Top 10 Best Baby Walkers to Buy in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

“Look, she’s walking!”

If you have ever been around little children, you have likely witnessed the excitement in the room when a little one finally lets go of all the things holding him or her back and starts walking without any support.

And while he or she may plop back down on the ground after just a few steps, it is a victory that is celebrated by the parents and loved ones – and rightly so.

But it all starts somewhere. In a lot of cases, the best baby walker, which was probably the best buying decision of your life, is what encourages the little one to take their tiny first steps with full support.

The support, as you know, is later no longer needed.

If you have been looking to buy the best walker, you must’ve gone through tonnes of baby walker reviews. Still, confused? It’s okay. We have you covered. In this blog post, we are going to share with you the top 10 Best Baby Walkers so you can make your decision with ease!

Let’s get right into it.

10 Best Baby Walkers in 2021 – Quick Comparison:

Num Photo Title Ratings Buy
1 VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
2 Joovy Spoon Adjustable Baby Walker
3 Caterpillar & Friends Discovery Walker
4 Safety 1st Dino Sounds Baby Walker
5 Cosco Simple Start Bumper to Bumper Walker
6 Disney Music and Lights Walker
7 Storkcraft 3-in-1 Activity Walker
8 VTech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker
9 Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker
10 Safety 1st Dino Sounds Baby Walker

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10 Best Baby Walkers in 2021 – Detail Reviews:

1. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – Best Baby Walker for Carpet:

This lovely infant walker has ongoing use as your little can play with it while they are sitting down, as well as when they are learning to walk.
In the early stages, you can simply remove the interactive panel of the walker that your child can then play with as they sit on the floor, the sofa, on any other surface.

This can also be done at a later stage when your kid is too tired to walk around.

When your child starts to walk, they need some kind of support – this walker can provide that along with top-notch entertainment at the same time.

The interactive panel promotes early learning and encourages your child to learn about numbers, letters, sounds, colours, and animals among other things as they play.

The walker is highly colourful and keeps your child spellbound as they play!

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There are 5 keys that play different musical notes for never-ending fun.

Gears that turn, rollers that spin, keys that can be pressed, a phone that can be ‘picked up,’ light-up buttons, and much more – there is no lack of activities your little one can indulge in to remain happy and busy.

Lightweight and easy to move around, it doesn’t give your little one a hard time.

The wheels have two settings, the slower of which can be used for your child who is just learning to walk.

  • Ongoing use.
  • Removable activity panel.
  • Lots of colours, sounds, and lights for your child to remain distracted and happy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.
  • Some parents complain that the item stops working after minimal use.
  • Can be a little wobbly.

Final Verdict:

While the walker offers a two-in-one functionality and allows your little one to play and learn at the same time, there are complaints of quality that just isn’t up to the mark. On the other hand, it is affordable and many parents swear by it – the best baby walker for carpet that provides a surface with more friction and increased safety.

2. Joovy Spoon Adjustable Baby Walker – 3-in-1 Best Baby Walker:

This walker is not just the solution you need when your child is learning to walk – it also becomes your companion when it is time for lunch or when your baby is just in the mood to play. It is a walker + highchair + play spot, all in one.

It has an extra-large tray that allows your little one to have ample space to place all their food and drinks.

This is super helpful when your child is learning to eat by themselves as it allows them to enjoy their meal without making a mess that you would find it hard to clean up later.

The table has a dishwasher-safe insert so that cleanliness is never a concern.

The rest of the walker is made of sleek plastic and can just be wiped down.

The large table also lets your child spread out many of their toys in a single place and play.

As a walker, this product is super-safe and reliable, giving you peace of mind. It has a very wide base which means it has a perfect balance and there is minimal chance of the walker toppling over.

A soft, padded, and highly comfortable seat ensures that your baby will never want to be away from the walker.

The chair, made of tough 600D material, is also machine-washable which means that once again, you don’t have to worry about cleanliness.

There are 3 height adjustments that can be chosen based on your child’s age and comfort.

