How to Attach Baby Monitor to Crib?

How to Attach Baby Monitor to Crib

Having a baby at home requires parents to have a baby monitor on hand as an essential piece of baby equipment. Baby monitors are frequently asked how to be installed properly in a baby’s room, and the answer is, “that depends.” Below are guidelines to help you install your child’s monitor safely.

The baby monitor in the nursery must always be placed safely, so I applied my research skills to investigate the various ways to do so.

 In addition to raising several safety concerns, putting the monitor directly on top of the crib raises a number of other issues we will discuss in more detail.

Keeping your child safe is only possible with a baby monitor installed in a crib, so read on to learn how. Also discussed in this article are safety considerations and how to install the monitor’s camera without endangering your infant.

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How Can a Baby Monitor Be Mounted on a Crib?

Adding attachments, brackets, and wrap-around wires to your project will make it more visually appealing. You can attach a universal mount directly to the crib with most of them utilizing these features. Alternative options include installing the monitor with 3M adhesive tape or using the monitor’s built-in clip.

Attachments like the ones mentioned above or the built-in clips on the monitor save you from having to drill holes in your furniture. Many different baby monitor manufacturers can be accommodated with universal baby monitor mounts.

Mounting your baby monitor to your kid’s cot is often the easiest and fastest option. Many of them have a non-slip rubber coating to protect the furniture and not leave ugly markings after they are removed.

Mounting surfaces can be adjusted in height and angle using universal clip-on mounts with extendable arms. The camera can be angled in this manner to provide you with a view of the crib and your child.

Another advantage of using the clip-on accessory or built-in clip is that you can travel with your kid. You may also stay with your child’s grandparents during those evenings when they are not with you.

Crib Monitor Safety Tips

Cameras are often attached directly to cribs by parents due to their inability to be adjusted easily. Furthermore, it’s a simple way to get a clear view without the hassle of shelving, wall mounts, etc.

Please follow these safety guidelines if you choose to place your baby monitor’s camera in your child’s crib.

  • Securely connect the video monitor to the crib and ensure it does not shake. If the monitor falls into the crib, you don’t want to take any chances. This will put your child at risk, and you will not be able to use the monitor’s audio or visual functions.
  • Avoid letting your infant reach the baby monitor: Keep the baby monitor out of reach of your baby! Ensure the crib’s mattress can’t be reached by your baby by firmly attaching it to the crib’s frame, preferably at the bottom.
  • Baby won’t reach for dangling cables: Dangling cables will make your baby less likely to grab at them during the first few months. You don’t want to take any chances, though. Don’t leave the cable hanging around, and make sure it’s firmly tucked away. You can “mask” a cord with cable covers. Alternatively, you can use nails or solid, sticky glue to secure the cord firmly to the crib’s exterior.
  • Remove your baby from the crib when they get more active. Once your child is able to sit up independently, it’s time to take the baby monitor off the crib.

It is relatively safe to mount the baby monitor on the crib while your child is still small and can’t sit up independently. As soon as the baby starts moving around and pulls up on its own, the baby monitor needs to be moved to a new location in the nursery.

Do Baby Monitors in Cribs pose a danger?

Baby monitor manufacturers recommend avoiding installing baby monitors in cribs for a variety of reasons. My list of the two most important safety issues that I researched for you as a parent includes these two points.


When wireless baby monitors are used, electromagnetic waves (EMF) are continuously generated and absorbed by the environment around them. Parents are recommended to keep the parent unit at least 20 cm away from their bodies when using them. It is recommended that the unit in the baby’s room is at least 1.5 to 1.8 meters away from the cot.

The electromagnetic field (EMF) ensures secure contact and uninterrupted communication between the baby monitor and its parents. A baby’s brain development can be impaired by EMF, however. A low-EMF baby monitor would be the best choice when mounting a baby monitor on a crib.

Too loose cords

Baby monitor cables should not be accessed by children under three, according to the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). Cribs, play yards, and bassinets should be kept three feet away from cords, according to the manufacturer.

It is possible for your infant to become strangled if you leave cords dangling within reach of them. Baby monitors attached to crib railings pose one of the greatest safety risks. In addition, you should increase the safety distance as your child grows older and becomes more mobile.

What Are The Safety Benefits Of Baby Monitors Near Cribs?

Baby monitors are placed in the crib far too often by new parents. Therefore, the cords are tangled around the crib bars, which is always a bad idea. Keeping your baby monitor three feet from your child’s crib is the most important thing to remember. About six inches more than the width of your crib. Do not allow any loose cables or dangling wires to threaten to strangle anyone.

Families are becoming increasingly interested in wireless baby monitors. This option may reduce the risk of strangulation. The risks of electromagnetic frequencies to our children’s developing brains persist, despite this.

It is not proven scientifically that this will have long-term effects, but many families are concerned about it. This might be something you should consider.

Digital wireless baby monitors emit about the same amount of radiation as mobile phone towers five hundred feet away from the crib when placed within three feet of a crib.

Putting the baby monitor in place

If baby monitors are misused, radiation from them can be harmful to the baby at a distance of at least 3 feet from the infant. As long as the camera’s viewing angle encompasses the entire crib, you can place the camera anywhere in the nursery.

It can be installed on a table or a flat surface.

Baby monitors are frequently placed on tables and other flat surfaces. There are some baby monitors that are better suited to being mounted on a flat surface rather than a wall mount. If the camera has a flat surface base, you can put it on a table near the crib.

A wall installation

Are you wondering how a baby monitor can be mounted on a wall? You can do it in a few steps. Baby monitors can also be placed against walls.

If you prefer, you can mount your baby monitor on a wall shelf with a flat surface, as shown in the illustration. If you install a good baby monitor wall mount in the nursery, you will have a bird’s-eye view of the baby’s crib and perhaps even the entire nursery.

A wall-mounted baby monitor is the most secure option because it’s out of reach of the baby.

Baby monitor mounted on the ceiling

The ceiling can be mounted only with a few baby monitors. For a small nursery, this might be a perfect solution if you need to hang your baby monitor from the ceiling. Your baby monitor can be attached to the ceiling with any baby monitor ceiling mount. You can use a ceiling mount on some baby monitors, but not on others.

Important Safety Recommendations for Hiding a Baby Monitor Cord

In order to protect your child from strangulation, baby monitor cords must be concealed. Research shows that 60 percent of baby monitor cords are located in dangerous locations, and seven newborns have died from strangling since 2007.

The baby monitor cord is not at least three feet away from the baby in the photo below, putting the infant at risk. For new parents, placing baby monitors in cribs or on crib rails can be frustrating.

Data loss or theft is a substantial threat if the camera does not have Wi-Fi. It is comparable to setting cameras on the walls with the wires touching the crib of the baby. Covers or wire molds can be used to conceal baby monitor cables. While watching the baby, this will prevent the baby from snagging any stray baby monitor cables.

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