Best Long Range Baby Monitors 2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a Best Long Range Baby Monitors to watch your newborn while you are doing laundry?

Are you a concerned mother who is wondering how to keep an eye on your baby and toddler at the same time?

If you are a part of any such situation, then nothing works like an assistant than long range baby monitors. 

It’s not possible to clone yourself and to send her to stay with your newborn all the time, but what is certainly possible to leave a virtual eye and ear in a baby nursery. No matter if you are cooking in the kitchen or enjoying some relaxing time in your outdoor patio, this baby monitoring device will keep tabs on your newborn.

In case you extend a long range baby monitor with 2-4 cameras, that means bringing ultimate comfort into your motherhood. It let you see whether your newborn baby is asleep or not in the baby’s room; and with what toy your toddler is playing; while you are completing your routine home chores.

I must say that my best wifi baby monitor lets me walk with freedom and sleep peace of mind. I can hear my baby’s sound and know whether he is asleep or awake. I get alerts when he wakes up. I can turn on the video to see his beautiful face and smile whenever I want and wherever I want. There is no need to stay close to the baby nursery all the time.

In this post, I will tell you why I selected long range baby monitors, a detailed review of my five favourite best long-range baby monitors. Some features to look for when you are shopping for a baby monitor. And at the end, I will talk about an extended range video baby monitor I got my sweetie’s nursery room.

Let’s check out the top five best long range baby monitors.

Quick Comparison of Best Long Range Baby Monitors in 2021:

Num Photo Title Ratings Buy
1 VTech VM321 Video Baby Monitor
2 Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor
3 Babysense Video Baby Monitor
4 Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor
5 VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor

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Detail Reviews of Best Long Range Baby Monitors in 2021:

There are tons of long-range baby monitors in the market. Many parents freak out when they have to select a baby monitor with the best range. Don’t panic, because I’m going to share five best baby monitors which can act like your reliable 24/7 assistant.

Indeed, extended range baby monitors are the gift of new technology, since they let parents have peace of mind while handling other tough tasks of parenting and routine life. 

Take a look at the top five long distance baby monitors of 2021.

1. VTech VM321 Video Baby Monitor with Automatic Infrared Night Vision:

Are you looking for a baby monitor which can deliver the best quality of sound and video? You can surely try your luck with this version of VTech. I’m not saying that this baby monitor will present high definition videos to you. However, you won’t get a grainy video where you can’t easily find your baby. 

Good quality video and sound is not the only distinguishing feature of VTech. Another fantastic thing about it is around 1000 feet of field range. As soon as you turn on the device, you can’t expect any outage up to 150 feet of your home.

Want to do laundry in the basement?

You can do it without thinking twice about your sleep baby in the nursery.

VTech long-range baby monitor’s audio brings DECT technology which removes background noise. That means a clear sound is coming into your way without background noises or interference.

Its built-in night vision allows you to listen and watch your cute munchkin all the time, even in the dark background. You can always tell your baby to go to sleep through a talkback function. There are a powerful zoom camera options which let you have a close look at your sleeping baby whenever you like.

Have more than one kid? You may get excited to know that Vtech long-range baby monitor is extended up to four cameras. You can set monitors with freedom not only in baby nursery but also in other rooms.

The monitor runs on a 2.4 GHz frequency, that means you can expect both privacy and security features. You can move around with the utmost freedom of mind when you come to know that an alarm will alert you as soon as you go out of range.

The real-fun is to watch your baby all the time through its 2.8-inch LCD screen. You can also monitor baby room temperature through it.No need to visit your baby room and take the risk of waking your baby up only to know whether the temperature is low or high.

  • Clear Audio without background noise
  • Good quality Video 
  • Split-screen view for multiple cameras
  • Out of range alert
  • Temperature monitoring
  • 5 Built-in Lullabies
  • Some customers reported that battery life doesn’t last long at night
  • As soon as you add a second camera, you might experience audio disruption of the first camera

2. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens:

Looking for the best long range video baby monitor? Don’t look around, just put your hand on Infant Optics dxr-8 baby monitor. Parents never feel fully satisfied with audio coming from the baby. They want to know what is happening in the nursery. Thus, a video-only monitor offers ultimate satisfaction of mind and caring heart.

