Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller in 2023 Review

“Mooooom, I need help with the stroller! Can you come down here please?”

When a frustrated teenager screams those words at the top of their lungs so that you can hear them on the 1st floor where you are gathering the last of the things you will be needing on the week-long road trip you are taking with your family, it strikes you – the undeniable fact that you made a huge mistake when buying a stroller for the little one.

And while you may be able to return it or exchange it with a better option for your needs, the road trip is as good as ruined.

Well, you could’ve avoided that mess had you gone for the Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller, one of the best lightweight strollers in the market today.

But before we get into why this stroller may just be the perfect one for your needs, let’s take a look at why you should go for a lightweight variant in the first place.

Why Choose Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller?


It is far easier to move something with a smaller weight than something that is a lot heavier, even if it is on wheels.

The same concept applies to strollers – a lightweight option allows you to manoeuvre through busy crowds and narrow spaces with ease.

Ease of lifting and carrying:

When it comes to lifting a stroller to stow it in the trunk of your car, you will want it to have a weight that does not cause your back to ache every single time you pick it up.

A lightweight stroller allows you to lift and carry it with ease – it doesn’t become a burden even if you have to walk a long distance with it.

Easy to store:

Lightweight strollers are usually a lot more compact in size than their counterparts, especially when they are folded.

So if you have a small space that you call home or generally do not want the stroller to take up a lot of space in the store, you should definitely go for a lighter version.

Easy to transport:

As mentioned above, lightweight strollers fold down quite small, which makes them very easy to transport.

First of all, they fit easily in the back of your car, as well as in the overhead baggage compartment of the plane or train in which you are travelling.

On top of that, it actually becomes easy for you to actually lift and stow the stroller in these places.

In addition to that, they often come with their very own carry bags, which allows you to keep them safe as you set off on your journey.

Now that we have convinced you to buy a lightweight stroller, let us share with you why we think this particular one by Kolcraft is a splendid option.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller Specifications:

Weight: 11.8lb

Dimensions (open): 18 x 31.25 x 39 inches

Dimensions (folded): 18 x 12 x 34 inches 

Maximum recommended weight: 50lb

Note: This product can only be used when your child can sit up unassisted.

Top Features of Kolcraft Lightweight Stroller:

Lightweight Structure:

Weighing in at just 11.8lb, this stroller is one of the lightest strollers in the market.

The fact that its so light makes it the perfect travel partner for all the reasons that we have mentioned above.

The ease of lifting, transportation, and storage are very important components when it comes to choosing a stroller and this one checks out in all these areas.

Compact Fold:

All parents are multi-taskers – very rarely does it happen that a parent has both hands free.

Not that you need both hands when it comes to folding the Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight Stroller.

With a swift one-hand functionality, you can fold the stroller into a super-compact form that fits inside the trunk of your car, as well as in the overhead baggage compartments on that plane or train ride.

Top-Notch Wheels:

The stroller’s all-terrain wheels and front suspension, as well as a top-quality brake, ensure a smooth ride that you and your baby both enjoy to the fullest!

Comfortable Seat:

A comfy, padded seat that offers a reclining capability is just what your child needs to relax and enjoy the ride.

Whether they want to sit up and enjoy the ride or lie down for a little nap, they will be happy, which means you will too.

Large Canopy:

The stroller sports a large three-tiered canopy that protects your little munchkin from the harsh rays of the sun.

What’s important to note is that the canopy does not become a barrier between you and your child – a little ‘peek-a-boo’ window allows you to check on them every now and again.

Roomy Storage Basket:

When you take a trip with your child, you have to take all the essentials with you, including food, clothes, toys, a first aid kit, and much more.

The large storage basket this stroller has to offer takes care of this for you, even allowing you to sneak a few of your own things into it.

Cup Holder:

This Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight Stroller does not only take your baby’s comfort into account – it has got you covered too.

Whether you are taking a walk on a chilly morning with your baby and your steaming cup of coffee or rushing down the road to get away from heat, accompanied by your chilled water bottle, the cup holders provided by the stroller make you thank God for the little things in life.

What’s more, is that your kiddo also gets their travelling removable tray including a cup holder.

Secure 5-Point Harness:

For a parent, nothing is more important than the safety of their child. And we’re sure you are no different. With this stroller, you have nothing to worry about – the 5-point harness system keeps your baby put without causing them any sort of discomfort.

To Conclude…

We are sure that by this point, you have been convinced that the Kolcraft Stroller is the perfect one for your needs. So what are you waiting for? Get the Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller in Black or red today and ride in style!

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