Can I Use Nest Cam as Baby Monitor?

Got Nest cam for home security?

Wondering, Can I use Nest Cam as Baby Monitor?

Yes, it’s time to put your mind at ease and get a detailed answer.

I don’t believe in giving one-word answers like “Yes” or “No”.

But if you are looking for a quick response, then it is “YES”, using Nest Cam as a baby monitor is fully possible.

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Other questions like how and why might be flooding in your brain, so let’s get a comprehensive answer to this commonly asked question about Nest Cam.

But if you don’t want to read the full article, know why Nest cam can be used for baby monitoring.

  • Being an extended range baby monitor, Nest Cam let you monitor your baby anywhere, anytime. Just tap on your Nest App and check what your baby is doing. 
  • Nest Cam Features like system alerts, motion detection, zoom and night vision makes it a high-performing “Child unit”.
  • You might not expect a very high-quality sound from it, but its video quality is matchless.

In this post, you will learn:

  • What is Nest Cam?
  • Nest Cam Baby Monitor Review
  • How to Use Nest Cam as Baby Monitor
  • Bottom Line 
  • Questions and Answers 

What is Nest Cam Baby Monitor?

It is a high-tech camera designed for home security system. People are becoming a big fan of this wireless camera because

  • It is easy to install
  • Simple to set up: plug and play
  • Install Nest App on your smartphone and stream High-Definition videos
  • Top-quality sound 
  • Make Possible two-way talk through the camera speaker
  • Offers live camera feed
  • Excellent night vision

A quick look at these features makes it clear that this camera can work exactly like a “child unit”. Even it will deliver better quality sound and picture than other baby monitor’s camera.

Nest Cam Baby Monitor Review:

Before I take you to the comprehensive Nest baby monitor review, you must know one fact “Nest Cam is not a Baby Monitor”. Yes, but it can be used for this purpose, though it wasn’t initially intended for Parent use.

Nest Camera is designed initially to work for a home surveillance system.


Nest Cam baby monitor is a device that brings ultimate peace of mind into the life of a parent. You don’t have to go any fuss of setting and installation. Just plug the power adapter into your baby room, install the Nest App on your smartphone, and you are ready to monitor your sweetheart. 

Let’s explore its astounding features. 

24/7 baby Monitoring:

Once this camera is turned on, it becomes your eyes and ears in your baby room. This smart device notices the slightest sound/motion and sends you immediate alerts.

Whatever is happening in your baby’s room won’t go unnoticed from this sharp camera having an eagle eye and snake’s ears.

High-Quality Video:

Next Cam offers 1080p videos with 130-degree field view. Its unsurpassed quality videos make it the first choice not only for home security but also for baby safety. 

When you run the camera on high quality then it consumes your internet data, you can save your monthly data usage by changing the video quality from setting option. You can either go with 360p low quality or 720p medium quality video option.

Take Images:

What do I like the most? Other baby monitor doesn’t let you take pictures, but you can enjoy this feature with Nest Cam baby monitor. Collect as many images of memorable moments of your baby’s activity as you like, make an album and share it. Sound amazing!

Virtual Storage:

Recording high-quality videos and saving them in your device means consuming ample storage space. You don’t need to get worried since Nest Cam comes with a cloud storage option. You can store unlimited hours of video recording. Even it lets you search recorded videos of special moments based on their timestamps.

Constant notifications:

If you are a conscious parent who always has a hidden desire to check on his baby, then Next Cam satisfies this desire with its regular notification feature. 

It keeps updating you about every little activity happening in your baby’s room such as you can listen and watch your child snoring on his crib. 

No more leg work, tap on Nest App and take a glance on your munchkin as and when you need. The long-gone peace of mind can be grabbed back into your life via this device. Don’t you agree?


Usually, an indoor Nest Cam work as a baby monitor. But the Nest App supports more than one camera. If you want to set another camera into another room and want to check its live feed, then it is possible. 

Outdoor monitoring is another feature you can have with nest cam baby monitor. However, you need to get a different outdoor camera for this purpose because it can withstand harsh weather condition and specially designed for outdoor monitoring.

