Do i Need a Baby Monitor? Pros & Cons

Do i Need a Baby Monitor

The most common question most parents have about these products is whether to buy them or not: “Do I need a baby monitor?”. As a result of a few questions from our readers asking if it is wise to buy a baby monitor. Taking into account all the aspects that need to be considered before making a purchase, we tried to answer this question.

Our parents and grandparents raised their children in a very different way than we do today. As a result of so many advances, we are able to live better lives today. It is easy to get confused about what products you really need if you’re a first-time parent or expecting a baby.

There is nothing abnormal about this. In spite of all the baby products out there, if you buy only the ones that are truly useful to you, and contribute to your quality of life, then you should be fine. Baby monitors are among them.

Before buying a baby monitor, consider these factors:

1. A house’s size

There are definitely benefits to using a baby monitor if you live in a large house. While you’re outside for a while monitoring your baby, you can do so from the living room, backyard, or garden. You will certainly feel at ease with this.

You or the attendant can check on the baby immediately when it cries with many high-tech monitors.

2. If you will co-sleep with your baby

You won’t need a monitor if you keep the baby next to you since co-sleeping is still the norm. As a precaution, you should never let your baby sleep with you as they could become smothered in sleep. An infant monitor can be your best ally if you want peace of mind and want to sleep-train your child from day one.

3. Is there any help available

You might not need a baby monitor if you or your partner’s mother come over to help with the baby – at least during their stay. It is certain that you will need one after they leave. 

In addition, you can use the monitor for other purposes as your child grows, such as playing alone with your toddler. There’s nothing wrong with having another pair of eyes, is there?

A baby monitor can also eliminate human errors, giving you peace of mind.

4. Where you live, the weather

Investing in a baby monitor is a good idea if you live in a very cold climate and have to keep the doors closed all the time. As long as your nursery door is closed, you can still watch TV downstairs.

You should have a baby monitor in your garden while your baby naps during the summer so you can enjoy some peaceful time.

5. You entertain a lot or not

A baby monitor is certainly necessary if you have raucous parties. You can even take your sleeping baby with the monitor to a party at someone else’s house and not worry about being unable to hear your baby while having fun at the party.

6. The kind of sleeper you are

Baby monitors will be of little use to you and your partner if you are both light sleepers. As a matter of fact, some light sleepers complain about lack of sleep whenever the monitor makes even the smallest noise.

In addition, a baby monitor can be really useful if you’re a heavy sleeper.

7. The health of your baby

Despite what you may think, if you have a health issue with your baby, a baby monitor is definitely a good idea. A monitor may not be the best choice for every situation, so it’s important to speak with your baby’s doctor before purchasing one.

The baby monitor can help ensure your child is comfortable and breathing normally even during seasonal coughs and colds (which all babies tend to get despite all precautions). A steamer or aromatherapy vaporizer can also be used in the room with regular monitoring.

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A baby monitor has many pros and cons.

4 Benefits of Baby Monitors

1. Puts your mind at ease

A baby monitor can provide parents with a great deal of peace of mind. The monitor lets you check on your baby so that you don’t have to get up to make sure s/he’s sleeping peacefully or turn on the light. Parents of babies with health issues will especially benefit from it. In addition to watching their baby sleep, parents can also enjoy the sounds and actions of their baby.

After the baby stirs, mommies can take a nap between nightly feedings.

Remote monitoring is also possible with some baby monitors with videos. Whenever you run errands or go to the office, you can monitor your baby. SmartPhones can also be used to receive messages or alerts from monitors.

Also, tired parents can take a well-deserved relaxing bath without worrying about hearing their baby cry in the shower. Also, tired parents can take a well-deserved relaxing bath without worrying about hearing their baby cry in the shower.

Choosing a high-quality baby monitor will ensure that you will be able to sleep better and even prevent postpartum fatigue and depression.

A baby monitor that utilizes WiFi connectivity will allow you to enjoy a quiet date night in a nearby restaurant while keeping an eye on your infant. If the baby awakens, parents can quickly run back home after dinner in case they need to go out for dinner. A strong internet connection is all that is required.

2. Early sleep training is key

The first few months of your baby’s life can be spent co-sleeping, and then you can start sleep training him or her after your doctor approves it. You can save time and money by using the monitor if your baby nursery is far from your bedroom.

Parents who use monitors correctly can get much-needed sleep. Children can also be inculcated with good sleeping habits from an early age.

3. Sing to or communicate with your baby

Two-way communication is available on some baby monitors. This allows you to hear your baby’s gurgles as well as soothe him or her by talking back or singing to him or her. You can help your child fall back asleep quickly if you speak soothingly to it.

4. Video recording monitors let you capture precious moments

A recording facility is available on many baby monitors. Sleeping sounds, cute smiles, and other innocent and sweet actions can be recorded.

Baby monitors have 4 cons

1. Sleeping disturbances

It is common for parents to wake up whenever the baby monitor emits even the tiniest sound. Especially for anxious mothers and hypervigilant fathers, this can be very disturbing. The baby might even be disturbed if the light is turned on in his or her room.

The parent learns to distinguish between full awakening and partial awakening. As their babies grow, they learn to recognize when they need them and when they can resolve small problems on their own.

2. Hazard of strangulation

Corded video monitors can be hazardous if placed too close to the baby. It is known that many of them cause strangulation. In some cases, they have even burst into flames. These occurrences are extremely unlikely, of course. Monitors should, however, be placed at least 3 feet away from cribs.

3. Hacking and interference with baby monitors

Poor reception and static interference can affect even the best monitors. The signal may also be delayed on some monitors that use Wi-Fi signals. It can take up to 10 seconds for this to happen.

Baby monitors that use wifi have also been hacked. There is no reason for you to let a stranger watch over your baby in their room. It is very unlikely that this will happen. There is always the option of getting a monitor that only allows you to monitor audio and video.

In many cases, you may not be able to use the features you need on the monitor you have chosen. Even after you’ve started using it, some end up having technical issues. Buy only from a store with a good return policy and do your homework. You will need the receipt if you need to return the monitor.

4. You might become obsessive if you do it

The problem with too much information is that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Your goal as a parent is to enjoy every moment with your child and not miss a thing. You might find yourself obsessing over your baby’s sleep noises if you keep a baby monitor. 

It is sometimes necessary for parents to take a break from parenting, which isn’t possible when you constantly watch the screen. Even after their child begins first grade, some parents continue monitoring their children!

Is a baby monitor necessary for a newborn?

There are still some parents who opt out of using a baby monitor altogether. Perhaps they find monitoring their babies stressful because their baby sleeps in their room. It is not strictly necessary to have a baby monitor as long as you can hear your baby when he or she wakes up.

Are smart baby monitors really necessary?

In addition to improving your sleep, you can also use a smart monitor if you are worried that your baby is breathing normally at night. However, some of this data might not be useful to most parents, so before you settle on a monitor, consider what you will need.

Are baby cameras really necessary?

Most parents of little ones consider baby monitors to be an essential tool. You can’t watch your baby 24 hours a day, after all. When you are not in the room with your baby, having a device that allows you to see and hear them is invaluable.

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