Best Baby Carriers in 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: Choosing the best baby carriers is a tricky business.

Not only because the newborns have different needs as compared to older babies, but also because the market suffers from a glut of best baby carriers. The choice gets even more difficult for first-time parents, as they have no prior experience of wearing babies.

Fortunately, to make your search easy, this article would help.

After consulting scores of new parents, reading baby carrier reviews, and testing the selected products, we’ve compiled a list of the Top Ten best baby carriers of 2023. Select any one (or more) of them, and you’d never have to buy a baby carrier again.

Look at the comparison table. I will provide you with more information that will help you in our Buyer’s Guide later.

10 Best Baby Carriers in 2023 – Quick Comparison:

10 Best Baby Carriers in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

So, what did we deduce from this table? Or how would it help us in selecting the Best Baby Carriers for dad? It would do the same in two ways. First, if you had paid close attention, you might have noticed that the carriers made of cotton were almost all machine washable.

In case you are wondering, it is not a coincidence as cotton is a cinch to clean not only with the machine but also with hands in case you want to rub off any stains or dirt that the fabric has accumulated along the way.

So, if you have a fussy baby who just won’t allow you to keep things clean, cotton is your go-to fabric.

Second, while multiple seating positions no doubt seem alluring, we found in our testing that, at most, most parents use three of them. They include front, back, and hip. Carriers that offer more than three seating positions are also super-expensive.

Therefore, before you go out on Amazon and dish out your money on carriers offering multiple carrying positions, remember that, at most, you’d be using three of them.

1. LilleBaby Six-Position 360° – Best Front Baby Carrier:

Are you looking for a baby harness that would grow with your child? The Lillebaby carrier, with its all-season fabric – which has a mesh to remain cool in the summer and winter months, would make sure that you don’t have to change the carrier with the season.


The Lillebaby carrier features an adjustable center panel with a zipper. To protect the baby from harmful sun rays, just zip up the center panel, and it would act as a hoody. And when the sun is beating down, just zip it down to make the most of the 3D mesh fabric.

What makes the Lillebaby carrier a harness for all seasons is the Lillebaby complete airflow line. Look closely, and you’d see a 3D breathable moisture-wicking mesh inside the fabric. Due to the pores, this mesh allows maximum airflow and ventilation to make sure your baby remains cool in all seasons.

Fortunately, unlike cheap baby harnesses, the Lillebaby carrier offers a plethora of carrying positions. Apart from everybody’s favorite front fetal – where you carry the baby close to the breast, it features the front infant to steady the newborn’s head, the front face out, and toddler positions for the slight grown-ups.

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And if you are going shopping, the Lillebaby carrier provides a backpack carrying position so that you’ve no trouble picking up household items from their tray. All in all, these six positions would make sure that not only your baby’s – but also your mood remains good.

To provide stability and evenly distribute the baby’s weight, two features of the Lillebaby carrier come into play: lumbar support and waist belt. While the former would steady the baby’s upper body part, the latter would support their hips. And the combination of both would evenly distribute the baby’s weight to provide a more comfortable fit.

Finally, if you have a fussy baby who just can’t keep his clothes clean, you don’t have to worry about the carrier’s cleanliness as it is machine washable. And if your baby has intermittent sleeping patterns, this carrier – with its sleeping hood and dual adjustment points – would block sun rays as well as support their head to make sure the baby sleeps seamlessly.

User Critique:

While it is undoubtedly the best front baby carrier, the price of the Lillebaby carrier might be a deal-breaker for some parents. For, the price is anything but cheap.

  • Multiple Carrying Positions
  • Lillebaby provides complete airflow
  • Soft mesh fabric
  • Waist belt and lumbar support
  • Expensive

Final Verdict:

It might not come for cheap, but this baby harness has done much more than simply justifying its price tag with the features we discussed above. Hence, if you can afford to, don’t miss the Lillebaby complete airflow carrier.


2. ErgoBaby 360 Ergonomic Baby Carrier – Best Ergo Baby Carrier:

Recommended for babies from 3.5kg to 15kg – or for the first 36 months of their life – the ErgoBaby 360 is made for the new moms out there. And if you are one of them, you don’t have to worry as the ErgoBaby has got you (and your baby) covered.