If you need features like room temperature and humidity monitoring, then you can have them with Nest Cam. Just buy additional sensors and integrate them with a camera. You can get an accurate measurement of your baby’s room temperature and humidity.


Two-ways Sound Transfer is another feature which makes Next Cam as a functional baby monitor device. From your smartphone speaker, you can talk to your baby. For example, when he is awake at his sleeping time, then you can tell him to go to sleep quickly. 

You can also hear his voice and know whether he is asleep or awake. There is no need to walk into your kid’s room and disturb him.

  • Expandable 
  • Live Feed
  • Capture Pictures
  • Easy to use
  • Night vision
  • No-fuss to handle, just one power adapter
  • High-quality video
  • Remotely Monitor your kid
  • It doesn’t have any dedicated receiver
  • Frequent notifications are annoying
  • No lullabies and integrated sensors
  • This WiFi Camera can still be hacked
  • Nest Aware full features don’t come free

Our Final Verdict:

Yes, you can use Nest camera as baby monitor due to its features like superb camera quality, constant alert, expandability, and live camera feed. It might not offer baby-specific features available in other best baby monitors. Still, when integrated with sensors, it can compete well with them in terms of its performance, design and reliability. However, when you are looking for a baby monitor with features designed only for baby monitoring, then you can get infant optics dxr-8 video monitor.

Nest Cam: Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Use Nest Cam As Baby Monitor?

If you turn this advanced camera into a baby monitoring device, then you are not alone. Many other parents are using Nest camera as a baby monitor. But for making it fully functional, you should follow some guidelines.

  • Buy a separate smartphone or tablet that works as a dedicated “Parent Unit”. Install the Nest App on it.
  • Get a classic audio-only baby monitor; it will send you baby-specific alerts. For example, you will get alert when your baby is crying while you can use Nest cam for video-only baby monitoring purpose. 
  • You can buy additional sensors for temperature and humidity monitoring. Integrate them with your Nest Cam, and it will turn into an advanced baby monitor.
  • Make sure the camera and cable are not in the reach of your baby. You can also mount this camera on a wall.
  • Keep Nest App always open in your separate smartphone. Also, change the setting of this device to ensure that it doesn’t shut off its screen.

Can the Nest cam be Used as a Baby Monitor?

Nest Cam is designed to be a part of your home security system. Using Nest Cam as a baby monitor means making the most of this device. Yes, you can use this camera for watching your baby though you need to make a sacrifice on some features available in standard baby monitor such as separate parent unit, playing lullabies, ambient temperature, and some baby-specific alerts. 

How to change the video quality of your Nest Camera?

Follow these steps and change the video quality of your nest camera.

  1. Go to your Nest app
  2. Pick a Camera whose setting you want to change
  3. On top right-hand corner, go to Settings –>Quality and Bandwith
  4. You will find three options “Low”, “Medium”, or “High.”
  5. Choose your desirable video quality 

How Do I Manage Data on my Next cam use?

There are four reasons of high data-usage of your internet while you are using Next Cameras a baby monitor or a surveillance device. 

  1. More activity on your camera will eat more data
  2. When you subscribe to Next Aware then you turn on your camera and all its video will start uploading to your next Aware Account. 
  3. High quality and bandwidth setting also a reason of high internet data consumption by Next Cam
  4. More cameras with one app results in increasing your data volume

What to do?

  • Change video quality from “High” to “Low.”
  • You need to schedule your camera to turn off at certain times of the day. 

How much Data does Next Cam Use per month?

When you use Next Cam as a baby monitor 24/7 then 360p video quality will consume 18GB average data or 48GB maximum; 720p video quality will use 60GB average and 160GB max; 1080p video quality usually requires 140GB average data and 380GB max. 

What Internet speed do I need for Nest Cam?

It is recommended to have an internet connection with at least 2 Mbps upload speed per camera, in case you want to use high video quality like 1080p. If you have low internet speed, then it is essential to change your video quality to either low or medium.

Does WiFi cameras slow down Internet speed?

Yes, WIFI cameras slow down the internet speed. This impact is so minimal, and you can ignore it unless you are remotely accessing your cameras through a tablet, laptop, PC, smartphone, or other devices.

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