Can Baby Monitors be Hacked?

Can Baby Monitors be Hacked

Parents have probably heard horror stories about their baby monitors being hacked. Talking to their babies with disturbing and inappropriate language at night, or controlling the webcam’s movement.

Parents are concerned that their children might not be safe in their own rooms. There is a good reason for this. Baby monitors, especially ones that are connected to your WiFi, can be hacked if they are in your room.

Our first step is to explain how hackers might be able to crack your baby monitor. To protect yourself from potential hackers, head directly to the checklist instead of reading the technical details.

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Is it safe to use a baby monitor?

There is no definitive answer to this rather broad question. Baby monitors are secure depending on a number of factors.

A recent generation of digital baby monitors incorporates enhanced security over their predecessors. There is, however, more to security than this. Using a WiFi-based baby monitor also requires you to consider the security of your modem.

A digital baby monitor offers numerous benefits despite the potential dangers, which any parent would enjoy. Shopping around for safety-oriented models is crucial for ensuring a good first barrier of security.

Are non-WiFi monitors hackable?

The answer may surprise some of you: baby monitors without WiFi can be hacked.

It isn’t just about getting usernames, e-mails, and passwords when somebody hacks your computer. It’s still possible for smart hackers to access your common baby monitor, but it takes a few different steps that are often riskier.

Analog Baby Monitors

A classic baby monitor is the subject of this article. It is most commonly used as a walkie-talkie device, similar to an intercom. There is no complicated setup involved with these devices. Its simplicity, however, makes it easy for anyone within range to find you and tune in.

When you consider how easy it is to cut into the frequency, these types of baby monitors are among the least secure. In spite of this, a hacker must be in close proximity to this monitor in order to access it.

You can take the monitor as far as you like in your own home before there is a loss of signal. To get into the middle, would-be hackers must be close to the network.

In this case, there is a bright side: analog monitors only give hackers access to the screen. In other words, they can’t access anything else from the internet, such as personal information.

Digital Baby Monitors

A Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology is used by some digital monitors that are different than WiFi monitors. As a result, hackers will have a harder time latching on and hacking into the baby monitor since the frequency will hop around at random.

If you are interested in learning more about this popular technology, you can find more information here. There may still be a way to hack it, though it is extremely difficult. However, it seems to be a rare occurrence.

Are your baby monitors hacked?

Baby monitors are difficult to detect if they’ve been compromised. It’s important to pay attention to the signs that a hacker is breaking in remotely, since you may not know until it’s already done.

Camera Movement

Are there rotating cameras on your monitor? In this case, check to see if it rotates independently or in an unusual pattern. This is another indication that the monitor is under another person’s control.

Security Changes

Ensure your baby monitor’s security settings are still the same if you have to create them. The settings on your computer can be changed by hackers quite often.

If you don’t remember ever changing your username or password, this is a warning sign.


Parents usually find out about a hacked baby monitor when they hear their child talking to some creep.

If you’d like, you can read some of the horror stories I mentioned at the beginning. There is no doubt that this is scary. Those red flags are a signal that you should disconnect and prevent this from happening again.

Is it possible to hack a VTech baby monitor?

In general, VTech baby monitors are more affordable, but thankfully, not all of these products are weakly secured.

Its baby monitors transmit over a secure, encrypted network signal using Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology.

With technology as well, it is possible that a seasoned, professional hacker may have the tools to break through that encryption, but such an event isn’t likely to occur on a regular basis.

Is it possible to hack Motorola baby monitors?

The security system of Motorola products is very clear, such as the one on VTech baby monitors. Motorola baby monitors explain how to encrypt audio and video when you look at them.

By using this encryption, hackers are less likely to be able to break through and gain access. Signals tend to be hidden or difficult to detect because they are often hidden or difficult to notice.

It’s not impossible to hack, just more challenging. This is a point I’ve made several times now.

Is it possible to hack Owlet?

Baby monitors like the Owlet are popular, even if they are not cheap. This monitor checks your newborn’s heart rate, oxygen level, and other important parameters, all of which are ideal for newborns and premature babies.

The security aspect isn’t much to talk about. The authors suggest you secure your WiFi connection with a password, but they do not mention how their own encryption works.

The Owlet’s WiFi network was discovered to be unencrypted by a computer security researcher in 2016. Someone can snoop into the network as long as they are within range.

Owlet hasn’t issued a statement on the matter, so it’s unknown if this has been fixed, but based on that evidence the baby monitor lacks encryption, which other high-quality monitors possess.

What can I do to prevent my baby monitor from being hacked?

The security of your baby monitor can be enhanced by taking a few preventative measures despite the possibility of hacking.

Set the defaults

Default login and password may be associated with your baby monitor when you receive it. It is imperative that you change them right away if that is the case.

In order to start setting up the monitor without difficulty, these settings are used for your benefit initially. It’s usually too easy for hackers to hack into the system once everything is set up, so don’t keep the default login information.

You should choose a username that will only be known by you (and anyone in your household). Make sure your password is strong, reliable, and difficult to guess.

Keep your router secure

When you use a WiFi baby monitor, your router is your biggest security concern. It is possible for a hacker to get access to everything else connected to the router if they are able to hack into the baby monitor.

Therefore, it should be kept secure. Don’t forget to update your router’s firmware so that everything is up-to-date.

Make sure remote access is disabled as well. As a result, anyone who wants to configure your network should have to be inside your home.

Port change for camera

It’s set to 80 by default on your baby monitor’s camera port. Due to its default status, hackers tend to target it first. This setting can be easily changed to a higher one, even over 8000.

Turn off remote access

You should also consider disabling your router altogether when removing remote access. When you’re at work or otherwise away from home, you can monitor your baby using remote access. On the other hand, it exposes you to internet vulnerabilities as well.

Disable access if it isn’t necessary. The other ways I’ve mentioned can be used by those who really want that feature.

Keep an eye on the logs

In most cases, baby monitors create a log that shows who has accessed the system. Checking that log from time to time is a good idea to see if there have been any unauthorized accesses. Someone is clearly interfering in this case.

Hacker-proof baby monitor checklist

Your baby monitor, as well as your entire WiFi network, can be protected by a few simple steps. Whenever you have doubts or questions, just contact your monitor manufacturer.

  • Make sure your router is secure:
  • Firmware updates for routers
  • Make sure your router is not accessible remotely
  • Secure your WiFi network with a strong password
  • Keep your baby monitor secure by following these steps:
  • Software updates and potential security risks can be alleviated by registering your product at the manufacturer’s website
  • Set up a new password and remove the default login details
  • If you have the option, disable DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System)
  • UPnP or port forwarding should be disabled if it’s available

While you’re away, if you absolutely need to stream the video from your baby monitor, follow these steps:

  • Set a new camera access port as the default. The default will probably be 80, but it can be changed to anything above 8200.
  • You should check your monitor logs regularly to see if there’s a suspicious activity like foreign IP addresses or strange access times.
  • You’ll be able to prevent your baby monitor from getting hacked if you implement all the items on this checklist.

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