Best Lightweight Strollers to Buy in 2023 – Buyers Guide

Are you on a flight more often than you are at home?

Do you take long trips to Grandma’s place often?

Is your car your most used form of transportation?

Do you like to go on adventures with your family?

If you answered yes to any of these questions among many others, you will know what a pain it is to pack up all your child’s belongings every time.

You will also know that you have to leave the bulky stuff behind. And that is exactly why you need a light stroller that is easy to lift and easier to stow away into baggage compartments, as well as the trunk of your car.

Well, you are in luck because, in this blog post, I’m going to discuss the best lightweight strollers currently available in the market!

And just in case you are still on the fence about whether you require a regular stroller or one that weighs a tonne less, I can help you figure out exactly what you need. Below, I have mentioned some important factors before considering any lightweight stroller. These factors will make it obvious to you what your final decision should be.

10 Best Lightweight Strollers in 2021 – Quick Comparison:

10 Best Lightweight Strollers in 2021 – Detail Reviews:

1. Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller – Compact Travel Stroller:

Some baby products take the cake in all aspects, proving to the best for a wide range of needs and suitable for a large number of parents due to the convenience and quality they offer. The Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller is one such product – and it doesn’t shy away from showing that off. You don’t have to go as far as the specifications to know that this is an all-round product that offers you all the features you could ever need on that tour around the city, whether you take it at a slow pace or at a jog. Not convinced by the name? Keep on reading to learn why I have chosen this product to lie in the overall best lightweight strollers category.


As I mentioned above, one of the things a lighter stroller helps with is control and maneuverability. And if you live in a busy city or a packed neighborhood, that need is intensified by a great extent. Because of its weight and top-quality foot brake, you will always be in control. The stroller does, however, not have an adjustable handlebar.

Ease of Lifting and Transportation, and Storage:

With a staggeringly low weight of 14.2lb, you can stay goodbye to the backaches you experienced when you lay down in bed at the end of every single day after having moved a heavy stroller around. Because of its lightweight and one-hand fold, you can easily move it around, lift it, carry it around with you, fit it inside your car, and store it. With a backpack style carry bag, it becomes even easier to carry around with you on hikes or long walks, for example. Because of its compact size, it also becomes easy to store as it does not take up a lot of space.


A child’s safety is a parent’s first priority and that does not change when you are out to buy a stroller. With a 5-point harness, this seat is as safe as it gets.


If your child is not comfortable in their chair, you will have problems from the get-go. To ensure that your child remains snug inside this stroller, it features a padded seat that reclines to a near-flat position and allows your child to take a nap when they are tired. It also has a UV 50+ sun canopy that has windows for a view while it protects your child from excessive sunlight.

Stroller Storage:

A spacious stroller basket present under the seat is your perfect travel companion. Whether you are going out for an hour or two or are embarking on a day-long trip, you do not have to leave anything behind as it can easily carry around 15lb of items.


An all-round stroller that offers you all the top features at an amazing price of around $160, you can rest assured that you will not put a hole in your pocket.

Suitability for Ongoing Use:

With a seat capacity of 45lb, you do not have to worry about your baby outgrowing the stroller – you can easily use it for years to come. However, it is important to note that the stroller is not suitable for children under the age of six months. 

Final Verdict:

With some of the best characteristics on offer, that too at a very reasonable price, this stroller is the best overall lightweight stroller for toddlers and babies.I recommend this stroller to those parents who need an umbrella stroller to keep their child’s skin protected from the sun and harsh weather conditions.This compact stroller has become first choice of many other parents due to its superb maneuverability.

2. Pockit Lightweight Stroller:

A product that prides itself on being the world’s smallest folding stroller, you can’t go wrong with it. And I am not exaggerating – it holds the 2014 Guinness world record for the same! Its compact size is what sets it apart by making it extremely easy to handle when you are on the go. But that’s not all – you also face no trouble when you have to find a place to store it in your already packed home. Read on to find out if this is the stroller you have been looking for.


Lockable front swivel wheels (that rotate 360 degrees) and a rear-wheel parking brake give you full control over the stroller, no matter what your surroundings or circumstances. In addition to this, the stroller allows you to steer it easily with one hand, making it very easy to maneuver, even without using both hands.

Ease of Lifting, Transportation, and Storage:

Because of its negligible weight of just 9.5lb, this the perfect stroller for when you want to go on a trip – and you don’t have to stick a particular mode of transportation. It has a two-step folding design that allows it to shrink down to the size of the world’s smallest stroller. This then makes it easier for you to store in the back of your car in the storage space available on the train or in the overhead baggage compartment on that aeroplane trip to the other side of the world.


