Where to Put Baby Monitor?

Where to Put Baby Monitor?

Investing in a top-of-the-line baby monitor doesn’t guarantee great audio and video quality because of where you put it. Choosing the right baby monitor is crucial to ensuring your baby’s safety after spending a considerable amount of time choosing one.

If you want to place your baby monitor in a location where you can have an optimal view of the baby, but also have a distance far enough from the baby’s sleeping area so that the cord and monitor do not pose a safety hazard.

In order to get the most benefit out of your baby monitor without endangering its safety, here’s how to decide where to place it. In this guide, you will learn how to mount or position your device correctly and how to determine the best location to mount it.

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The Best Place To Put A Baby Monitor

Make sure you read the manual

You can learn how to use your specific model of baby monitor safely by reading the guide or manual that came with it.

As well as explaining how to mount the baby unit correctly, it will also provide a list of safety risks and precautions to take to prevent them.

It is also a good idea to read the safety tags attached to the cords. It’s never too late to be diligent when it comes to the safety of your baby.

With the manufacturer’s guide in mind, determine the best angle. Now is the time to decide which angle of placement will give you a clear view of your baby while he or she sleeps as well as the windows in the nursery or bedroom.

Best Angle

As for which angle is best, it depends on the kind of baby monitor you own, such as an audio or video one. In the case of audio types, angle may not be a major concern.

How wide is the view on your video monitor, such as the Summer Infant Wide View 2.0 or Nanit Plus? Can the camera be tilted, panned, or zoomed remotely?

Due to the ability to adjust the angle, you will have plenty of flexibility with placement. The angle can be adjusted, allowing you to place the device in any position you choose.

In other words, how do you know which angle is best? There’s nothing complicated about it. There shouldn’t be anything blocking the camera’s view of the baby, such as furniture.

Also, make sure your baby’s coos and cries can be picked up and transmitted clearly by your monitor. Generally, the best angles of view can be found at:

  • What is the best height for a monitor on a wall? It is as high as the top edge of surveillance cameras, which is next to the ceiling. From this angle, you will be able to see the entire bedroom or nursery.
  • Alternatively, you can put the monitor on a shelf that’s high enough to give you a good view of the baby if you prefer not to mount it permanently on the wall. The camera angle should be adjusted once you’ve decided on the best location for the video monitor. Depending on where you plan to mount the baby unit, you can ask your partner or friend to hold the monitor so you can check the sound and video quality.

Newborns and toddlers: Best place to place the baby monitor

Both newborns and toddlers need to be monitored safely when placing a baby monitor in their room. Whether you need a baby monitor for an adorable newborn who sleeps soundly or a playful toddler who stands, sits, and plays in their crib depends on what your child needs.

  • You can view your baby clearly in their crib from a vertical position because newborns lie down regardless of their state of sleep or arousal.
  • It is not ideal to place your baby vertically when he or she is already a toddler. As your toddler sleeps and plays in his crib, a lower angle allows you to see him clearly.

Choose a safe location to set it up

Setting up the unit in a safe location is even more crucial than mounting it where you can see and hear your baby.

Where should you mount your baby monitor if you want it to be safe? Your baby should not be able to reach it or fall down while trying to reach it if it is far enough away from him.

It is also important to ensure that the monitor is safe. In spite of the fact that you may be able to get an affordable baby monitor, it is still an important investment to make. It should be placed in a location where it is unlikely to be knocked over. For safety reasons, your monitor should be placed a safe distance away from you.

What is the ideal distance between your baby monitor and the crib?

You should keep your baby at least three feet or one meter away from the monitor and cords, according to the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

You can get clear audio and video of your baby from this audio or video baby monitor distance, but it is far enough that your baby cannot grasp it. The monitor also emits electromagnetic radiation, which is another reason for this minimum distance.

Baby Monitor Mounting: How Do You Do It?

You need to adjust the camera angle after deciding where to place baby monitor and where to mount it. You have three options for mounting baby monitors.

The monitor can be mounted on a wall, placed on a shelf, or attached to a crib if your monitor allows it. How to do it will be explained in the next section.

What is the best way to attach a baby monitor to a crib?

Many proofing experts advise against placing a baby monitor near a crib to get the best video and audio quality. There are too many risks associated with the monitor unit and the cords attached to it when it is so close to a baby.

Nevertheless, some Wi-Fi baby monitors, such as the Motorola Halo+ Over-the-Crib baby monitor or Lollipop baby monitor, are safe to place at the crib when your baby is a newborn. Using a baby monitor in a crib can be dangerous, so what is the best way to attach it?

  • In the first place, make sure you read and follow the unit’s manual.
  • Put yourself at a distance of at least three feet from the baby.
  • To ensure the monitor isn’t wobbly or likely to fall, attach the monitor firmly using the provided accessory or a monitor clip.
  • Make sure the wire is out of reach of the baby. Strangulation hazards include cords on the inside or the edges of a baby’s bed.

Baby Monitor Mount: How Do I Do It?

Parents and babyproofing experts alike consider mounting a video monitor on a wall to be the best location. It covers a large area and is high enough to make it impossible for users to reach the monitor or cords.

Baby monitors need to be mounted on the wall by drilling holes and using a mounting kit. The mount may already be built into your unit if it was designed specifically for wall mounting.

There are some video monitors with easy mounting systems, like VTech’s Safe & Sound Pan & Tilt video monitor. While some of this list only the type of screws that can be used, others include the screws you can use to attach to the wall.

