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Nursing Accessories and Products to Make Your Experience More Comfortable

A breast and a baby are all you need to successfully breastfeed. However, breastfeeding does not always come naturally and sometimes some assistance is required. In addition to having a lactation support person’s telephone number readily available, it can be helpful to have some breastfeeding supplies on hand following the delivery of your child.

Other items enable you to address breastfeeding challenges if you encounter any. Some are simply designed to make nursing easier and more comfortable. As you’ve probably learned, there are a lot of breastfeeding products available, And it can be hard to choose which ones are actually needed and which can be stored away. Let us help you if you need it!

You can buy these items for nursing moms if you want to know why they’re helpful. How they’re used, and when you might need them.

Pillow for breastfeeding

By lifting your baby up to your breast level, a nursing pillow helps your baby get comfortable. Mothers nursing twins, women recovering from C-sections, and mothers with large breasts may benefit from nursing pillows.

New mothers will also find nursing pillows helpful in attempting new breastfeeding positions, such as the side-lying position.

You can also benefit from a nursing pillow if you are suffering from back, neck, shoulders, and arm pain. It has been reported that some mothers do not use nursing pillows to support their baby, but instead use them for support while positioning their baby at the breast.

Need to Know

Make sure your breastfeeding pillow is not too hard. not too soft, and that it is made of a material that allows you to breastfeed in different positions. Breastfeeding pillows are not typically needed more than once. although some moms like to keep a couple on hand as back-ups.

Nursing bra that gives support

It is common for your breasts to feel full and heavy while breastfeeding. especially in the first few weeks following the arrival of your milk. Breastfeeding bras can provide you with comfort and support. Additionally, nursing bras feature cups that can be dragged down when you need to nurse so you can easily access your breasts.

With a well-fitted nursing bra, you can support your breasts and ease back and shoulder strain. Choosing a supportive bra that is not too constricting is essential. You may be more prone to mastitis or plugged ducts if your nursing bra is too tight

Need to Know

In the first few months after your baby arrives. you may be a cup or two bigger than you were during pregnancy, so you might want to buy only one nursing bra. When planning your purchase. keep in mind that you may need to change your bra size during different stages of breastfeeding.

The nursing pad

In nursing pads, or breast pads, you can place absorbent discs inside your bra to catch any milk leaking from your breasts. The majority of women do not leak milk. (and not leaking is not a sign that you aren’t producing enough milk). As your milk supply adjusts, it is not uncommon to experience this, especially in the early months.

Leaking can occur at inopportune times, and the leaks can be abundant and messy. A nursing pad can be a lifesaver in this situation. It usually takes a few months for most women to notice a decrease in leaks or to stop leaking entirely. Some women may leak during breastfeeding if they have an overabundance of milk.

Your needs

Cloth nursing pads can either be purchased as disposables or as reusables. For the first few weeks, you’ll need a lot of pads; you’ll likely use several every day.

Clothes for breastfeeding

You want to be able to sit down and nurse your baby as easily as possible when you’re out and about. Additionally, breastfeeding-specific clothing can be indispensable, along with nursing covers. Breastfeeding tanks, blouses, and dresses feature flaps or slits at the front so that you do not have to pull anything up or remove anything to breastfeed.

There are a variety of nursing clothes available, from casual to professional to formal. It’s really nice to be able to feel confident in the clothing you’re wearing when breastfeeding.

Your Needs

If you want discreet access to the bathroom, a few good nursing tanks are a great idea. It may take you a while to learn your exact size after your baby is born. Purchase a few items before your baby arrives, but keep in mind you may not know your size until after your baby is born.

Pump for breasts

Your breasts are drained of their milk using breast pumps. Using them will allow you to feed your baby even if you are absent, relieve engorgement, or increase your milk supply if you have an overabundance.

If your baby is in the NICU or hospitalized, you can pump breast milk for them. A good quality breast pump is essential if you plan to return to work.

Breast pumps come in various types based on how often you need to pump.  An occasional pump that’s operated by squeezing a lever may be enough if you only plan to pump occasionally. Getting a double electric breast pump may be a good idea if you are returning to work or plan to pump regularly.

Your Needs

You should invest in a high quality pump if you are going to pump often. If you encounter any breastfeeding challenges that require you to pump your milk after delivery. it’s good to have a pump before your baby arrives.

Containers and bags for storage

Designed specifically for the collection and storage of breast milk, breast milk storage bags and containers are available on the market. Anyone planning to pump milk should have them on hand. You can safely store milk for long periods of time with these products, which can withstand freezing and thawing.

If you need to store breast milk, you may choose from several options, including plastic breast milk storage bottles, food-grade glass containers, and breast milk trays. Make sure the storage containers you choose are BPA-free and designed especially for storing breast milk.

Your needs

You will likely need many breast milk storage containers if you plan to return to work (you will likely pump and store breast milk three to four times per day, or every few hours). If you begin to understand your needs more fully and get into your routine. you may want to start with a smaller supply.

Creams, lotions, and ointments for the lips

Sore nipples are a common complaint among nursing mothers. Moisturizing, soothing, and healing dry, cracked, sore nipples can be achieved with nipple creams and ointments.

Choosing a nipple cream can be challenging at first since there are so many varieties available. Many mothers find soothing nipple creams based on lanolin. Nipple creams that are more natural are preferred by other moms. Trying a few varieties may be necessary to find the one that works for you.

Your needs

It’s helpful to purchase at least one nipple cream before the birth of your baby if you suffer from sore or cracked nipples in the early days of breastfeeding.

Shells for breasts

The breast shell is a lightweight circular disc worn by mothers between feedings. Their potential uses are numerous. Nipples that are flat or inverted can be drawn out and corrected with them.

A breast shell can also prevent your clothes from rubbing against sore, blistered nipples. A breast milk collection shell, which catches any breastmilk you leak between feedings. is an option you might want to consider in addition to breast shells designed for flat or inverted nipples.

Your needs

It is a good idea to purchase breast shells to have available after birth if you have flat or inverted nipples. Purchasing more pairs is not necessary before giving birth; you can always buy more if necessary.

The Nipple Shield

Using nipple shields while breastfeeding is not for everyone. And they should be used under the supervision of a physician or lactation specialist. When your baby is having difficulty latching, nipple shields can be a great help.

The use of breast shields may be of assistance when your baby is a preemie, has flat or inverted nipples. or has difficulty latching onto your breasts. A lactation professional should fit your breast shield, as they come in different sizes.

Your Needs

If you want your baby to have a nipple shield. You may not be aware of the need for one until after the birth of your baby. Having several different sizes of nipple shields on hand can be helpful if you want to have them on hand.


New babies are such exciting times, especially when you’re starting your breastfeeding journey. Stress can also be a part of it. The experience of breastfeeding can be amazing, but many moms face challenges at first, and you might wish you had all the necessary breastfeeding support items to help prepare you for what lies ahead.

The best way to prepare is to attend prenatal breastfeeding classes, locate a lactation professional before birth who can assist you if needed, and stock your home with essentials.

Other than that, don’t worry. It is possible for most women to successfully breastfeed despite difficulties, with good support and help.  

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