Infant Optics baby monitor comes with a perfect range, i.e. up to 700 feet outdoor and but realistically 800 feet indoor. No matter where you are in your home, you can have clear audio with little or no interference along with crystal bright 3.5-inch colour LCD. 

A long-range alert feature comes handy. So, go away from baby nursery without worrying about signal loss. As soon as you step out from the range, there is an alert to keep you back in the field.

What I like the most about long-range Infant Optics Dxr-8 is its high-quality camera which unlocks features like zoom, pan, and tilt at 170 degrees. It means that you can view the baby nursery by changing the angle and direction.

Do you want extra coverage in different rooms?

Infant optics is extendable. Add up to 4 cameras and enjoy a split view of the full home from one single monitor. There is an optional wide-angle lens that unlocks the power of close and precise baby monitoring for you.

The wireless transmission of this long-range baby monitor is based on 2.4 GHz. Therefore, you can expect a significant amount of privacy for your baby nursery.

A two-way talkback features allow you to communicate your baby whenever the need arises. Keeping a tap on the room temperature is possible via excellent temperature monitors. This infant optics device brings a lithium-ion battery which works great for 10 to 12 hours when you fully charge it.  

Need extra power?

There is a spare battery available for your facilitation. When you charge both batteries, you don’t need to go anywhere near a charging outlet for a whole day. Isn’t that amazing?

According to Allied Market Research, wireless baby monitors accounts 90% percent of total baby monitor market value in 2015 due to rising safety concerns of wired baby monitors. And This trend will go up during 2016-2022.

  • A two-way talkback features allow you to communicate your baby whenever the need arises.
  •  Keeping a tap on the room temperature is possible via excellent temperature monitors. 
  • This infant optics device brings a lithium-ion battery which works great for 10 to 12 hours when you fully charge it.  
  • Need extra power? There is a spare battery available for your facilitation. When you charge both batteries, you don’t need to go anywhere near a charging outlet for a whole day. Isn’t that amazing?
  • Its infrared night vision brings an explicit video of your baby even when darkness is around. 
  • There is a LED light alert which actives when your baby cries.
  • 150 feet range even when there is some obstruction around
  • With a spare battery, you can enjoy a 24-hr battery life
  • Turn on Audio-only setting for saving battery, or as and when you needed
  • Interchangeable camera lenses 
  • Some customers reported a signal interference from other devices running with 2.4 GHz frequency

3. Babysense Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio:

Searching for a budget-friendly long-range video baby monitor? Put your search at rest, and start exploring features of Babysense. 

No doubt, a long-range baby monitor costs you more than a normal one. But you can save some bucks and spend them on other necessities when you get Babysense. And still, you get an excellent range of 900 feet wide coverage and almost 160 feet range indoors.

It means that you can move indoor and outdoor with ultimate peace of mind, which is always missing in the life of a parent. 

Babysense long-range video baby monitors runs on a 2.4 GHz wireless digital connection so that you won’t experience any privacy issue. Just like other best long-range baby monitor of my 5 top picks, this one also alerts you as soon as you place your feet outside the range. You won’t miss anything important happening in the nursery.

You get a clear cut picture of your little human on 2.4 inches screen. Right from your parent unit, you can handle both zoom and pan function of its camera. A close look at your precious baby is always possible in the presence of these advanced camera features.

Other great features which add-up in the value of this cost-effective video baby monitor are two-way talkback function, built-in lullabies, temperature sensors and infrared night vision. It comes with an LED Light display which turns red when your baby makes noises or cries. 

The primary concern you can face with Babysense with this best long-range baby monitor is its short battery life. Once you fully charge it, the device works great up to eight hours. However, you can save battery by turning on ECO mode. Once activated, your unit will be turned on when there are some noises in your baby’s room.

  • Affordable 
  • Good picture quality 
  • Eco mode to extend battery life
  • Extendable
  • The power cord is too short of reaching the outlet
  • The unit might beep while it is searching for a connection, it might disturb you at night

4. Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor:

Video units make parents addicted to monitoring. You can avoid this addiction by switching to audio-only best long-range baby monitors. This selection will not only put your eyes on ease but also allow you to save some money; which you can use for something else essential for you to a baby. 

