Infant Optics DXR-8 Repairing & Replacement

Infant Optics DXR-8 Repair

If you’re in need of an Infant Optics DXR-8 repair and replacement, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experts is here to help you get your device up and running again.

The Infant Optics DXR-8 baby video monitors have several high-quality factors and versatile functions. These small and portable devices allow users to spy on their infants for their proper care.

Here in this article, we will be discussing these major factors and their replacement or repair process. Every primary functioning item will be explained in detail along with their solutions.

It’s time to get started!

Factors – Infant Optics DXR-8 Repairing and Replacement:

As we have learned in our previous post-related article on Infant Optics DXR-8 Troubleshooting that these devices can easily be repaired. However, people often get confused about the replacement process of these items before repairing them.

But, do not worry as we will describe each of these factors in detail along with their major replacement steps. We will start from the most basic factor of the battery and towards the highly complex factors like Motherboards and lenses.

1. Battery

Let’s start with the basic repairing or replacing option in these devices. To remove the batteries of such devices, you do not need any special tools or other things as it is the simplest procedure on this list.

At first, hold these amazing small machines on their flipped sides and remove their battery covers. Once the battery is exposed, you just need to detach them from the power plug ports.

Make sure to use sharp and thin plastic strips to remove this wired connection between these two items. Now, your battery will be out, and you can easily repair it by changing its cells or power adapters. You may also focus on repairing the charging ports in case they are damaged by spark production.

2. Speaker

Next on the list is the speaker factor of these devices that interferes with the proper sound from not working perfectly. Time and concentration are required because it is a complex procedure.

Let’s begin by removing the front and rear cases of such technical machines. You would need the help of a small and thin plastic strip to push the protective covers off these machines and expose their rear circuit boards.

Now, cut the sound wires through a sharp knife and a heat gun to remove the epoxy from the speakers. Now lift the speakers through a metal spudger and force it out of the device. In the end, you can easily repair it through several audio functioning steps and replace them with these faulty speakers.

3. Charging Ports

As discussed in the battery replacement heading, the charging ports also cause many problems in the functionality of such devices. Their replacement and repairing process also takes a good time but is quite effective once they are properly handled.

For this process, you have to repeat the same process as given in the upper heading and remove the speaker wires. Now, flip these devices and unscrew their motherboards, then check the current supply in the charging ports of these portable machines by using a thin soldering iron rod.

As a result, you will be able to remove the older charging ports and replace them with new ones easily. Their repairing process does include the use of special machines to create their current supplying small features and the ability to remove or excrete all waste products through them.

4. Camera Motherboard

In this step, you have to remove the rear casings of these cameras and get access to the main motherboards. You need to use the same plastic instrument to remove all the rubber coatings from these cameras to reveal the circuit boards and cut the speaker wires.

Now remove the tan power selector along with the main 4 connection wires using tweezers. Make sure to not scrap the adhesives on this layer with high power. In the end, lift the main power motor and remove its connection.

As a result, you can easily replace the damaged motor of this small detailed motherboard with these few steps. This motor needs a good current supply and the camera motherboard needs to be able to control it. Our advice would be to leave this complex task to the professionals for the best outcome.

5. Camera Lens

The best part of this lens repair is that you just need to clean them whenever they are not producing high-quality sharp images. However, in some cases, they do not even produce an image due to the errors occurring in their amazing functionality.

To replace these lenses, you just need to move or tilt these lenses to the left side, and they will detach from their main position. The next step is for you to decide whether to change them out with the new products, or whether to repair or restore their old functions.

Once you are done thinking, you just have to reload these lenses from the same position you detached them from. Move them in the right direction to lock their position. As a result, your malfunctioning camera lens has been replaced with a new and more advanced technical camera lens.

6. Monitor Motherboard

The Infant Optics DXR-8 pro monitors only have this issue which makes them more technical than other Optics devices. As their motherboards do not have many advanced functionality options and therefore, they face numerous misfunctions to deliver the best-quality output results.

To replace or repair these motherboards, you need to open the circuit of such devices and remove the speaker wires. Now, separate the ribbon cable connector from the motherboard using the plastic needle rod.

Then, flip them on the opposite side and force the screens out from these motherboards by starting from their top corner towards the bottom region. Make sure to check the current supply after connecting the new motherboard or the repaired one by using the solder connection rod.