Design-wise, ErgoBaby has provided the 360 with a structured bucket seat which gives it more depth than the majority of the seat carriers out there. It is important for your child as this seating position would make sure their hips and knees are at the same position all the time, which means they’d sit comfortably.

More importantly, if you have an older baby, this Ergonomic baby carrier is a cinch to put on. All you have to do is to put straps on the baby, and the carrier would do the rest. Unfortunately, similar comfort was not available with the newborns, which means you might have to tighten the straps with more force to make sure their head remains elevated.

Compare it with the Lillebaby carrier, and you’d notice one major absence in the Ergo 360 Ergonomic Baby Carrier: back straps.

Instead, ErgoBaby has provided this infant carrier with rucksack-style straps, which you can secure with a movable chest clip. While they distribute the weight evenly, these buckles won’t tighten without some effort from your side.

Fortunately, the Ergo 360 baby carrier has a panel that is easy to adjust. With two pairs of buttons on both sides complemented with a bucket seat, this infant carrier would make sure that your baby sits in the correct M-shape position.

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As for its seating positions, the Ergo 360 provides four baby positions, with the front-inward for children who couldn’t control their heads. As the baby knows how to control his head, the front-outward position would let them face the world. Finally, the last two positions – hip and back – would allow you to go shopping with them.

Also, if you are a mother who has just undergone C-section, you’d love the waistband of the Ergo 360. The Velcro strap is not only wide, but it is also supportive thanks to the padding that it has. And it also extends between 66cm and 140cm so that you’ve no trouble wearing it.

There is newer version of this product: Ergobaby Pear Grey Carrier

User Critique:

Users have voiced two major concerns about this model. First, they think that it takes more effort from their side when fitting in a newborn into the carrier. Second, the Ergonomic baby carrier charges extra for its newborn insert.

  • Best child carrier for older babies
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Padded straps and wide waist belt
  • Provides a baby sleeping hood
  • More effort is required when fitting in a newborn
  • Charges extra for newborn insert

Final Verdict:

A huge upgrade to its predecessor, the original ErgoBaby, the ErgoBaby 360 is an extremely comfortable ergonomic baby carrier with four sitting and hip-carry positions. It is also easy to put on, which means new parents cannot afford to miss it.

3. Boba 4G Baby Carrier – Best Baby Holder:

Available in cute patterns and multiple colors, the Boba Baby carrier has a high quality of construction and offers multiple sitting positions to make sure that it remains comfy and easy to use. To find out whether it would suit your child, let’s take a look at its features.


What’s the best feature about the Boby 4G? It is that it requires no assembly. Yes, the waist belt would be ready to fasten, and the shoulder straps would be already secured. All you have to do is to put your baby into the Boba 4G using its instruction manual, and you’d be good to go.

Another major advantage that this baby holder provides – and which most of the other baby carriers could only dream of, is its ability to let you adjust the carrier while your baby is in it. It is in stark contrast to other carriers who need adjustment BEFORE you place your baby.

One area where Boba stays behind the competition is the availability of different carrying positions. For, while the previous Lillebaby provided six carrying positions – with Ergo 360 settling for four, the Boba 4G only has two carrying options. It means that if you want to carry your baby horizontally, or on the hip, Boba may not be right for you.

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Making up for the shortage of sitting options is the three zipped pockets which proved to be invaluable during our testing. While they won’t hold full wallets, they were large enough for our mobile phone, keys, and ride tokens. And they have zip fastenings too to make sure your valuables won’t fall out.

Also, once you are done using it for the day, the Boba 4G, thanks to its compactness and foldability, could be stored just about everywhere. And while it is machine washable, we found out that any splashes or spills could easily be wiped off with a damp cloth.

User Critique:

First of all, the fact that it provides only two sitting positions might not justify the otherwise considerable price tag of the Boba baby carrier. Second, if you have shoulder-length hair, tie them otherwise they WILL get caught in the carrier’s back clasp.

  • Easy to put on; requires no assembly
  • Weight range is considerable; from 0 to 45lbs.
  • Comfortable for both parent and baby
  • Military grade straps show its durability
  • Only two sitting positions
  • Shoulder length hair might be caught in the clasp if left untied

Final Verdict:

Coming from a startup run by husband and wife, the Boba 4G carrier has defied our expectations with its comfort and durability. Had it provided more sitting positions, this baby carrier would have been our top pick.