A 5-point safety harness with innovative comfortable protective pads locks your child into place as you take them on an adventure with you so that you do not have to worry about them falling out of the stroller and hurting themselves. In this way, you can enjoy the trip to the fullest. What’s more is that these safety pads can be adjusted as your child grows so that you can use the stroller for years to come.


The sturdy aluminium frame of the stroller is complemented with a comfortable seat, a sliding back panel with adjustable torso length, an overhead canopy, and much more. All these features ensure that your child faces no discomfort.

Stroller Storage:

The stroller has a storage capacity of around 11lb. This means that you can take your child’s snacks, toys, games, and other accessories with you wherever you go. You can even sneak a few of your own things into the basket.


Available at around $160, this stroller, like the one before it, is a bargain.

Suitability for Ongoing Use:

While it is not suitable for children under the age of six months, it can accommodate a weight of up to 55lb. This means that it is one of the best lightweight strollers for your 4-year-old child or even those who are a little older.

Final Verdict:

I don’t have to say much – the Guinness world record speaks for itself. So I would just like to give it another award: A best lightweight strollers for travel!. Fold this compact stroller easily and carry it around with you. The Cot to Go options makes it easy for you to start using this lightest stroller from day first. The latest plus version brings improvement in canopy, seat recline and padding, so you can expect more comfort than before.

3. Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller:

I have said it before and I will say it again – affordability plays a major role in whether you choose one product or the other. And this becomes all the more true when you have a family to take care of because you need to find a way to fulfil all their needs in the best way possible. The Graco LiterRider Click Connect Stroller helps you do just that.


With its small weight of 16.8lb, the stroller becomes easy for you to maneuver, whether you are taking a stroll to the park on a busy day or rushing down the aisles as you grocery shop. The stroller is quite compact, despite the fact that it is compatible with an infant car seat, meaning you don’t have to face any trouble, even in busy surroundings.

Ease of Lifting, Transportation, and Storage:

With the ability to fold it with one hand, this product is ideal for any parent who needs to multitask – in other words, it is perfect for every parent out there. Once folded, you can easily pick it up and carry it or stow it wherever you need to for storage or transportation purposes.


A secure safety belt makes sure that no matter where you go, you can rest assured that your baby will remain safely inside the stroller.


The padded seat provides a comfortable place for your child to sit once they grow out of the car seat. It also sports a cup holder for baby and adult so that no one has to go without their favourite drink when the ride gets long. On top of that, the multi-position reclining seat allows your baby to relax, whether they want to do it sitting up or lying down. 

Stroller Storage:

The stroller has a large basket in which you can store all the must-haves you need when you leave the house. So whether you’re just taking a trip to the park to play or taking a day-long hike in the mountains, you don’t have to leave anything behind.


At a phenomenally cheap price, this stroller is perfect for you if you are shopping on a budget, which, as a parent of a tiny little human being, you probably are. That is one thing you absolutely do not have to worry about when it comes to this masterpiece.

Suitability for Ongoing Use:

This stroller is compatible with all Graco Click Connect infant car seats. This means that you can turn into a travel system with a secure one-step attachment. And do you know what that means? That means that unlike the previous two products that I discussed, this one allows you to travel with your very young children as you can simply attach their car seat to the stroller, making it one of the best lightweight baby strollers. With a capacity to carry 40lb in the seat, the stroller then works for you perfectly as your child grows. 

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for the best cheap lightweight stroller that accommodates infant car seats, allowing you to take your baby with you on your adventures, this is the pick for you. Parents who want big storage space with cupholders, a parent tray and a child tray can get the best value for their money with this super portable Graco stroller.

4. Maclaren Triumph Stroller:

A lot of parents choose umbrella strollers as they are lightweight and compact, hence easy to carry around once they have been folded properly. And I will not be surprised if you are one of those parents. Everyone looks for convenience and you should be no different. While this stroller comes with a relatively hefty price tag attached, it is one of the best lightweight umbrella strollers you can choose. Read on to find out more details related to the product.


The four-wheel suspension offered by this stroller is unlike any other – it gives you full control over the stroller so that you can maneuver it around the tightest of corners with ease. But that’s not all – if you feel, at some point, that the tyres are starting to wear out, you can use the self-service replaceable parts, which are available easily, to replace them. Your stroller will instantly become as good as new. A premium foot-operated parking brake is the cherry on top of this wonderful ride.

Ease of Lifting, Transportation, and Storage:

With minimal weight and a tiny frame, especially when folded, there is perfect for moms and dads on the go. It folds vertically, that too with one hand, and becomes easy to carry around and store, whether at home or in the back of your car.