Philips is a trust-worthy brand we all have in our home from years. So, you can rely on Avent DECT Baby monitor. It delivers an optimal quality sound without any interference. No one else can hear your baby voice due to the safe audio transmission. 

Its talkback feature lets you talk to your baby whenever you want to. You can play any of five lullabies to keep your baby relax and distracted. There is a soft nightlight which makes it easy for you to get up in the middle of the night and feed your baby — no need to disturb her relaxing mind with bright lights.

As soon as you go out of range, you will get a warning. What I like the most about this best long-range baby monitor are its rechargeable batteries which offer 18 hours of life. There is a dock station for quick charging. 

Another great thing about this audio-only extended range baby monitor is its LED light which activates even when the unit is muted.

  • 900 feet open area range and up to 50 feet indoor range 
  • Excellent battery life
  • High-quality sound
  • Safe and Secure 
  • You can’t control lullaby and nightlight functions right from your parent unit
  • You always miss a video version of baby monitor
  • Its parent unit must have a belt-clip for portability

5. VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor with up to 1,000 ft of Range:

When you need a long-range audio baby monitor with a price you can afford, you can consider VTech DM221. If you are a kind of parent who doesn’t like to use advanced gadgets, then this easy to use device works totally in your favour.

It is a baby monitor with 1000 ft range for outdoor while indoor you can go up to 160 feet range. If you miss walking with ultimate freedom and relaxation after becoming a parent, then it’s time to add this long-range device into your life. As soon as you install this baby monitor, you can walk wherever you like indoor and outdoor. Doing laundry or cooking won’t be a challenging task anymore.

This long-range audio baby monitor is featured with DECT 6.0 technology so it will remove white noise and deliver you high-quality, uninterrupted audio. The audio is so clear that you can quickly get an idea of whether it’s your baby’s voice or some other noises. 

VTech long-range baby monitor has five-level sound indicators so that you can indicate the level of sound volume coming from your baby nursery. 

You can easily communicate with your sweetheart without leaving the room through its talkback feature. ITs parent unit has a belt clip, so you are free to carry it around wherever you go. It gets power from rechargeable batteries, which are not included in the package though. 

There are alarms which alert so when your battery goes down, or you move out of range. Its battery life is up to 18 hours when fully charged. What do you expect more from a long-range baby monitor?

  • Wide indoor and outdoor range 
  • Crystal clear audio without interference and with noise cancellation 
  • Talkback feature
  • A parent unit clip for portability
  • Nightlight on the baby unit
  • Nursery unit comes without battery feature
  • Parent screens come without illumination, checking it at night is hard

Best Long Range Baby Monitors – Buying Guide:

Audio Vs. Video:

The market is saturated with both audio and video baby monitors. During shopping, the first question which pops up in your mind whether to get an audio version to go with long-range video baby monitor. 

The fact is that audio signals travel faster and better than a video feed, but don’t decide solely on this fact. 

Think about obstructions between the monitor and the baby unit at your home. If you are living in a house with three rooms, you can go with a video baby monitor. However, when you are living in a big home with more than five bedrooms. And, where your baby room is on the second floor while you are expecting to watch him in your basement, then simply an extended range audio monitor will work great.


Most of the long-range baby monitors come with a high frequency like 2.4 MHz. When you have home appliance featured with the same rate, most likely they can cause interference with the signal of your baby monitor. 

Digital Vs. Analog:

A baby monitor cost is low when it has an analog system, but this system is less secure than a digital one. A baby monitor with a digital system employs DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications). Therefore, it shows excellent resistant to interference, and these features make your baby monitor a safe option to use. 


Parents always prioritize the baby’s safety and privacy. An analog long-range baby monitor often makes a privacy compromise. In other words, other devices running on the same frequency can cause interference for it by chance. A hacker can deliberately access your extended range of baby monitor by tapping on the same rate through a scanner receiver. It’s horrible to imagine that someone is watching your baby without your permission.


Always go for a long-range baby video monitor which alert you as soon as you go out of range. 