4. Tula Ergonomic Carrier – Most Ergonomic Baby Carrier:

Featuring a generous size, thickly padded shoulder straps, and wristband, the Tula ergonomic baby carrier means business.  It is available in two sizes – toddler and baby – and we’re only going to review the latter.


Starting from how it would keep your baby safe, we found this carrier to find supreme safety. Even if you have a newborn, the infant insert has enough padding to provide complete support for his head and neck. It means that it helps maintain a clear airway for the child.

The body of this ergonomic baby carrier, which stands above a few inches higher than most other baby slings, keeps the baby comfy and close to you. More importantly, the seat offers a good sitting space so that your baby could sit in the natural ‘’M” position, hence preventing leg dangle.

To keep your baby comfortable, the Tula baby carrier has done two things that other carriers should follow. First, its design has made it roomy at the top, so that the wiggle space for the baby is there. Second, while the fabric is strong, we found it thin and pliable, which means that it is less bulky and more breathable than thick fabrics.

For the comfort of the parents, Tula has taken care of the two parts which would come in direct contact with your body: straps and waistband. With extra padding on the former, and adding three parts to the latter, it evenly distributes the baby’s weight to prevent any back strain for the parent.

Also, like the other best baby carriers in this review, Tula is a cinch to use. Getting it on/off is both intuitive and quick, and you could do so without using any instruction manual. The hefty buckle on the waistband could be tightened or loosened, even when you’ve buckled it up. Also, to make sure that wearers of all sizes could use them easily, the shoulder straps lengthen without making a noise.

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Finally, if you are wearing the Tula, you don’t need any extra storage space for your belongings. For, it has a generous-size storage pouch right next to the waistband which could hold your keys, cell phone, and wallet. And if you are worried that your valuables might fall out, the Velcro closure on the storage pouch would take care of that.

User Critique:

Parents think that Tula might have been more comfortable had it added the option to cross the shoulder straps in the backpack position, like the Ergo 360. Also, if you want to carry an infant around, you’d have to purchase the infant insert which is NOT included in the package.

  • Makes sure your child is Safe
  • Comfortable for wearers of all sizes
  • Nice padding and extra support on the straps
  • Generous size storage-pouch
  • Requires infant insert
  • Limited carrying positions

Final Verdict:

The Tula Ergonomic baby carrier, thanks to all its features we discussed, is one of the best front baby carriers on the market. If you think its limited carrying positions would not deter you, we see no reason why you shouldn’t consider it.

5. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original – Inexpensive Baby Carrier:

Of all the baby harnesses that we have reviewed thus far, the Bjorn baby carrier is the most budget-friendly. However, as suggested by this baby carrier’s reviews on Amazon, its parent-friendly price tag doesn’t mean that Bjorn has compromised on your child’s safety to lower its asking price.


First thing first, the Bjorn baby carrier has a limited size range which makes it suitable for little ones weighing between 8 and 25 lbs. Making up for this shortcoming is the fact that Bjorn won’t require you to purchase an additional infant insert, as it comes with one built-in inside the baby carrier.

Turning our attention to how it would take care of your baby, we found the performance of the Bjorn average in this regard. For, unlike the Ergo 360 or even the Tula baby carrier, it requires you to set the seat BEFORE you put the baby in the carrier. Thankfully, we found the fabric to be soft which means your baby won’t grow weary of it.

Surprisingly, when it came to parents’ comfort, Bjorn threw the price talk out the window by providing supreme comfort. While it doesn’t have the waist belt, it has some extra straps which would hug your back to take some weight off your shoulders, making it easy to carry the baby.

It’s also much easier to use than most baby slings out there. So simple is its design that most parents would be able to figure it out even without consulting the manual. Also, since it requires you to put the carrier on before putting your baby in, Bjorn is easy to manage than its competition on the market.

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Finally, one area where we think Bjorn might have done a bit better is with its cleaning mechanism. For, while the fabric is machine washable, it takes an eternity to dry once washed.

User Critique:

Three major concerns. First, it has a limited weight range. Second, its washing downtime is considerable, which means you might not be able to use it a day after washing. Third, it doesn’t have any waist belt.