A 5-point harness system holds your baby securely in place without causing them any sort of discomfort. This is especially helpful on long trips – if your child is bound by a belt that is digging into their shoulder or is so tight that it is making it difficult for them to breathe, they will make sure you remember the trip as the worst one you have ever taken.


Your baby’s comfort always comes first and this stroller was designed keeping that in mind. While its weight and dimensions fall on the lower side of the spectrum to facilitate parents who are always on the move, it does not disappoint when it comes to keeping your child happy. With a seat that reclines to multiple positions, as well as a leg support cushion, your child will never get tired. On top of this, a UFP 50+ waterproof canopy and a wind-resistant cover ensure that the love of your life is protected from all sorts of extreme weather.

Stroller Storage:

A large storage basket ensures that you are covered when it comes to taking all your baby’s essentials with you on that day trip. So now, leave nothing behind.


As I mentioned above, the stroller does sell for a relatively higher amount than its counterparts, but its quality and functionality make sure you do not end up disappointed.

Suitability for Ongoing Use:

While this stroller can only be used once your baby is 6 months or older, it can hold up to 55lb of weight, which means that you are good to go for quite a few years after that. The price tag, which may seem a little expensive at first, corresponds to extremely good quality – the stroller will show barely signs of wear and tear, even after years of use (given that it is well taken care of to begin with).

Additional Features:

The seat can be removed and, on top of that, is machine washable so it is easy for you to keep your little munchkin’s ride clean and comfortable. 

Final Verdict:

This is the best lightweight umbrella stroller in the market right now. If you can afford to spare a few extra bucks and go for one of the best products currently available, you should go for this one. Although it’s light-weight yet it’s quite durable. Parents have been using it for years. It got high ratings and reviews due to its durable material, large canopy, and ease-of-use.

5. Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller:

When you are spending the day on the beach or going to explore the depths of the forest nearby, you need to make sure that you have everything you need without making the baggage too heavy for yourself to carry. And you can do just with the Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller. Suitable for a rugged terrain, it is also light in weight and extremely compact once folded, allowing you to carry it around with you like a handbag or even a backpack if you use the carrying bag that comes with it. Learn more about this amazing product below.


With 6-inch EVA wheels, front wheel suspension, and a brake that is easy to use, you never lose control of the stroller. But that is not all – this product features a ‘curb pop’ feature which is ideal for an uneven terrain. What this does is it allows you to easily lean the stroller back and lift the front wheels so that it climbs onto the curb or any other relatively higher surface so that you do not have to stop in the face of any obstacle.

Ease of Lifting, Transportation, and Storage:

The stroller folds into a super-compact package that can be easily carried around with you, wherever you go. By following two simple steps, you can convert your fully functional stroller into a very light item that is easy to transport from one place to another. It fits into most overhead plane and train compartments, as well as in the trunk of your car. It even comes with a carry bag with a shoulder strap attached because it has been specially designed for parents like you who like to take exciting trips with their families.


With top-notch brakes that give you full control over the stroller, it ensures that your baby never meets an accident while riding it. The safety belt also keeps your child securely in place, even on the most rugged of terrains, ensuring that no harm comes to them.


With a comfortable, padded seat and a canopy that allows you to protect your child from excessive sunlight, you ensure that they remain happy while on the trip. And as we all know, a happy baby is the best travel companion, so it is a win-win situation for everyone.

Stroller Storage:

A storage basket that is found below the seat can hold all your child’s essentials on that trip to the mountains. So whether they get hungry, thirsty or bored, you have a solution to all these problems and more – all you have to do is bend down and grab it from the basket.


This stroller is also one of the comparatively more expensive options but it has the added benefit of being compatible with an infant baby seat without the need for any adapters. What this basically means is that you do not have to spend any extra money and you can take your newborn with you, wherever you go!

Suitability for Ongoing Use:

This stroller is compatible with an infant car seat, which means that you do not have to worry about taking your newborn on your adventures with you. But that’s not even the best part – you’ll be glad to know that you do not need to purchase any adapters to do so. On top of that, the stroller seat can easily hold up to 45lb, allowing you to use it easily until your child is around four years of age. Isn’t this the best lightweight strollers for a newborn?

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for the best lightweight compact stroller, this is the one for you. Simple to carry around and easily able to fit into most overhead compartments on that plane ride or train trip, it provides you with ease and convenience like no other. Although it’s a compact stroller but it carry all-features you can have in a full-size stroller. An investment on this sturdy and versatile buggy will let you reap benefit for a long-time.

6. Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller

Every once in a while, you come across a product that makes you say, ‘all that in that price?’ And while you have to pinch yourself a couple of times to make sure that it is indeed true and that you aren’t dreaming, it ends up making your day. This product falls into that category. While it sports all the basic features of a lightweight, compact stroller, it comes in at around one-fifth of the price of some of the other variants in this list.


A comfort grip handle, a top-notch braking system, and a compact design ensure that you never have any trouble directing the stroller in the direction you need it to go.

Ease of Lifting, Transportation, and Storage:

Because of its compact size and extremely lightweight, you will not face kind of difficulty when it comes to folding it up and lifting it away. So whether you want to store it inside your very small apartment, place it easily in your car for that trip to Grandma’s or stow it away in the overhead compartment of an airplane or train, you are covered from all angles.


With a five-point harness system that is almost impossible for your child to open on their own, you can rest assured that you will not have to check the belt every five minutes or so to make sure it is still fastened.


A large canopy protects your little loved one from the harsh rays of the sun while a reclining seat keeps them comfortable throughout the ride. We all know that children do not like to remain in the same position for minutes, let alone for hours on end. And while they do have to stay inside the stroller, you can at least give them the option of changing their position every now and then so that they are comfortable.

Stroller Storage:

In addition to a large basket that holds all the must-haves you just cannot leave your house without, this stroller also has a small parent organiser that allows you to keep things that you need regularly close by. It also has two cup holders so no one goes thirsty on that hot summer day.


As I mentioned before, what sets this stroller apart is its extremely low price. So if you are shopping on a seriously strict budget, you can rest assured that this will fulfill all your basic travel stroller needs without putting any kind of strain on your finances.

Suitability for Ongoing Use:

Because it can accommodate a child up to 50lb in weight, you can use it for years to come. The amazingly low price paired with the fact that you do not need to throw it out or replace it with another stroller as your child grows older makes it the ride you didn’t know you needed in your life.  

Final Verdict:

Sporting all the basic features you could possibly need in a stroller, this product takes the cake by being available in the market for an astonishingly low price. So if you have a budget to stick to, don’t hesitate in going for this option. You can enjoy all the basic features of a stroller with it.

7. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller:

People thought having a baby would slow you down and make you stay at home more often instead of embarking on your adventures. They couldn’t have been more though, could they?

You still go wherever you want, however you want, but you miss your kid when you are there. So what can you do, sit at home? Of course not – you can take your little munchkin with you! How? In this stroller, of course.

Check out the complete review: Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller


A smaller stroller is always easier to maneuver and this product is no different. That, paired with its top-quality wheels and excellent brake, ensures you remain in control at all times.

Ease of Lifting, Transportation, and Storage:

One of the lightest strollers in our list that sports a one-hand fold option, it is a breeze to lift and carry. Heavy strollers are impossible to lift and stow into an overhead compartment on an aeroplane or train journey because of both their size and their weight. This product, however, is the opposite. It screams convenience and ease for parents of young kids who travel a lot with their families.


A 5-point harness makes sure that no bumps can knock your child out of their seat. This is especially important when you take your child out on adventures to terrains that may not be as smooth as you would like for the safety of your child. The belt, in such cases, makes sure your child stays put.


A comfy reclining seat lets your child relax as they take a ride with you. The stroller also has an expandable canopy visor that allows your child to stay protected from all kinds of harsh weather conditions. But that’s not all – the manufacturer of the product had your comfort in mind when designing this product too. This is why they included two cup holders in the design so that you can remain fresh, no matter how long the trip gets. Your child also gets a removable tray with their very own cup holder.

Stroller Storage

A large storage area that is easily accessible is another feature that makes this stroller the perfect travel partner. Whether you need to take your kid to the park for a couple of hours or to an adventure out by the river for an entire day, this stroller has you covered by holding all the things you could possibly need. In fact, you can even sneak a couple of your own essentials in as opposed to having to carry them separately. 


As one of the cheapest lightweight stroller in our top picks, this stroller won’t put a hole in your pocket.

Suitability for Ongoing Use

With a capacity of around 50lb in the seat, the stroller does not become useless after only a year or two – it remains suitable for your child as they grow. This means you do not have to upgrade it for years to come.

Final Verdict:

Light, cheap, and incredibly comfy, this may just be the best lightweight infant stroller in the market today. Your child can enjoy his ride, given the fact that this seat brings multi-recline position. All terrain and front suspension guarantee a smooth ride experience.

8. UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller:

Sometimes, spending money on a product that you desperately need is not a bad idea. And that is when that particular product offers you value for that money. This stroller is no different. Although it sells for more than the average stroller in the lightweight category, its top-notch features and quality make sure that you do not regret your decision of giving it a shot!


A one-action brake and a sleek frame allow the stroller to glide smoothly in the direction of your choosing. The four-wheel suspension adds to the maneuverability of the stroller and makes it clear that the person who is holding the handlebars is the boss.

Ease of Lifting, Transportation, and Storage:

The hand-level triggers are all you need to deal with when it comes to folding the stroller. Once it has been folded, it stands up on its own, taking very little space and become extremely easy to store. The carry strap and lightweight also allow you to carry it on your shoulder like a handbag so that you face no inconvenience while you are traveling.


All it takes is one click to bring the stroller to a stop. On top of that, the harness system ensures that your child stays snugly in place, comfortable, and safe.


The shock-absorbing capability of the stroller ensures that your child experiences the smoothest ride they have ever been on while the padded seats and SPF 50+ height-adjustable canopy keeps your child comfortable and protected. But your child isn’t the only one who experiences comfort with this stroller. With tall handlebars and a cup holder exclusively for you, you get to enjoy the ride too.

Stroller Storage:

A large storage basket allows you to carry all your baby’s essentials with you, whether that includes clothes, food, toys or more.


As I mentioned earlier, this stroller does sell for more than the average lightweight stroller so if you are shopping on a budget, you should consider another option.

Suitability for Ongoing Use:

When the seat is in the full recline position, it is safe to use for a child as young as three months old, without the need to fit an infant car seat or any additional gear to the stroller. On top of that, with a massive seat capacity of 55lb and top-quality material that makes up the stroller, you can use it for years to come.

Additional Features:

The fabric and seat pad is easy to remove, which allows it to be cleaned without any trouble.

Final Verdict:

Despite the hefty price tag attached, this is one of the best lightweight strollers for toddlers. Uppa Luxe stroller is of very high quality buggy that attracts attention due to its sharp design and crystal clear finish. It might be challenging to steer stroller on the grass and uneven spaces but when you have to roll over a flat surface, nothing would work great than the Luxe stroller.

9. Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller:

The ability of the seat to recline has a very important role to play in the functionality of a stroller. Why? As a parent, you must be aware that children are fidgety and do not like to remain in the same position for more than a few minutes, let alone for hours on end. And if you are going on a trip, they have to be strapped into the stroller for extended lengths of time. The seat of the Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller reclines to multiple levels, allowing your child to remain comfortable and happy.


With anti-shock front wheels and lockable back wheels, you remain the master of the stroller as you proceed on your adventure – you never have to worry about losing control. The lightweight and compact dimensions add to the ease with which you can maneuver the stroller.  

Ease of Lifting, Transportation, and Storage:

A three-step folding procedure that is easy to master allows you to fold it up to a compact size while an auto lock and carry strap ensure that you can easily carry it when your kid decides they want to get those legs moving on your annual family trip. Its minimal weight of 13lb doesn’t weigh you down in the slightest so it is very easy to transport.


A 5-point harness system ensures that no matter how many bumps along the road, your child remains protected.


The top-notch four-position recline is what sets this stroller apart from most of its competitors in this category of strollers. From an upright position all the way to a flat, lying down position, your child can change their posture whenever they want so that they stay comfortable. So whether they want to lie down to take a nap or sit upright and enjoy the view, they can choose their own course of action. The anti-shock front wheels and adjustable canopy also ensure a smooth ride.

Stroller Storage:

The stroller features a large storage basket under the seat which can hold the baby’s essentials, as well as your own.


Packed with some of the best features that any stroller in the market currently offers, this particular product is available at a highly affordable price. So if you are shopping on a budget, you can definitely consider it.

Suitability for Ongoing Use:

With a seat capacity of up to 50lb, you can easily use this stroller until your child is around four to five years old.

Final Verdict:

As the best lightweight reclining stroller, this product puts your child’s comfort first, that too at a great bargain!It’s easy to fold and doesn’t take much space in your truck once folded. You can take it with you whether you plan a fun trip in an amusement park or a short walk on the roadside. The tall handles are equally good for both average and tall parents. There is a convenient storage pocket on the back of the stroller, store whatever your baby needs on-the-go.

10. RECARO Easylife Pink Stroller:

One of the best featherlight strollers, this product provides you with all the top features and functionalities a lightweight stroller is known for. Due to its small weight and compact folded form, you do not have to think twice about taking your dream trip with your family.


