Where to Put Baby Monitor?

Where to Put Baby Monitor

It can be extremely helpful for parents to have a baby monitor, especially a video baby monitor, to watch over their babies. While you do other things around the house, you can ensure your baby sleeps safely.

A baby monitor can become a risk factor, however, if it’s not positioned properly. In addition to causing direct physical harm to your baby, improper placement of baby monitor cameras may also make it difficult for you to see or hear your baby well.

In the past seven years, entangled baby monitor power cords have been responsible for seven deaths and three near-suffocations. It’s scary to think of that statistic. The CPSC and Children’s Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) recommend protecting babies from monitors. How do I hang a baby monitor?

Distance, angle, and safety are the most important factors to consider when placing a baby monitor. Taking all possible safety precautions and understanding the risks is essential.

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Baby Monitor Placement Considerations

In deciding where to place a baby monitor, parents and caregivers should ask themselves a few questions. To ensure the safety of the child and to provide a clear view for caregivers or parents, baby monitor placement is crucial.

Consider these factors:

Angle of view

Monitoring your baby while they are sleeping requires an unobstructed view. In any case, setting up the camera too close to a baby’s crib is not recommended.

It’s ideal to place the baby monitor so you can see the baby clearly and hear the sounds coming from the crib with the microphone close by. The ideal position for a baby monitor camera is about 6 feet away from your baby, but you should still be able to see your baby clearly.

There are several features included in most baby monitors, such as a tilt and zoom option. A video camera with a wide angle lens may also give you a broader view of your child’s room and enable you to see who is entering it.


Safety is the most important factor for your baby, as mentioned above. The baby camera may be placed near or in a crib in advertisements for baby monitors. Although this may seem safe, it is not. Strangulation or tangles in the cord can result from the baby monitor cord, which poses a serious safety hazard.

The baby monitor cord should be tucked away to prevent your baby from reaching it. Ensure your baby’s crib is free of loose cords and wires.

The camera should also not be within reach of your child and shouldn’t be easily grabbed, knocked off, or turned.

What is the best place to place a baby monitor?

When mounting a baby monitor, where should it be placed? How can you ensure your child’s safety while ensuring a clear and focused view? A baby monitor should be placed at least six feet away from your baby so that you can see them very clearly.

Baby monitor locations recommended

We have some great recommendations on where to place your baby monitor, whether it’s your first or you’ve had several before:

Mounted in a ceiling corner

If you choose a video baby monitor with a wall-mounting option, you can easily mount it on the wall. The baby monitor is attached to the monitor base by means of a baby monitor clip as part of a basic mounting system.

Place your wall-mounted monitor at a viewing angle that allows your baby to be heard easily.

Wall-mounting systems are usually included with monitors, but make sure to check your product’s box to ensure that you have this option.

On a shelf

Your infant’s room can also accommodate a shelf for the baby monitor. Place the shelf approximately six feet away from the crib, and make sure the monitor is at a height out of reach of children and toddlers.

If you want to see your baby clearly, ensure that you have an adequate viewing angle. Keeping the power cable covered will ensure your children are safe. Otherwise, keep it away from their reach. You can protect the cord by using a cord cover.

Baby monitor locations to avoid

Baby monitor placement is governed by rules, regardless of what you see in commercials, and following safety tips is essential for your child’s safety.

In the crib

The video monitor may seem best placed inside the crib. By doing so, you get a better view of your baby and can hear him/her clearly, right? That’s not true!

Whether it’s tangled power cables, fallen video monitors, or small parts, your baby could choke. Our imaginations are too limited to even consider the possibilities. In any case, do not place a camera monitor in your child’s crib, regardless of its price.

Anything – even toys – should not be kept in your baby’s crib. The best thing to do at night is to place them in a sleeping bag, so loose blankets won’t suffocate them.

Near the crib

It will not be more beneficial to place anything too close to the crib in order to have a better view. The baby monitor or extension cord can be dangerous if the baby can reach them.

A baby monitor should be placed six feet away from the baby as mentioned above.

Precariously balanced

The placement of video monitors on unstable surfaces is another haphazard approach. Depending on the impact, the monitor may fall and injure someone or simply break. Ensure that the monitor is placed on a flat surface and that it is evenly balanced.

No matter where you mount your baby monitor, make sure it is flat, clean, and even. A double-sided tape can also be used to hold it in place so it won’t fall.

Wall-mounting a baby monitor

The process of mounting the baby monitor on the wall is fairly straightforward. A few supplies and a basic mounting system are included with most baby monitors.

Before placing the monitor, make sure the viewing angle is clear and unobstructed. The system should also be plugged into an electric outlet nearby. Lastly, mark the area where you will screw in the baby monitor, and drill holes in that area.

Mount the baby monitor on the base by screwing the monitor’s base in place. That’s it! You’re ready to go!

Children should not be able to reach the cable if it is covered properly. Install your cable in the wall or use cable covers. Your child can’t pull the cord or get tangled in it if the cover is a hard plastic tube.

As Your Child Grows, Change The Baby Monitor Location

The baby monitor may need to be moved once your child starts growing. If your child starts moving around, make sure you get a full view of the room and what they are doing.

For a better view of your child’s activities, you can also place it in the play yard.


Baby monitors should be placed at a vertical angle if you have a newborn to see their crib and sleeping baby.


The naughty toddler is well known to every parent, whether they are first-time or experienced! Newborns need just as much supervision as older children, who move around more and pull anything they can!

When your child grows, you may want to lower the camera’s viewing angle. Having this view will allow you to monitor what your toddler is doing in the room.


What are some ways to keep crib cords away from baby monitors?

You should hide your cable wire behind your curtains or install it inside your wall if you plan to use a baby monitor with an exposed cable. In addition to cord covers and cord sleeves, you can also purchase socket and socket covers to protect your child.

In what position does a monitor provide the best view of the baby’s room?

It is recommended to place the monitor approximately six feet from the crib and vertically if the child is an infant.

Depending on the child’s age, you might want to take the picture from a lower angle to get a better perspective of the room. In case your child is napping in another room, you can place the monitor wherever you need it – just make sure it is out of reach at all times.

Do video baby monitors really work?

Yes, definitely. Baby monitors provide you with live videos of your baby’s movements, crying, and other activities. Your child will be able to watch what you do in another room while you work, relax, or do anything else you want. Cribs are safe for children to sleep in.

Older child requires a monitor even more as they go about their day. Your monitor can be placed in any room and you can see who is interacting with your child and how they are doing it. When you have a nanny or babysitter, this is particularly important.

What is the best place to put a baby monitor for an older toddler?

In the case of an older child, his or her room is likely to be a place of movement and play. Therefore, toddlers should not be able to reach the monitor. Place it high on a shelf or mount it on the wall.

If you’re watching an older child, make sure the viewing angle is lower so you can see the child while sitting or standing as well as when he or she is lying down.

In conclusion

The purchase of a baby monitor is very expensive, and if they are not used correctly or chosen incorrectly, it can cause families a lot of sleep loss. High-quality products are essential for ensuring quality, reliability, and safety.

It is more important to choose the best option that suits your needs and has good reviews than to go for the most expensive one.

You can watch your baby on your cellphone with our Babysense See HD Wifi Camera, or on a separate video monitor with the HD split screen video baby monitor. There are plenty of options if you don’t know what’s right for you.

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