The product ensures safety by using large wheels, non-slip stair pads, and a build that uses steel reinforcement.

It folds flat for easy storage and portability. The walker is free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

The product is JPMA certified.

  • Walker, highchair, and play spot, all in one.
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe table.
  • Machine-washable seat.
  • Durable and steady.
  • Free from harmful materials.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Easy to fold, store, and transport.
  • No lights and sound to keep the baby distracted.
  • Can be a little dangerous for taller or older babies.
  • The seat isn’t the easiest to install.

Final Verdict:

With all the features that this amazing walker offers, including its 3-in-1 functionality, dishwasher-safe and machine-washable components, stability, clean finish, and much more, this is the best walker for your baby that doubles as a useful highchair.

3. Caterpillar & Friends Discovery Walker – Lightweight Baby Walker:

An elliptical frame design gives your child a sturdy structure as they learn how to walk. This is essential as, starting off, they have very little balancing ability of their own.

The walker is equipped with sounds and lights that can be activated by your little one as they explore the play station with their little hands.

These additions help to keep your child distracted and happy while also helping in the development of fine motor skills.

The toy station, as well as the rest of the walker, is extremely colourful, something that is visually appealing to the little one and ensures they do not get bored.

On top of that, this also provides a learning opportunity as you can teach your little one all about the fascinating world of colours.

The toy station is removable, ensuring that your child doesn’t have to be in the walker to play with it – they can just take it along and play with it whenever and wherever they want.

The walker features a highly comfortable seat that houses your baby’s little body perfectly and allows them to be at ease as they walk or play or both.

The seat also has a high back for added support. The front swivel wheels give your little one full control.

The machine-washable seat pad can be kept easily clean while the rest of the walker can be wiped spotless.

The walker has 3 height adjustments so you can set it according to your baby’s age and height.

  • Lights, sounds, and colours to keep the baby happy.
  • Removable interactive activity centre.
  • Comfy, machine-washable seat.
  • Sturdy frame.
  • Adjustable height.
  • The wheels make it harder for your baby to turn.
  • It can be tight for a lot of babies.

Final Verdict:

While there are some issues parents came across with this product, there are some great features that make up for it, including a removable, highly interactive activity center, a machine-washable seat, perky colours, and much more. Overall, one of the top-rated baby walker when it comes to lightweight durability.

4. Safety 1st Baby Walker with Activity Tray – Best Baby Walker for Tall Babies:

Before we get into anything else, let’s discuss the innovative design of this walker that allows it to be the perfect playtime spot and your little one’s dinner table, all at the same time!

The activity center is divided down the center and can be swung apart to each side to reveal a table.

Once your little one is done with the meal, you can just swing the activity center sides back.

The extra hidden table also allows your child to play with toys other than the ones in the activity center without having to leave the walker.

There are 5 toys in the activity center that keep the little one busy at all times with lights, sounds, and movements.

The 12 melodies also keep them happy as they dance to the tunes.

The 4 wheels have grip strips on each side that prevent them from catching on anything and ensure a smooth ride.

There are 3 height adjustment options which allow you to make sure your child is comfortable as they grow or according to their weight and height at any given time.

All the plastic and metal surfaces in the walker can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. But that is not all.

The walker seat can be removed and tossed in the washing machine when it becomes dirty.

It is easy to fold the walker down and store it away or transport it as and when the need arises.

  • Activity center parts to make room for dinner tray.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • 3 height options.
  • Lights and sounds to keep baby happy.
  • Compact fold for storage or transportation.
  • Not for smaller/shorter kids.

Final Verdict:

While this walker has many great features, including the activity center, and hidden dinner table, easy to clean surfaces, lights, sounds, and movement to keep the baby happy, and more, it is not for shorter kids as their feet don’t touch the ground. But it is the best baby walker for tall babies.

5. Cosco Simple Steps Walker – Best Walkers for Babies:

The walker has cute, colourful toys that appeal to the baby’s senses and they want to reach out and play with them.

This contributes to the development of the baby’s gross motor skills without subjecting their ears and eyes (and yours!) to sounds and light all the time.