A lightweight stroller, as I have discussed above is relatively easier to maneuver, and this one is no different. A continuous handle, as well as front swivel locking wheels, gives you full control over the stroller, even if you are using just one hand to maneuver it. The easy-to-use push-push brake is the cherry on top.

Ease of Lifting, Transporting, and Storage:

Because of its lightweight, you can lift this stroller without letting out a groan every time because this product will not hurt your back. On top of that, because of its super compact one-hand fold, is it is very easy to transport. So whether you need to carry it with you on a long walk or you need to stow it in an overhead bin on a plane or train, you are good to go.


A top-notch belt system ensures that your child remains safe without causing them any discomfort or restricting them in any way.


All round suspension and eight smooth-riding wheels make sure that no matter what the kind of terrain, your child gets to experience the joy of a smooth ride. This, combined with a comfortable padded seat and a leg rest will make your baby never want to get out. On top of that, the stroller offers the option of sitting up and lying down positions, ensuring that your child always remains comfortable.

Stroller Storage:

The storage basket of the stroller is quite large and ensures that you can take all your kiddo’s must-haves with you on that family trip to the mountains.


Considering the relatively low maximum weight limit of the seat and the corresponding fact that it cannot be used for years to come, the price tag is a little heftier than other strollers in this category. However, the quality and other features of the stroller do not disappoint.

Suitability for Ongoing Use:

This stroller has a specific range of weights that it is suitable for. It is recommended that you only use it for babies older than six months of age. The manufacturer has also set a maximum weight recommendation of around 33lb, which means that you cannot use it for bigger children. So while this may be the best lightweight strollers for your 2-year-old and maybe even for your 3-year-old, it pretty much has no use for a child older than that.

Final Verdict:

Probably the best featherlight stroller in the market today, this product is definitely worth your consideration. While it has a smaller maximum weight recommendation, it is perfect for parents who travel a lot or like to go on adventures with their little ones. With its especially compact dimensions when it is folded up, paired with its extremely lightweight, it becomes the perfect travel partner.

Guide to Buying the Best Lightweight Strollers:

It’s time to put an end to your search and start exploring this buying guide to buy ultra weight strollers. In it, I’m going to tell you what factors to consider before picking any stroller for your sweetheart.

Features to Consider in Best Lightweight Strollers:

Here are some features which can turn any lightweight stroller in the ultimate right choice. 

Safety features:

When I talk about safety, then it’s means offering a safe ride from home to the supermarket. Here is what creates a safety net around your kid. Look for these three features during your shopping of the best lightweight strollers.

A Safety Belt:

It is a must-have feature. Consider it as a “Kid’s Safety First” requirement whenever you opt for the best lightweight strollers shopping.

Why is it a must?

Well, this belt will keep your little one intact on his seat. You can avoid place falling and slipping cases quickly with it. 

Parking Brake:

Another must is a brake. When you are not pushing a stroller, then you can use a brake, so your stroller doesn’t wander around. 

When looking for a break in a stroller, nothing can boost your confidence in your purchase decision than a JPMA certification unit. 

The best parking brake is definitely the one that is accessible to initiate. 

Peek-a-boo Window:

As a parent, I can’t help myself much. I always grab those small strollers that bring this Window. So, I can keep an eye on my cute baby from time to time throughout his ride.


Once all the safety boxes are checked, you can start considering the following points for picking cheap baby strollers with the best wheels.

Give preference to the stroller with large wheels over one with small ones. Reason? Large wheels offer better stability than small wheels.

To offer a smooth and comfy ride to your cute little munchkin, pick wheels with outstanding suspension. 

You will find air-filled, foam filled, and plastic tires. Go with only the first two options, as the last option doesn’t bring the most expected smooth ride. 

Swivel-wheels let you move this lightest stroller freely in tight places. 

Always get a light stroller that allows you to lock your rotating wheels on the bumpy road so you can offer the maximum smooth and stable ride to your toddler.

Reclining seat:

Always get a stroller with a reclining seat, so it offers excellent support to the back and neck of your kid. This feature is a must to look for, especially when you have a plan to buy the best infant stroller. On average, people get a reclining seat that can be titled more than 150 degrees back for a newborn.

You need not only a reclining seat but also the one which can be reclined with ease. You don’t have to do any kind of struggle with it. It’s best to do some testing. Put your baby in and try to recline it.

Get a reclining seat with extra padding because your ultimate goal is to offer your little precious a comfy ride. 


Sun rays are so powerful and harmful for the delicate skin of your cutie pie. Therefore, you should consider buying a portable stroller with canopy, which works as an excellent shield against harmful sun rays.