Here are the steps to mounting a baby monitor on a wall once you determine where to mount the camera and the best camera angle.

  • Decide where the holes should be drilled. A sheet with properly spaced holes is probably included in your baby monitor kit. The screw points should be marked with it.
  • The holes need to be drilled.
  • Your baby monitor’s base should be screwed into the holes provided.
  • The baby monitor should be clipped to the base.
  • The cord should be secured to the wall.

Why Do You Need to Drill the Wall for A Baby Monitor?

In spite of its many advantages, wall mounting also has some disadvantages. You have to drill holes in the walls and can’t move the monitor easily.

In case you prefer to mount the audio or video monitor without drilling the wall, there is an excellent location for it: on a shelf.

Whether you put it on a dresser, chest, or wardrobe, it will look great. The biggest advantage of this option is that you will not need to drill a hole in the wall. As needed, you can move the baby unit around, adjust the camera angle, and reposition the monitor.

You should use a shelf, dresser, or wardrobe that’s high enough to see the baby clearly. Corners are ideal places to place the shelf for a good view.

Ensure the camera angle on the monitor is as good as possible when placing it on the shelf. Double-sided tape, a clip, or a stand will work. Lastly, keep the power cable away from children.

Strips of adhesive

A baby camera can be attached to your wall with adhesive or command strips if you don’t want to drill a hole.

Installation is easy, they are heavy-duty, and they last for a long time. 

It only takes a few minutes to put it on the baby monitor, then you can wall-mount the baby monitor.

Shelf that floats on the wall

Floating shelves that can be screwed or adhered to the wall are quite common, so this option is quite popular.

The best way to avoid it falling over the crib is to not place it directly above it. 

You should use adhesive strips if you used them. The wall shelf and the baby camera shouldn’t fall and harm your baby!

Alternatively, you can mount a baby monitor without drilling into your wall using:

  • If you have a baby monitor mounting kit, you can mount it almost anywhere you want, including on the wall, on a side, or on top of a library.
  • Shelf brackets for baby monitors are specifically designed to hold them securely. Cords can be plugged into them.
  • In the bedroom or nursery, baby monitor tripods can wrap around items such as curtain rods, giving you plenty of placement options.
  • You can place the baby monitor unit on a shelf or dresser by using a baby monitor stand.
  • These baby monitor mounts have a flexible arm that allows you to fine-tune the camera angle, so they’re great if you want to fine-tune it.

When it comes to baby monitor cords, how do you secure them?

It’s essential to keep the monitor cord out of the way, whether it’s mounted on the wall, attached to the wall, or placed on a shelf. Cords hanging from the ceiling pose a serious strangulation hazard to your baby. As well as looking bad, they are also unattractive.

Using a plastic cord tube cover is the best way to secure a baby monitor cord. There are two cord hiders that are great for this job: the Yekaye Wall Cord Hider and the Legrand Cord Organizer and Hider.

The tube should be fixed to the wall and the cord should be run through it. The wires could also be inserted inside the wall by drilling two holes in it.

A cord-less camera baby monitor is an alternative if you prefer to avoid this hassle. Hello Baby’s HB65 cordless monitor is an example.

The worst places to put a baby camera

Bassinet or crib interior

When using a baby monitor for the SNOO, it’s not recommended to keep it inside the crib or bassinet.

Baby can be hurt when it jostles and moves around.

You can also harm your baby in many ways with it, including suffocating them with the wires and cords, accidentally swallowing something, and getting an eye poked with it.

Aside from electromagnetic radiation from baby cameras, phones, wifi routers, appliances, and so on, there is also the danger of wireless radiation.

A safe distance is always recommended in baby monitor installation guides and user manuals.

Hence, baby cameras should never be placed inside bassinettes or cribs.

Your baby’s head should be directly above you

The camera should also not be positioned directly above the baby’s head, as it could fall and harm them.

Crib/bassinette attachment

The crib or the bassinet can be fitted with baby monitor holders, clips, and clamps, but it’s not recommended.

It still has the potential to fall inside and harm your baby.

A baby who is older and more active may also grab the monitor. The baby camera could be damaged or broken as a result!

The surface that is unsteady

A baby camera should not also be placed in an unstable place where it could easily fall and break.

This can lead to your child getting injured if it falls in his or her crib or bassinet.

Avoid placing the camera on a book or uneven surface, such as a wobbly piece of furniture, unless it has a stand.

Baby Monitor Mounting FAQ

Without drilling the wall, how do you mount a baby monitor?

Mounting a baby monitor with adhesive strips does not require drilling holes in the wall.
You can either keep them attached directly to the baby monitor or attach them to a wall floating shelf with a screw.

How should a baby monitor be hung?

Keeping your baby away from glass windows or mirrors is the best place to hang a baby monitor.

What is the best place to place a video baby monitor in the room?

It should be placed near enough to your baby’s crib so that you can hear his cries and see him clearly without being blocked by anything.


There is no question that baby monitors are among the most useful inventions of all time for parents. Among the most useful inventions for parents, baby monitors are without a doubt among the best.

When used improperly, it can also pose a safety hazard. 

There are two things to consider when choosing where to place a baby monitor: you should be able to hear and/or see the baby clearly, and the monitor or cord should not be within reach of the baby.

According to these criteria, the best place to place the baby unit is high on a wall or on a shelf. A newborn should be placed at a higher angle if you have one. Lower angles are best for toddlers.

You should place your baby monitor between three and six feet away from the baby.

Feel free to add any comments, questions, or concerns about where to place your baby monitor camera or audio unit in the comments below!

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