  • Inexpensive
  • Extra Straps to evenly distribute the baby’s weight
  • Simple design makes it easy to use
  • Comes with a built-in infant carrier
  • Limited weight Range
  • Considerable washing downtime
  • No waist belt

Final Verdict:

It may have more shortcomings than other baby carriers which we have reviewed thus far, but the meager price of the Bjorn also sets it apart from the competition. Therefore, if you have an infant – and you need a baby carrier for a few months of usage, Bjorn baby carrier might fit the bill.

6. SpringBuds Baby Carriers – Under $40 Baby Carrier:

Just like the Bjorn baby carrier, the SpringBuds has a price tag that would make it alluring to the majority. Thankfully, the similarities stop right there as the SpringBuds has features that belie its price tag.


What’s the last thing you expect from an under $40 baby sling? Yup, different carrying positions. And guess what, the SpringBuds offers just that. Apart from the front carrying position which every baby harness worth its salt provides, the SpringBuds also provides a back carrying position, so that you could go shopping with your little one.

The SpringBuds also has a two-layer removable hood which makes it perfect for the little ones who like to sleep in their carrier. In addition to protecting the child’s delicate skin from sun and wind, the hood has a single mesh layer, which makes it breathable, and hence useful in cold seasons.

To evenly distribute the baby’s weight to make them easy to carry, the SpringBuds come with adjustable buckles. What’s more, to make sure your child remains safe, these buckles are complemented by two more safety buckles which would act when/if the carrier accidentally opens.

Despite its extremely low price tag, the SpringBuds still has two high-end models: washable drool pads and elasticized small pocket. While the former would protect your clothes from dribbles, the latter would make sure your belongings remain safe.

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Finally, as we have come to expect of baby carrier wraps, the SpringBuds is machine washable, so you don’t need to worry about its cleaning. Add to it the fact that it has a cotton fabric, and cleaning this baby sling is a cinch.

User Critique:

The SpringBuds only provides two carry options, and it is only for children above four months which means lean infants might not benefit from it.

  • Multiple pockets for storage
  • Two-layer hood
  • Low Price
  • Washable drool pads
  • Only two carrying positions
  • Only for child above 4months of age

Final Verdict:

The SpringBuds Ergonomic baby carrier is a budget-friendly product that offers great quality. If you are a parent who doesn’t want to compromise on quality – but also has a tight budget – go for it.

7. Bebamour Baby – 2 in 1 Baby Carrier – Under $50 Baby Carrier:

Just like the Mother Nest and Baby Bjorn baby carriers, the Bebamour baby sling carrier is a budget-friendly choice that offers quite a lot of features that we normally expect from the high-end models out there.


This baby carrier wrap takes the weight away from your shoulders by putting it on the seat of the carrier. It does the same via its foam seat which supports the hips of the baby from beneath, hence taking off the pressure from your shoulders.

Another way with which the Bebamour has taken the pressure off your shoulders – and added it to your waist – is by using zipper and buckles. Both these items connect the foam seat to the waist belt, hence making it removable from the rest of the baby wrap while also distributing more of the baby weight to the waist.

Described as the hip-seat feature by the manufacturer, the foam seat ensures the correct sitting position for the baby. It means that the baby would be at reduced risk of hip dysplasia while sitting in this seat.

One area where we found the design of this baby carrier wraps a bit lacking was the use of fabric. For, while the best baby carriers use cotton – as it is easy to wash – Bebamour has gone for the inexpensive polyester, which is less breathable and more difficult to clean than, the Ergo 360.

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Still, the fact that it has employed polyester doesn’t mean that Bebamour would provide no airway to the child. Instead, it has gone for vacuum holes in the fabric which serve as airways and provide enough air to cool the fabric even in hot weather.

User Critique:

As suggested earlier, the fact that it has polyester and not cotton fabric makes the Bebamour baby carrier difficult to clean. Also, since it uses a foam seats, it is also bulkier than other carriers in this review.

  • Affordable
  • Different Carrying Options
  • Takes baby’s weight off your shoulders
  • Vacuum pockets to make the carrier airier
  • 100% polyester
  • Bulky
  • Not machine washable

Final Verdict:

While it no doubt provides a unique design, the Bebamour carrier lags behind when we compare its ease of use to other carriers in this review. Still, if you think you could make amends with its weight, this carrier might prove to be a great bargain.

8. Mo+m Ergonomic Baby Carrier – Under $50 Baby Carrier:

Think only the high-end baby carriers provide multiple carrying positions? Think again, as despite coming under $50, the ergonomic baby carrier offers three of them. The fact that it is certified to be chemical-free might make this baby sling a worthy addition to your baby’s itinerary.


First of all, let’s talk about the three carrying positions which allow this carrier to stand above the competition. The first of those positions – the front carry – is for infants who cannot hold their heads on their own. The second and third meanwhile – back and hip carry – are for the slight grown-ups who could explore the world on their own.

For the comfort of your child, this carrier comes with a vented window that serves as the consistent passage of the airway. The cotton fabric with which it is made serves the same purpose, while also making this carrier easy to wash. And if your child dozes off while you’re in the sun, it has hood shades to block intruding sun rays.

While the manufacturer claims otherwise, we found in our testing that the waist belt was not as comfortable as it should be. While the extra padding in shoulder straps was comforting, we could still have done with a bit more padding on the strap.

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Fortunately, while it has compromised a little bit on the parent’s comfort, the Mo+m has displayed no such lethargy while dealing with the child’s safety. For, it has provided the waist belt with two safety buckles which would keep your child snug under pressure

User Critique:

We could have done with a bit more padding in the waist belt, and the straps aren’t easy to fasten or loosen at all.

  • Three carrying positions
  • Safety Buckles
  • Back and front straps
  • Mesh vent makes the carrier breathable
  • Not too comfortable for the parent
  • Straps are a pain to tighten

Final Verdict:

Even though it has its fair share of shortcomings, the Mo+m ergonomic baby carrier gets a nod from us due to its three carrying positions, breathability, and safety features. Purchase it if you want high-quality at a low price

9. Infantino Cuddle Up – Cute Baby Carrier:

Featuring a unique arched canopy hood, the Infantino Cuddle Up would keep your child fully covered while in full sight of yours. And to make sure that your baby loves it as much as you do – for it costs ridiculously less – it has a teddy bear hood.


Starting from its carrying positions, the Infantino Cuddle up offers two of them, front and back. While both these carrying positions are different in the sense that you could only use the back carrying position when the child could sit up on their own, they are similar as, in both these positions, the child will be facing their parent.

During our testing, we found the Cuddle up to be a cinch when it came to taking it on/off regardless of the carrying position. For, you wear this carrier the same way you wear a jacket, which means all you have to do is just slip your arms through the shoulder straps. Also, since they are adjustable, the straps make the carrier useful for different size parents.

Unfortunately, while it was easy to put on, the chest/back strap was a pain to adjust. So difficult it is that you require assistance to adjust it, for they require taking your hand down your back. Assistance would also be required when putting this carrier on in the back position, though you could put it on yourself in the front position.

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Finally, despite its low price tag, the Infantino provides a storage pocket, which has both good and bad features. On the upside, it provides enough space to store keys, a small wallet, and maybe a wristwatch or two. However, it isn’t too secure, which means moving from your baby might throw your belongings out of the pocket with ease.

User Critique:

Storage pockets are not secure, and you could not use this baby carrier for children weighing under 12lbs.

  • Affordable and Ergonomic
  • Cute design
  • Wide weight range
  • Padded waist belt and shoulder straps
  • Pockets aren’t secure
  • Not suitable for children weighing under 12lbs.

Final Verdict:

Coming from the US brand Infantino, the Cuddle Up is currently the Amazon choice for baby carriers. That doesn’t mean, however, that it is without any flaws.

10. NimNik Baby Sling Carrier – Best Baby Carriers For Newborn:

For those of you looking for the maximum versatility from your baby carrier – but aren’t prepared to pay the maximum price for it, the NimNik baby sling is the carrier for you.


Unlike most baby carriers out there, there is much more to the NimNik than simply a baby seat. For, if you are going on a hike, it lets you backpack carry your child. Conversely, if you are just going out shopping, its frontal facing position will come to help.

The reason why we called it the Best Baby Carriers for newborns is because of its lumbar support. As new parents might tell, newborns couldn’t hold their heads or sit up on their own. Therefore, what they need is constant support from the hip, and this baby harness provides just that with its excellent lumbar support.