The best canopy is one that brings two features: adjustability and removability. You can adjust the canopy according to your baby’s height and also based on the sun-shade requirement. If a canopy needs a quick wash, you should be able to remove and clean it.

Don’t get Velcro Closure as they are noisy and often wake up a sleepy baby.

Consider getting a wind-proof rain cover that can withstand harsh weather and keep your baby well-protected.


The best infant strollers are ones that are made of sturdy fabric and high-quality frames. The tighter is, the better, since it will last longer. 

Besides, a robust stroller will better serve your growing baby until he is ready to walk and run own his own. 

I often prefer aluminum when it comes to getting the best lightweight strollers because this metal offers durability and doesn’t add much weight to a stroller.


Many manufacturers offer the best infant stroller, but they are certainly not the best fold up strollers. Make sure you get a stroller that you can fold within a minute and without much trouble.

A good fold-up stroller lets you fold and stow away the stroller with your one hand while you can hold your baby on another side. Also, it should self-stand once folded so you can quickly put in your trunk.

Where are you going to use it?

The places where you are going to take that stroller would let you pick the lightest weight stroller.

Place #1: Buying a stroller to take your baby with your in grocery stores or shopping mall? Consider buying one with rotating wheels. Their wheels should be like the cart where you put all your groceries. Rotating wheels enhance ride smoothness.

Place # 2: Are you planning to get a lightweight stroller to walk smoothly around on busy sidewalks? Then go with a stroller featured with the wheel brake system. So, you can lock wheels whenever required.

Place #3: Looking for the best stroller for travel? I suggest you buy a stroller that folds up small. Besides, consider getting a shoulder strap. A compact stroller with shoulder strap lets you fold, stow, and carry it with ease during traveling.


You are looking for a lightweight stroller because you don’t want to carry much weight around. In the market, you can explore tons of lightweight strollers. Beware of those cheap strollers which have very lightweight, but they score zero on the durability scale.

The best lightweight strollers for a toddler is a 50-50 ratio mix of two ingredients: 

low in weight and high in durability.

Adjustable Handles:

Are you the only one user for the stroller? If yes, then you can get a stroller with a fixed handle. However, when other people are going to take your baby to city trips, you should weigh adjustable handles a little more. 

Ergonomically adjusted handles remain my favorite feature because it allows every person to adapt to handle size according to his height. Pushing a stroller becomes simple after this adjustment. 

Easy to Assemble:

I’m not a geek who can watch how-to videos and then assemble anything in a minute. I’m a lazy person who always searches for a product that is either easy to assemble or fully assemble. So I don’t have to put any effort in this regard at all.

Being a parent is a tough job, give yourself an extra cushion by going for fully-assembled lightweight strollers. Save your time and energy; we all deserve that.

Test Drive:

Don’t know what kind of stroller would work for you? I was there once. Don’t put pressure on your mind. Simply go for a test-drive. Go to a store and perform multiple tests.

Test No.1 Check what the level of maneuverability is. Does it move smoothly or not.

Test No.2 Put different weights inside and then push. Check how lightweight a stroller is.

Test No.3 if the store owner allows, take a stroller to different settings like in a park or a sidewalk or a shopping mall. In case a store owner doesn’t allow, borrow a stroller from your friend and perform this test.

Make sure you are satisfied with the maneuverability, weight, steering, child’s safety, and comfort of a stroller before you make your mind about it.


Sometimes a little add-on brings extra comfort into your life. After getting a lightweight stroller, consider adding some accessories into your shopping cart. Here are some accessories you can find:

Storage basket: Let you carry some extra-baby things with you.

Rain cover: Keep your child protected from harsh-weather

Canopy: Offers the best shield to your baby’s skin against sunlight. 

Sun Visor: Keep your child’s eyes protected from sunlight

Cup holder: Good to keep a feeder or mug at its place.

Mosquito net: Get a shield against mosquitos, just in case you go for a walk with your baby after dinner.

Organizer: You can keep baby things organized via it.

What kind of seats are you looking for?

You need to decide about the seat you want in your stroller. Have a plan to grow your family? You can opt for a double stroller that can handle two babies at the same time. 

Another quite useful option is to get a lightweight stroller with a car seat. This combo design will serve you in two different ways. 

The third option is suitable for a growing baby. Get an extendable seat with a footrest so that you can give all possible comfort to your lovely baby.


I always suggest having a budget range in mind whenever you opt for the shopping of the strollers for babies. This range will increase your focus on those items which you can afford, thereby you can shortlist strollers easily. 

When it comes to the cost of the lightweight stroller, you will come to know many top brands are pretty expensive and simply out-of-the-range. 