There is an insert tray where the little one can enjoy their snacks as they cruise around the house or play with the toys.

This tray can be washed in the dishwasher so you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty.

Similarly, the seat is also machine-washable, as well as dryer-safe.

This means you don’t have to worry about any kind of a mess – you can just remove the seat and toss it in the washing machine for a quick spin.

2 height adjustment options allow the walker to accommodate babies of different sizes and also allows the walker to grow with your little one.

You can fold and store it easily or take it along with you on that trip to Grandma’s so that your little one’s freedom doesn’t suffer.

It is available in two different colours, Monster Shelley who is pink and Monster Syd who is blue – you can choose one according to your child’s preferences or your own.

The walker is easy to set up – you don’t require any tools.

  • 2 height options.
  • Play station plus snack-time tray.
  • Machine-washable seat.
  • Dishwasher-safe table insert.
  • Easy to store and transport.
  • No lights and sound to keep the little one distracted.
  • The walker can tip easily.

Final Verdict:

Some people find that the walker tips more easily than it should but other parents swear by this product. With its amazing toys plus dinner tray, 2 height adjustments, machine-washable and dishwasher-safe components, and much more, it is one of the best walkers for babies you can find in the market today.

6. Disney Music and Lights Walker – Best Walker for Hardwood Floors:

There are 3 heights to which you can set the walker.

This means that you can adjust the height as your baby grows so their legs have enough room to move around below the seat.

It also gives you the reassurance that your baby will fit, no matter their height or weight.

Available in multiple colours, you can choose the one that you feel goes best with your little one’s personality.

You can also go for one that matches the rest of their gear, such as their favourite playmat, their amazing baby bouncer, and so on.

This walker, like one we have discussed above, has a two-swing activity center that swings to both sides to reveal a tray where the little one can enjoy their meal. This means that 1.

The baby doesn’t have to come out of the walker when it is time for a snack and 2.

You won’t find the toys and other components of the play station covered in crumbs, juice stains, and other things.

The activity center has 4 toys that keep the baby happy and distracted at all times.

The walker is collapsible, which means you do not face too much trouble when it comes to storing it safely or taking it along with you on a trip.

The manufacturer takes pride in the wheels working on all surfaces.

They are also complemented by grip strips to ensure that the baby has full control on uneven surfaces and doesn’t hurt themselves in any way.

The padded seat makes sure that the baby remains comfortable in the walker and does not want to be taken back out as soon as you seat them inside it.

The seat is machine-washable and doesn’t let you worry about stains, crumbs or anything dirty that you want to keep your little one far away from.

  • Multiple colours and themes for a wide variety to choose from.
  • 3 height adjustment positions.
  • Wheels complemented by grip strips.
  • Easy to fold and store (or transport).
  • Padded and machine-washable seat.
  • Not great for a carpeted surface.
  • Hard to assemble.

Final Verdict:

With its many amazing features and the fact that it is available at an affordable price, this is a walker you should definitely consider for your little one. It is probably the best baby walker for hardwood floors, as well as other surfaces, especially uneven ones because of its smooth wheels and grip strips.

7. Stork Craft Mini Speedster Top Rated Baby Walker:

This walker is just what it looks like – your baby’s first ride that is their very own.

And as they cruise along in the ‘car,’ they will learn to walk along the way, which is one of the things that will make you so very proud.

Shaped like a cute little car, this will definitely appeal to all kids out there who are in a hurry to get places (which is all kids ever)!

The toy tray that acts as the car’s dashboard contains many interactive toys that keep the baby busy all day long.

The dashboard and turn signals light up, the steering wheel turns, and the system makes real car sounds that will bring an element of authenticity to the little one’s experience.

The seat pad of the car is padded so your child can experience luxury from a young age.

On top of that, when it gets dirty, you can just remove it and give it a spin in the washing machine so that it becomes as good as new.

There are 3 heights positions to which you can adjust the walker, ensuring that your child will fit into their first car without a shadow of a doubt.