Another excellent feature of this product was its extended size range which starts at 12 and ends at 45lbs. Also, while it would fit adults who are 5’, this harness would also be suitable for those touching 6’5’’.

Such versatility comes from its adjustable shoulder strap which you can adjust from anywhere between 20 to 40 inches. And the waist belt goes one step extra by providing adjustability between 25 to 50 inches.

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Finally, belying the meager price tag of this model is the three carrying positions – hip, front, and back that it provides. That, and the fact that it has a detachable hip seat – which you can take off to customize the ride, makes the NimNik baby sling carrier a stand-out performer.

User Critique:

For all its versatile size range talk, this baby carrier is best suited for taller people. Also, if you put too much weight into it, its hip seat might dig into your pelvic area.

  • Detachable hip seat
  • The adjustable waist belt and shoulder straps
  • Provides lumbar support
  • Three Carrying Positions
  • Inexpensive
  • Petite people might find it difficult to adjust its straps

Final Verdict:

Talk about products that offer excellent value for money, and the NimNik stands out. What’s more, at the time of writing, its manufacturer is offering 50% off on this product. Therefore, if its features seemed alluring to you, now is the time to buy the NimNik.

Best Baby Carrier – Buying Guide:

As the above-mentioned reviews have shown, the number of features in baby carriers is unlimited, but you have to select only those features which are functional so that you don’t end up paying for the ones which you won’t use. And to identify those functional features, this baby carrier buying guide would help.

Baby Carrier Options:

There are two types of baby carrier options that most parents recommend: wraps and carriers. Wraps are for newborns as their rectangular fabric holds the baby tight to your body. They are best for newborns who haven’t developed the ability to hold their heads up without any assistance.

As for the carriers, they are made for older babies, though you could also use them for newborns by adjusting their strap length or adding extra padding. While they do not provide as snug a fit as wraps, carriers are a cinch to put on.

When selecting a carrier, make sure it holds the baby up high, which means you should be able to kiss your child’s forehead without bending. Also, it needs to have an adjustable seat so that the baby’s weight is distributed evenly.

Baby Carrier Fabric:

Especially if you don’t live in an area where the weather remains cool throughout the year, the fabric of the baby harness deserves extra attention. For, while thick fabrics no doubt provide extra stability, they might constrict the breathing of your child in hot weather as well.

Hence, if you want to buy a baby harness for the hot summer months, look for a baby sling. They are baby carriers without any wrapping so that the child receives fresh air. You could also choose baby wraps that are made of mesh to remain cool in the summer months.


Do you travel a lot, and want to stuff your baby wrap into the diaper bag when it is not in use? If your answer to this question is in the affirmative, go for long-length fabric as it can easily fold small.

However, if you can compromise on portability, soft carriers, which are a bit on the bulky side, might suit your needs.

The Weight Of The Baby:

Put simply, wraps are great for babies that are on the lighter side, as they are stretchy and make carrying babies a cinch. Conversely, if you have a bigger baby – who weighs above 10lbs. – go for a baby carrier whose weight rating is on the bigger side.

Also, make sure the carrier has either the lumbar support or waist belt (preferably both) if your baby is on the heavier side. Both these features offer better stability by distributing evenly the weight of the baby, while also giving you the freedom to carry them with ease.

Two Carrying Options:

Though restricted to the high-end models like the above-mentioned Six-Position baby carrier, two carrying options are a must-have if you have to carry your baby for hours during shopping.

These options include X-style straps to carry the baby at your front or the H-style straps to carry them like a backpack at your back.

Final Verdict:

There you have it; ten of the best baby carriers that the market has to offer. And to make sure that you couldn’t go wrong with your selection, we have provided you with a comparison table and buying guide which also makes your search all the easier.

If you are still looking for our recommendation, the Lillebaby All Seasons Baby Carrier gets our nod. It might be expensive, but with six carrying positions, a fabric made of cotton, multiple storage pockets, and an extended weight range, this baby sling has what it takes to meet the requirements of the majority of parents out there.

However, if you are looking for an inexpensive option, the Infantino Cuddle Up might suit you just right. On paper, you might find its two carrying positions to be limited – but compare them with its meager price tag, as well as the other features which we discussed in detail above, and the Infantino Cuddle up promises to be a tantalizing choice.

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