7. Power Button

Last but not the least, it is time to remove or replace the power buttons of these machines. You have to follow the same steps given in the upper heading and remove the screens from the motherboards of these special devices for an accurate display.

Now, it would be easy for you to detect the main power button that is present at the top center of such machines. To remove them, make sure to grab them from their main buttons and detach them carefully without causing any damage to surrounding motherboard wires.

In the end, it would be upon you to add any type of customized button within the frames of these amazing and portable devices. But, remember to attach them to the main power switch of the battery and close the case of these devices so that they can remain safe.

What Items are necessary for this process?

Here are the names of the major items that play a keen role in maintaining this whole device replacing or repairing procedure. It would be best to have such devices for yourself before performing any of the upper-given actions.

  1. Soldering Iron 60w.
  2. Soldering Iron Workstation.
  3. Screwdriver.
  4. Special plastic opening tool.
  5. Heavy-duty spudger.
  6. Heat gun.
  7. Metal spudgers.
  8. Bright lights.
  9. Tweezers.

What did my Infant Optics DXR-8 screen went White?

Another common problem that users face while using the amazing features and functions of these devices is their white image production. Several reasons cause this white image production in these small and compact optics machines.

The most basic reason is the damaged or broken camera that is unable to receive the correct images and transfer them to the main device. Other reasons include lower battery life, the weak signal connection between the camera and the main device, and a loosely plugged-in power cable.

You can simply overcome this problem, by fixing the factors that we have explained in the upper paragraph. However, be sure to run these devices on a normal power supply first before examining every component closely.

How to resolve the “Out of coverage Signal” issues?

Well, this problem made us suffer for quite a long time and after all the hardships and efforts we finally discovered its prominent solution. The Out of Coverage Signal refers to the maximum distance between the main device and camera products.

These both products support each other at a certain distance limit that allows them to perform efficiently with pace and perfection. The distance that we measured between these devices for them to work perfectly is about 800 feet.

Ensure that both of them stay within this distance limit and that their functions are compatible with each other. However, for accurate performance, it is ideal to keep them close to one another.

Why you should purchase the Infant Optics DXR-8 devices:

There are many features and versatile functions that play a vital role in maintaining the performance level of such baby monitors to a great degree. Here are the best features that will force you to buy such machines.

  • Lightweight

These are special optics baby monitors that are made from compact materials and have lightweight. This amazing and portable device is made for hand-hold purposes and can easily be carried to certain places.

  • Video & Audio

Despite their small screens of 3.5 inches, these devices are capable to produce high-quality images on these screens. Moreover, with their sharp sound detectors, it is pretty easy for them to capture all sound frequencies for a perfect visual sense.

  • Specs Customization

As we have discussed in the upper headings that these machines’ parts are easily interchangeable. From their lenses to their motherboards, and from their batteries to their screens, it is quite easy for users to customize their components with new and more advanced options.

  • Less Power Consumption

Last but not the least, power utilization is another beneficial feature of these amazing DXR-8 devices. They allow quick charging and storing this charge for a long time and save a lot of power for extra consumption rate.


How do I replace my Infant Optics monitor?

Your Infant Optics DXR-8 monitors require you to hold the PAIR key for at least three seconds. It is indicated that the pairing mode is active by the flashing green light from the camera unit (located directly below the lens aperture). To make the LED light flash, press and hold the PAIR key until it does.

How do I reset my baby Optics DXR 8?

There may be a problem with the battery inside the battery compartment causing the monitor unit to not switch on. Disconnect both batteries and electrical power from both units to reset them. If you need to reconnect, wait about 15 seconds.

What does blue light on Infant Optics mean?

Infant Optics Monitor’s charging LED indicator has a blue light when it is fully charged and a red light when it is in the process of charging. This sign signifies that you should unplug your monitor’s power supply.

Final Verdict:

The Infant Optics DXR-8 repairing and replacement steps that divided into multiple classes according to their factors. We have explained all the major steps and ways to replace these factors starting from their basic battery features to the complex motherboard replacement features.

Moreover, we have also explained the major problems that people face in controlling the functionality of such devices. To achieve accurate results, read about all of them thoroughly and follow them closely.

In the end, we hope that you would like this article and the information that we have provided you through it. So, be sure to come back for further related articles and blogs on this website.

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