Being able to do things with one hand is something a parent always prefers.

The one-hand fold system of this walker, thus, makes it a very attractive product to busy parents who often need to store it away or take it with them on a trip but don’t have time to take it apart every time.

It meets all ASTM and EN safety standards, which is always a plus because nothing comes above the safety of your little one.

The activity center is removable so that your little doesn’t just experience the joy of driving when they are in the walker – they can pretend-drive on the floor too with their very own removable dashboard.

The 4 wheels swivel in all directions, which means that the walker is easy to manoeuvre with the slightest of efforts from your child.

  • Fun car shape and interactive dashboard.
  • 3 height adjustment options.
  • Padded and machine-washable seat.
  • All wheels swivel in all directions.
  • One-hand fold.
  • Meets important safety standards.
  • The wheels aren’t the best quality.

Final Verdict:

Whether or not your little one turns out to be much of a driver when they grow up – they will definitely be obsessed with cars as a baby. And that makes this product perfect for you. That along with its amazing features makes it a top-rated baby walker for those little ones who like to cruise in style.

8. VTech Sit, Stand and Ride – Best Walker for Infants:

This is a very creative 3-in-1 design that caters to your child at different stages of their development.

The first mode is the floor play mode in which the child can interact and play with it while sitting on the floor.

The second mode is the walker mode so that they can get support from their favourite toy as they learn to walk.

Lastly, there is a ride-on mode in which the child can ride it like a mini-bike. The activity panel of the walker has a number of fun activities for the child.

There are buttons that introduce numbers, sounds, and vehicles to the little one, a steering wheel, gear shifter, and much more so that your child gets the full experience.

The product features lights and sounds which ensures that your baby never gets bored, no matter what stage of development they are at.

This is a very lightweight walker. While this means that it is easier for your little one to handle, it also means that they can trip over easily as there is little support provided to them.

The wheels contain motion sensors that detect movement and play music to encourage the little one to keep walking.

There are 60+ melodies, songs, phrases, and other sounds to keep your baby happy.

A speed control function in the wheels allows you to be in charge of how fast the walker goes.

  • Speed control feature in the wheels.
  • 3 different modes for your child to enjoy at different stages.
  • Interactive activities.
  • Lights and sounds to keep the baby distracted.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Lightweight, hence potentially unstable for the child.
  • Assembly can be a little hard.

Final Verdict:

Because of its three different modes, it is the best walker for infants that they can also enjoy as they grow older and want to ride around the house on their favourite bike. The speed control option also makes it the best baby walker for hardwood floors as your baby won’t be able to go too fast under any circumstances. With its amazing features, it is a great product overall.

9. Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker – Best Learning Baby Walker:

We are firm believers in the fact that learning starts early on – your little one doesn’t have to start going to school to begin learning.

With this walker, you can ensure that they learn all about the ABC’s, numbers, and colours.

But that’s not all – they all get to learn a number of different phrases in a variety of different languages, namely in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese!

The great colours, sounds, and activities ensure that your little one will remain happy and distracted as they play.

The kid doesn’t always want to be in the walker – when they are tired of it, you can just remove the activity center from the walker and your little one can take it along with them, wherever they go.

Different babies have different heights at the same age.

This walker takes this into consideration and offers 2 height adjustment options that ensure your little one will fit, no matter what.

The walker folds flat so that you do not have to face any trouble when it is time to store it.

This also makes it easy to transport. The seat of the walker is padded, ensuring ultimate support and comfort.

When it gets dirty, you can just remove the seat pad and toss it in the washing machine for a quick spin.

  • Interactive activities for learning and fun.
  • 3 heights positions.
  • Padded seat for comfort.
  • Machine-washable seat.
  • Removable activity center.
  • It does not walk on the carpet easily.
  • Expensive product.

Final Verdict:

The most expensive walker that we have discussed yet, this product does mean that you will have to spend a little extra money to get what you want. But with all the amazing features we just discussed, is that really so hard? Opt for the best baby walker in town.

10. Safety 1st Dino Sounds Discovery Baby Walker – