Best Potty Training Tips for Toddler (Infographic)

Training your child about how to use potty will be a time-consuming task. You need to be patient throughout and know that a little bit of impatience can spoil the things. Another thing which is essential for this training is the cooperation during preparation for your toddler. The critical element to get success in the potty training of your child is that start potty training when your child is willing for it, and he is also able to do it physically. If your child is not interested, you can be successful in practice.

Every child has his nature. Some are ready for this training when they are of 18 months, and others can’t even learn it when they are three years of age. According to some experts, boys stay in the diaper for more time than girls do. It is so because the girls are more active than boys and they take less time in learning new things. Whenever you start potty training, you will end up at the time when your child is interested no matter when you’ve started to begin at the time when you feel your child is ready to learn otherwise it would just be the wastage of time. So before you take a start, make sure that your child is prepared. Once you’ve known that your child is ready the next important thing you need to do is to focus on the timing. Significant changes in life or the presence of stress can cause potty training difficult for you.

Make sure that the routine of your child is well maintained. If he has a new sibling or if he has just started going school then there are chances that he will be less responsive to the training or maybe he will feel overwhelmed to cope up with this challenge. If he is not prepared, you will have to wait until he gets ready so that you can complete the training successfully. Potty training is considered to be one of the most important actions of childhood and to prepare your child for it, and it is necessary that he is emotionally and physically ready. This training primarily depends on the personality, level of motivation and nature of the child and the tenure of practice differs from child to child.

Potty Training Tips for Toddler:

Potty Training Tips for Toddler

Successful potty training requires a proper set of steps which are to be followed with great care to have positive results at the end. You need to clearly understand and interpret the body language of your child, undressing, and washing hands, etc. Before starting potty training, you have to instruct your child about these necessary skills. If he lacks these skills, both of your will end up in frustration and will fail.

Potty Training Tips

Following mentioned are some tips for you to give successful potty training to your child:

  • Get a potty chair and make your child sit on it so that he may feel secure when sitting on the toilet. Put the potty chair in the place where your child feels the most comfortable and spends most of the time.
  • Tell your child that the potty chair is unusual for him so that he may be familiar with it and make him feel comfortable. Practice your child to sit on the potty with clothes up so that he may feel ease.
  • Admire your child for every step and when he is entirely comfortable sitting, take his clothes off. When your child bowel in the diaper, through it to the potty in front of him so that he knows where it belongs.
  • Look for the signs and take your child to the potty chair when you feel the need. Allow your child to sit on the toilet and make him sit on the potty chair so that he could know how to relax.
  • Practice him to wash hands with soap so that he learns it and also make him learn to remove his clothes so that he may start doing this on his own. Repeat this until he learns.
  • Also, share these tips with everyone at home so that in your absence they could teach the child to do so and he may not face any problem in following. Never leave your child in wet diapers as it can make the situations worst.
  • Praise your child on his learning, and this will act as reinforcement. Remember that your child will make mistakes. Be patient, don’t scold him and don’t get angry as errors are a part of learning.
  • Once you feel that your child has learned potty tips, make him switch to underwear. Some children may feel more comfortable in training pants and diapers.
  • There could be some scenarios when your child gets frightened by the sound of the flushing toilet. If he gets frightened, don’t force him to do so. Make him learn when he is comfortable.

Follow all the steps, don’t stop trying in case of failure as things like this take time.

These mentioned tips will surely help you to train your child for potty. Remember that every child has different traits and different learning behaviours. Don’t force your child to learn as he will determine according to his learning capacity. Forcing your child or being impatient will spoil the things and you will end up attaining nothing. For successful training, follow the tips step by step.

This task can also take months and can be done only in weeks depending on your teaching pattern and the learning behaviors of your child.


One more thing which you need to take care of is the body language and expressions of your child while he is in the learning process so that you may know when there is a problem or when your child is feeling uneasy. Focus on the behaviours of your child and interpret them to have a better understanding and to be successful in your aim. Once your child has learned this, keep an eye on him.

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