Hamilton Beach Food Processor in 2023 Review

The American home appliances, kitchen and restaurant equipment designer, marketer and distributor got its start over a hundred years ago in 1910. Inventor Frederick j. Osius started the company in spring that year, it was established in Wisconsin.

Interestingly, Osius did not care much for the company to be named after him and instead christened it as ‘Hamilton Beach’ after his two employees: Louis Hamilton, the advertising manager and Chester Beach, the mechanic. The two employees were paid allowing the rights for their names to be used

The renowned company has ventured to make the lives of parents and caretakers of babies easier with the Hamilton food processor.

Today’s parents are deeply concerned about providing the best and most nutritious diet for their little ones and allowing their children to have a healthy start in their life.

You might be a parent who is concerned about ingredients that companies use to prepare the baby food available on the shelves. To reduce the ambiguity that comes with readymade baby food, you might be considering preparing meals for your little one right at home from scratch. Or maybe you just want some more variety than what is available on the market right now.

Whatever the case may be, the Hamilton Beach Bebe food chopper will be your trusty sidekick in successfully accomplishing your mission of preparing wholesome, delicious meals for your baby.

The Hamilton food processor is a multifunctional appliance. It can chop, puree, slice, shred and steam food to the texture and consistency you want. The food processor is easy to use and has some great features we will briefly discuss below as well.

Hamilton Beach Food Processor Review & Features:

Dishwasher Safe:

The parts of the Hamilton food processor are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.

Accessories and Bonuses:

The Hamilton food processor comes with the following:

  • 10 microwavable 3 oz food storage containers
  • 2 caddies that can be stacked
  • Recipes to help you get started
  • 3 steam basket and 5 cups bowl

Microwavable Containers for easy storage and reheating:

The 10 separate 3 oz containers that come with the Hamilton food processor make it easy for you to prepare food for your little one and stock up in the freezer if you would like. You can also reheat the food in the microwave, as the containers are microwavable.

BPA-Free Food Contact Points:

The Hamilton food processor does not contain BPA in areas where the food touches the appliance.

Adaptable and Reliable:

With the Hamilton food processor, you will be able to prepare fruits, vegetables and meat without a hitch. As your baby grows, your Hamilton food processor can easily adapt to fulfil the changing needs. You can prepare mixtures with varying textures rather than just pureeing food to a smooth consistency.

The Double Blade and Reversible Disc:

The double blade is ideal for chopping and pureeing while the reversible disc is perfect for slicing and shredding

Hamilton Beach Food Processor Pros and Cons:

To help you assess the Hamilton food processor, we have prepared a list of pros and cons. This will help you make an informed decision so that you can decide for yourself if this is one of the best and most affordable baby food makers currently available on the market.

  • The Hamilton food processor adapts to your growing baby’s needs
  • It can prepare fruits, veggies and meat with ease.
  • It is multipurpose in that it can puree, chop, slice, shred and steams food with ease.
  • The Hamilton food processor comes 10 microwaveable containers
  • It comes with 5-cup bowls and steam baskets.
  • The parts of the Hamilton food processor are dishwasher safe
  • You get a recipe booklet and a baby-feeding guide as well. Great for first-time parents.
  • Has a double blade to optimize pureeing and chopping and a reversible disc  to slice and shred properly
  • 2 stackable caddies are include
  • Hamilton food processors which were sold between 2013 and 2014 had a manufacturing defect. The stainless steel pin would fall into the food due to the slicing disc. Model 36531 Baby Food Makers sold in the US and Model 36531C sold in Canada were the recalled items. The problem has since been fixed according to the company.
  • So Hamilton food processor users complained that the food maker tends to vibrate a little too much. This vibration can be intense enough to slowly move the food maker around the kitchen counter. If left unattended, the vibrations could tip the food maker over the edge of the counter.

The Final Verdict:

The Hamilton food processor is an appliance that allows parents to create nutritious homemade meals for their little ones. The food maker is multipurpose and will last long since it can chop, blend, shred and steam at different consistencies.

The Hamilton food processor can adapt as your baby grows. It comes with useful accessories and a recipe book. The brand name is trusted and well established so you are sure to get quality customer services as well. Your baby will get to discover wonderful flavors and enjoy homemade meals with the Hamilton food processor, while you will be able to prepare nutritious food in a snap.

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