When Should I Stop Using a Baby Monitor?

Are you wondering when to stop using a baby monitor? Based on my personal experience and some information I got during my interviews with other parents, I can say that there is no definite timeline. A few parents turn off the baby monitor when their kids are six months old. 

Very likely, you can pack your best baby monitor after six months, but don’t throw it away because it is going to be quite useful in specific conditions. 

At what age to stop Using Baby Monitors?

There is no hard and fast rule here to apply.

Some parents like to use it until their kids are two years old, and people like me keep it around their children who are five years old.

For a baby under six months:

Baby monitor app is a must-have the facility to keep an eye on your newborn.

It is a useful option, especially when you and your baby are sleeping in different rooms.

You want to make sure that your baby is sleeping safe and secure in the nursery through remote monitoring.

For a child over six months:

The majority of parents monitor their kids through this device for almost six months.

Once your baby is 6 months old, he is loud enough to call you for help.

One rule which you can apply when deciding whether to stop using a nest baby monitor or to skip it from your routine is to look at your baby sleep pattern.

When he sleeps the whole night peacefully, it certainly means you can turn off a baby monitor.

For toddlers:

When you shift your toddler to a grown-up bed, it is definitely the right time to stop using a baby monitor.

If your kid needs help, he will come to see you.

Turn off your voice-activated baby monitor so that you can enjoy a good-night sleep.

5 Reasons to Stop using Your baby Monitors:

You can ditch your baby monitor when your babies are healthy, and more than 12 months old.

I’m going to explain some reasons which help you let go of monitoring.

No need to Monitor all kinds of Noises:

Babies make noises like snoring, coughing, wheezing, hiccuping, and many others.

The only sound you should pay attention to is “Crying.” Try to ignore other voices.

When a kid is 6 months old, then he is loud enough that you can hear him crying even when you are in another room.

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So, why keep using a baby monitor?

There is no need to run to your baby’s room and take the risk of waking him up when you hear a strange voice.

If it bothers you that much, you can use infant optics dxr-8 video baby monitor. From your parent unit, you can check what that voice exactly is.

When your bedrooms are close:

If your bedroom is so close to your baby’s room that you can hear all the voices easily, then it is when you can stop using a baby monitor.

When your places are distant, you can make the most from a long-range baby monitor.

When you try to avoid depression and anxiety:

Parents who often use baby monitors get conscious about every little voice they heard from it.

Since they need to monitor their baby at night, they can’t enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

They keep checking their monitor to see whether it is working or not.

Here is a comprehensive infant optics dxr-8 troubleshooting guide, which helps you deal with any problem you face with a monitor.

All these situations lead to depression and anxiety sooner or later.

One way to nip this evil in the bud is to develop a feeling of trust in your baby once she is six months old.

You need to remind yourself that your baby is loud enough that she will wake you up if she needs you and your help.

Monitoring can make you an Addict:

When you keep watching your kids for months, then you develop a habit of turning on your video monitor to see what your baby is doing.

Your mind becomes so programmed to this routine monitoring that you feel like an addict who can’t help himself out. 

It is an alarming situation; you should detox yourself from this kind of addiction as soon as your baby turned six months old.

You might turn into a spy:

As a parent, you develop a habit of keeping a check on your baby all the time.

But you never know when you become a spy and can’t give up on the fact that your baby is doing at this moment.

This case is unavoidable when you watch your kids through a video monitor, even when you can do monitoring with an audio monitor. 

Bottom Line:

If you ask me when to stop using a baby monitor, then the answer is until my kids are mature enough to live without my monitoring service.

There are some occasions when the baby monitor is a must; Just when I’m not around, I want to keep an eye on them to make sure that they are safe and secure.

In my personal opinion, as long as a baby monitor is a utility in parenthood, no need to give up on it.

I would really like to know your opinion in this regard.

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