Infant Optics DXR-8 Troubleshooting

Infant Optics DXR-8 is one of the top-rated baby monitors. But still, it is a machine which could be malfunctioned and exposed to some error with constant use. In this post, I’m going to explain some common problems- you experience in your Infant Optics device, along with some easy fix. Don’t feel panic whenever you encounter any issue since I’m unlocking a detailed troubleshooting guide for your convenience.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Troubleshooting

Monitor Unit Won’t Turn On

Are you trying to turn on your monitor but unable to do that? Is your monitor show no sign of power up? It is among the most common problems of infant optics. Here are some solutions which are causing this issue and also you will check some quick fix.

Solution: Power Isn’t On

When your monitor doesn’t turn on, it is because your monitor unit or camera is turned off. 

How to Fix? Try four methods. 

  1. On your Monitor unit, you can see a power button. Hold it for two seconds, and it will turn on.
  2. Still no power sign? Look for your power adapters. Are they properly connected? If not, then join them, and your monitor will turn back on.
  3. In case adapters are connected, then your battery needs either charging or replacement.
  4. On your Baby monitor’ camera, check for on/off switch. Sometimes, the switch is off. If that is the case, then flip it on the “On” side.

solution 2: Faulty Battery

Sometimes, you are unable to turn on a monitor because of its battery. Therefore, you need to check it carefully.

How to Fix: Follow three methods

  • Look at your battery, and it must be entirely inside the port and connected with three yellow, red and black wires. 
  • In case the battery is connected correctly, the next thing to do is to charge it. Connect the monitor unit with a power socket.
  • If the battery is connected and charged, but you can’t turn on your infant optics DXR-8, then your battery is defective, and a new one should replace it. Buy a new battery which is designed for this baby monitor.

Solution 3: Battery Not Charging

If your unit’s battery is not charging, then there are some Solutions behind this issue.

  • Open your monitor and check whether the battery pack is entirely connected inside the battery compartment or not. If it is not connected, then you need to do reconnection. Connect the wire tab of the battery; it is good to see the battery guide for quick reference. 
  • Next, you need to see whether the USB output adapter is connected in the right way with the monitor unit. 
  • You can replace an old USB power cable with the new one. Sometimes, your monitor baby is not charging because of crack or damaged cable.

Solution 4: Battery Not Holding Charge

You can fix this problem of infant baby Optics Dxr-8 with a quick battery reset. It means removing the battery from the device. Keep it in the air for half an hour. Now put it back into its place.

Solution No. 5 Bad Display

You don’t like it when you have a bad display. Here is how to fix it.

  • Look at your power code. See whether it is connected to the camera and power socket correctly or not. When the connection is proper, then either your monitor unit or camera is faulty. 
  • Sometimes the optical lens of the camera requires some cleaning. It might be dirty due to which it is showing an unclear picture and some spots or marks on the display. Perform a quick clean-up operation on it.

Problem 2: Distorted/No Audio

It is another commonly occur a problem with infant optics monitor. You are unable to listen to the clear sound through the Monitor Unit. Let’s find some reasons for causing this problem and explore their solutions.

Solution 1: Volume Isn’t On

  • Sometimes, you are not getting any audio because you forget to turn its volume on or set the volume to a high level. Do it now, in case you forget before.
  • Perform a volume test. First, listen to audio in close range and then with long distance. When you experience audio distortion in the long-range, then it means there is a reception interference. 
  • You can change the volume. For this purpose, you need to press Menu Button left or right button, you will see that volume icon appears, now press up or down button. You can increase or decrease volume until it reaches your desired audio level. 

Solution 2: Faulty Speakers

In case you are getting audio distortion even when you are listening in a close range then there your speakers are broken. All you need to do is to replace old speakers with a new one.

Problem 3: Reception Interference

This problem arises when you try to create a connection between your monitor unit and camera unit, but things are not working in your favour. 

Solution 1: Weak Signal

Bad reception is many time caused by a weak signal. Let’s fix this error.

  • Check the distance between the camera and monitor unit. Sometimes, they are set far from each other, and therefore you can’t connect them quickly.
  • Let’s suppose you put them in close range, still connection issue? It is because your battery power is too low. Charge it.
  • The battery is fully charged, camera and monitor units are in a close range setting, why there is a connectivity problem. In those cases, some other electronic devices are causing signal interference. Make sure you put them away from the camera and monitor unit. And they should be turned off until you connect both devices.

Solution 2: Choppy Video

The most annoying problem you face with these kinds of best baby monitors is a rough video. Don’t feel bad. There is a solution. Try following fix:

  • Make sure the antenna position on your camera is vertical so that you can get the best quality signal and good quality video.
  • If you have a plan to set a camera and monitor unit far away, then it is suggested to replace your antenna with a reliable signal device.
  • When you have other 2.4 GHz products in a room where you set either Camera or Monitor unit, then they ultimately cause interference. Make sure you keep your monitor and camera unit at least 5 or 6 feet away from such devices. 

Solution 3: Loud Beeping Noise

Many times, I heard mothers complaining that loud, beeping noise is coming from the infant baby monitor. They don’t like it and want a quick fix. 

  • Fortunately, the new version of infant optics dxr-8 has fixed this issue.
  •  If you have an old version of the monitor, then you must know the reasons for this sound. This beeping sound is caused by different situations such as when camera and monitor units are set far away, or they go out of range when alarm ring send alert, and especially when you have low battery.

Solution No.4  Night Vision Sporadic or Not Working

Night vision LED light automatically turns on when the monitor has a low level of ambient light in the background. In case it doesn’t work, then you can try two solutions.

  1. Make sure that the surrounding environment of the monitor but have a low level of constant ambient light. 
  2. If the problem doesn’t go away, then you need to turn on room lights. It will grab the monitor out of the night vision. Now turn off the fire and see whether night vision activates LED light turns on.

Problem 4: Buttons Malfunction

Sometimes, you are trying to control some functions on the monitor, but its button doesn’t work properly, or they don’t connect to the device. Let’s find some reasons behind this problem, along with its best solutions.

Solution 1: Buttons Are Stuck

  • Some things like dust particles, food particles, etc. may get stucks in the prevent. Therefore buttons are not functioning in a way they should be. 
  • Turn off your screen and clean your buttons.

Reason 2: Buttons Not Connecting

If you are pressing the buttons, but they are not performing their tasks, then here is how you can fix it. 

  • Make sure the monitor is turned on.
  • The monitor is on, but still, buttons are not connecting. Your device buttons are faulty.

Wrap up

I hope that you can fix some typical troubles with infant optics baby monitor Dxr-8 by following this detailed troubleshooting guide. Still, facing some other problems not explained in the post? Feel free to ask; we are always ready to offer you our helping hand.

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