Privacy Policy

Privacy protection is entirely necessary for everyone. For this purpose, we have created a privacy page just to explain some quick things about the 10babythings site that what info is valuable or what we collect.

Which Info We Collect and Why?

Your email address is required when you leave a comment on the site blog. The reason behind mentioning the email address, we can connect with you through your email address if needed. If you leave email or name in the form box (optional), then you will receive a confirmation email from Aweber.

When you click on it, then it is directly moved into my Aweber marketing list. So, in case any critical data or information I can send essential updates. Your info will remain confidential; we never sell it or give it to others.


There are no circumstances of the web content like reproduced and copied material. The 10babythings site includes only video and reviews, which are hosted by the domain. If any company or person uses the website name or ownership without any consent of legal action, may be undertaken against offending parties.


It’s a technology in which web server log all files for collecting relevant info like time, date, seen pages and visitor information if needed. However, for convince the 10babythings web blog uses this technology.

What are Cookies?

A small document in which including the anonymous identifier in a unique form like date, time and number of visitor. Whenever you visit the site, it always asks for permission to store the data or not. The data are the part of computer’s hard drive, which is designed explicitly for cookies. In case your browser’s preference provides permission then the sites can send its cookies to your browser. However, protection comes first, and for this, your browser only allows those sites, which are already connected with you.

It’s not those cookies which are sent to other sites, it is that one which is already sent to you. You can also refuse the configuration message to reject the cookies. It’s your choice to choose it, in case your browser refused the cookies than it is possible that your site will not perform the useful function in some area when you view the material. Cookies can’t retrieve data or pass it on the other computer viruses; it is just info.

How Can We Use Information Which is Collected from Cookies?

As you visited our 10babythings site, the cookies are stored, and the site is using those cookies just to differentiate that you are unique from other users. Also, we used cookies to prevent you from logging in for security purpose, (in some cases not every). Cookies allow us to calculate the number of visitor’s server log in files or most check materials.

This is quite helpful for gathering feedback to improve continually for better serving. Meanwhile, your personal info has hidden the cookies doesn’t allow to collect your info. Intentionally, we don’t store any personal information, which your browser is giving to cookies.

IP Addresses:

Usually, IP address is used whenever ever your system connected to your internet connection. The IP address is some series, which are used by your computer for identifying your computer. Automatically, the web server can collect the IP address, as it is a part of your profile or demographic. However, profile data is generally known as traffic data like the request of web pages or different search engine info. 

Sharing and Selling Information:

We don’t sell, lease, share or lend any information for identifying a subscriber like personal details or email address, with anyone. Generally, it is necessary to provide service or precede transaction, which you have requested.

How Can You Access and Correct Your Information?

You can send a request for personal information for identified or to collect & maintain data access, which is available in our database through emailing.

What About Legally Compelled Disclosure of Information?

When the information legally completed, we may disclose it. In other words, we can say that when we have strongly believed and faith that the law protection for requiring our legal rights we may disclose the information. Also, we disclose the information account details because we have a strong believe that identification is necessary to disclose the information. However, we can bring some legal action or contact someone, who may violate our Terms and Conditions.

What About Other Websites Which Are Linked to Our Site?

We are not responsible for any issue while practices with the linked employed. Our site contains the contents and information of material. Often, the website link is provided for the pointer’s information on different topics, which may be useful for us.

Just remember that thing while using a link, when you use other site link our privacy is not affected. Your interaction and browser link have a subject to policies and rules of the site. Before processing first, read the rules policies which are mentioned above.

You consent:

By using 10babythings site, you consent your personal information, which is included in the Privacy Policy. We can reserve the amend right anytime without or with notice authority.

Our Commitment to Data Security:

Please note it first that your information proceeds in our computers are restored. The United State Law is holding your personal data for less stringent rather than your country citizenship or residences. If you want to prevent unauthorized access, you need to maintain and ensure the data security information. For this purpose, we have put it into the electronic, managerial or physical procedure for collecting secure and safe information through online resources.

Choice option In/Out:

The site allows their visitor to subscribe or unsubscribe option. If you unsubscribe it, you can’t be able to receive any message in future. After the process of unsubscribing, we can’t send you any particular message for technical feasibility.

A Particular Note AboutChildren:

For using our service children are not enough eligible. We also say that children don’t submit any personal information, which is under 14. If you are minor, you can use our service with guidance and permission from your guardians or parents.

Acquisition or Changes in Ownership:

If the substantial portion of the website is acquired, then your info can be considered as the part of assets or may be part of transferred assets.

Policy Modifications:

At the time of switching, we will email our user for the required Privacy Policy. Also, we will post the changing just to ensure the information periodically. We may change the Privacy policy from timely. Please assured this thing, in future if there are any changes occur regarding Privacy Policy we will not use your personal info, you have to send us or submitted under the new Privacy policy. Without your consent, the material is inconsistent with the plans.

Last Edited April 5, 2018:

If you have any query or want to gather information regarding Privacy policy, then you can contact us without any hesitation.