

As we have discussed previously, the maximum speed that a 12V car reaches is approximately 5 mph, which is fast enough for your child to witness the thrill of driving but not fast enough for them to get into any trouble.

Who makes the best ride on toys?

This is a very subjective question and cannot be answered in a sentence or two.

The truth is that this depends on the unique requirements and desires of your child and the exact look, specifications, and features you are searching for.

That said, Costzon, Best Choice, and Kid Trax are three of the top brands in that niche.

Best Electric Cars for Kids – Our Best Pick:

So the question that now arises is, which electric car should you buy for your kids?

While this depends on a large number of factors, including the features you are looking for, your kid’s preferences, your budget, and so on, an all-around great option that comes with the most impressive features at a very reasonable price is the Best Choice Products 12V Land Rover Ride On Car Toy.

Giving you manual, as well as remote control over the car, as well as the best features you can find in that price range, it has got to be one of the best picks.

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