Do I Need a Baby Monitor? Pros and Cons

These days, every expecting mom asks this question, do I need a baby monitor. In the old days, our parents were okay without it. At present, lots of parents are buying the best baby monitor because this device makes a big difference in parenthood.

I’m going to highlight some situations when you do need to buy this device and also other cases when you don’t have to bear baby monitor cost at all. 

When you Don’t Need a Baby Monitor:

  1. Are you living in a small apartment or house where the rooms are so close? No need to buy a voice-activated baby monitor when you can easily hear your baby crying from the connected walls of your space. 
  2. Are you co-sleeping with your sweetie? Or Your baby is sleeping in a bedside bassinet. There is no need to monitor your baby while she sleeps through infant optics dxr-8 video baby monitor.
  3. Do you have people around your baby all the time? You can certainly give up on the idea of having a monitor.
  4. Already have an advanced home surveillance system like Nest Cam? Don’t think again about spending any more money because you can use nest cam as a baby monitor

When you DO need a baby monitor:

  1. If you are planning to move your baby to crib from the bassinet in a nursery. Then definitely, you need to start reading the best baby monitor buying guide. 
  2. Don’t you want to take the risk of waking your baby up during sleep? You can easily circumvent this risk with a video monitor, which lets you keep an eye on every activity and sound of your munchkin.
  3. Parents want to monitor the breathing of their kids 24/7 because they are afraid of SIDS
  4. Do you want to give remote monitoring access to your family members who travel often? It is quite possible through a baby monitor app. They can turn it on their smartphones and watch live feeds from the child unit. 
  5. You want to do your routine tasks like laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. but without running time to time to your baby room. You can limit your leg work with a baby monitor.
  6. Do you have more kids who need your attention? You can consider a baby monitor for twins. It helps you keep tabs on your children’s activities, even when they are in different rooms.
  7. Don’t Know what your kids are doing when they supposed to sleep? Parents rely heavily on a baby monitor when they have to sleep train their baby. A parent can peep into the baby’s room without disturbing his sleep through this device. Turn on the parent unit and check whether your toddler is playing or sleeping. If it is time to sleep and they are still awake, then you can ask them to sleep by using a two-way audio talk feature.
  8. Do you live in a large house? You can still hear and watch your baby through a long range baby monitor.
  9. Parents remain worried about kids having nightmares as they often have to leave their room to calm down them. In such a situation, the baby monitor is handy.
  10. Many kids sleepwalk, and parents can keep an eye on their motions through the motion-activated baby monitor. This situation can be hazardous without proper monitoring devices. 
  11. Parents whose kids have health conditions rely heavily on the advanced baby monitor, which sends them timely alerts. You can stop using baby monitors when your baby is six months old and very healthy. 

Wrap Up:

Now you have got two sides of a single picture. I hope you won’t wonder anymore about the question, “Do I need a baby monitor” after reading this post.

Because now you know when you need it and when you can live without it.

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