Home Size:

A long-range baby monitor seems like an excellent idea for a large home. In case you have a small home where you can hear your baby through walls, then go for infant optics baby monitor instead of long-range one.


Many parent units are designed with blinking lights for quickly alerting the parents. On one side, it seems like a great option. At another party, flashing light on units might wake you up and affect the quality of your sleep. That’s why you can cross it in your list of features.

Battery life:

An extended range of baby video monitor become useless without good battery life. A benefit of watching from a long-range is when you have to come and charge a device so often. Always get a baby monitor with good battery life. Make sure to charge monitor before you sleep adequately, and else you need to wake up in the middle of the night for charging purpose only.


Always maintain a safe distance between the baby’s crib and monitor. Never set it on the baby’s crib. Install the baby unit in a way that its cord is away from the reach of your child. Mount camera on the wall from where you can get a proper watch angle of your sweetheart.

Best Long Range Baby Monitors – FAQs:

Why Choose Long Range Baby Monitor?

If you ask me why to go for a baby monitor with the best range then here are some reasons I got to make your mind.

Do you want to restrict yourself to only areas close to the baby nursery? I know the answer is NO. But it happens when you get a low range baby monitor. You know that if you cross the range line, then you won’t be able to hear your cute little munchkin’s voice. What to do then? Stay close to baby nursery all the time. This is what you want.

Solution: Go for long-range video baby monitors like Nest Cam baby monitor. It will never restrict you to a few places close to a nursery and thus won’t make you a conscious parent.

It becomes so simple to keep tabs on all your children at once with baby monitors long-range. On a sunny day, you can have a quality time in your outdoor patio. You won’t have to think twice about a toddler who is having fun with his buddies. And best of all, you can hear the voice of your baby who is sleeping in another room.

Parents have to make a compromise on their sleep and routine activities after having a kid. But it doesn’t mean your social life is over and you can’t hang out with your friends anymore. You may not go out, but you would surely love to spend some enjoyable moments with your friends at one side of your home while on the other hand you have your counterpart, i.e. extended range baby video monitor. 

It’s impossible to be present in two places simultaneously. However, a monitor with the best long distance baby monitor can make this possible, virtually.

What is a Long Range Baby Monitor?

I know you guys have an excellent idea of what a baby monitor is, even if you have a grasp on range concept too. Still, wondering what is an extended range baby monitor.

Well, it is a baby monitor that lets you monitor your baby from a very long range. This range could be 500 feet or 700 feet or more. Even some manufacturers try to stand out from the crowd by offering a baby monitor 1000 ft range.

But don’t rely entirely on the range figure given by a manufacturer. The reason is that when they perform range tests on their monitors, then they usually do it in an open field range. It is an open-air area with no obstructions.

In real-world, the story is different. You have a lot of obstructions that come between your monitor and you and thereby affect range measures of a baby monitor. There are furniture, doors, walls and many other things which are always standing between the baby unit and parent unit. 

So, what you need to understand is the actual range of a baby monitor is always less than what mentioned by a manufacturer. I know it doesn’t sound right, but welcome to the real world.

I highly suggest reading customer reviews about the long-range baby monitor, just to get an idea of what the range of it. This reading will help you pick a baby monitor with the best variety, as a result.  

What must you know?

Whether it is a simple baby monitor or long-range, it will create strong Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). An adult can stay within this field, and it won’t harm them. But as a parent, you should be a little concerned about your baby’s safety.

EMFs can cause harmful effects on children’s brain structures. Read manufacturer’s instructions about an idea distance of baby monitor from your baby. Also, never install a baby monitor in your baby’s cot and anywhere near him. Keep a safe distance always.

Final Verdict:

If you ask me to shortlist only one baby monitor out of the five best long-range baby monitors I reviewed, then I will give the very first vote to VTech VM321 Video Baby Monitor.

VTech VM321 is the longest range video baby monitor, and that’s why I like it. You can go as far as you want after installing it in your home.

Other features that make it the right choice is its crystal clear sound and video. You can move around with peace of mind. In my opinion, anything which gives you freedom and peace of mind is worth a try. What do you think?

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