But if you dig down, you would be able to find cheap baby strollers with car seats. It’s all about how you do your research. 

Final Words:

If you feel a bit confused whenever you are going to select the lightweight baby stroller, then you are not the only one. All parents feel the same way. This confusion can be crystal cleared simply by 

  • Deciding a budget first
  • Outlining your requirements about stroller’s handles, wheels, and seat
  • Getting fully assembled the lightweight stroller
  • Grabbing some convenient accessories

Follow these four simple steps, and you won’t get confused about picking a stroller you always want.

Get Your Questions Answered!

Before I end this blog post, I want to answer some of the most commonly asked questions with regard to lightweight strollers. If you have any questions left at this point, they will likely be answered here.  

What is the best lightweight strollers for toddlers?

UPPAbaby G-Luxe is the best lightweight strollers for toddlers.

How do I protect my stroller when flying?

If you fly a lot, use a stroller that comes with its own carry bag, such as the Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller or the Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller to keep it safe.

When can babies ride in strollers?

Newborns can ride in travel systems that accommodate their car seats. For strollers that are not adaptable with car seats, a minimum age of 3-6 months is recommended to be followed.

Do you need a stroller for a newborn?

If you travel a lot or your major mode of transportation is walking from one place to another, you definitely need a stroller.

what is the best lightweight strollers for Disney World?

Going for a fun trip with your sweetheart at Disney World? Go with Uppababy G-Lite. It’s a well-designed lightweight stroller for baby girls and boys. Taking this fully functional travel stroller with you means making your trip with the baby comfortable.

What is the best lightweight strollers that reclines and has good coverage?

I have two suggestions:

  1. Maclaren Triumph stroller: This lightweight stroller is easy to push around. Its well-designed reclining seat brings comfort for your infant and toddler. Fold it in a snap. Even you can extend it later. The large canopy offers pleasant shade against sunlight. 
  2. Twin Jovvy Groove Ultralight stroller: It has good coverage and reclines seat. This stroller matches in features with Maclaren. However, it’s not as expensive as Maclaren Trump is.

What is Best Lightweight Strollers With Real Upright Seat?

My vote goes to Maclaren XT Techno, but my friend prefers Chicco London. Even Phil & Teds Smart buggy comes with an upright seat.

What is the best lightweight strollers for travel?

Summer 3D Convenience stroller is the best lightweight strollers with only 6.2kg weight. The best feature of this lightest stroller is its seat, which can recline to a nearly flat position. Other great features are portability, sturdiness, ease of use, and excellent maneuverability.

Which stroller is best for travel?

Mountain Buggy Nano is the best stroller for travel. Its weight is less than 6 kg. This stroller folds up small into the following dimensions 54 x 31 x 51cm. This compact buggy fits easily into your luggage units. Whether you are planning to travel via car, plane, or train, this portable stroller would be your best traveling mate. 

Traveling with a baby is simply made more relaxed and more comfortable with this award-winning fold-up stroller. Remarkable features: Child safety first, two-step fold, car seat compatible. 

What is the most compact stroller?

The GB Pockit lightweight is indeed the most compact stroller. It is a popular stroller that folds up very small.

Which stroller folds the smallest?

GB Pockit made a record of the World’s smallest folding stroller in Guinness World Record 2014. The dimensions of this compact stroller are 12″ x 7″ x 20″ to be precise. Now you can see why it successfully made the smallest stroller record. What is the lightest stroller?

What is the ultra lightweight stroller?

Maclaren Mark II holds the first position whenever it comes to the lightest strollers list. With its 7.4 pounds, this stroller offers an easy steering feature to the parents. Mark II is featured with a partially reclining seat. Its small wheels make it a less ideal choice for parents who want to take their kids on tough terrain.

What is the Best lightweight strollers for a toddler?

The 2018 UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller is the best lightweight strollers for toddlers. Its adjustable 5-point harness helps you adjusting the safety level for your toddler according to his size. Fold in seconds and let you carry the stroller with its easy to use the shoulder strap. Its huge canopy with an extendable sun visor offers ultimate sun protection to your toddler.

Wrap Up:

I hope that you are now in a much better position to shop for the best lightweight strollers for your needs. Just analyze the specifications of the strollers against your unique requirements and you will come to the best conclusion.

Our top picks are Graco LiteRider Click Connect. This portable lightweight stroller is quite suitable for daily ride and travel trips. Its compatibility with car seat stands higher in front of parents who don’t want to buy a separate car seat. Once fully folded, it’s easy to carry around.

Best of luck!

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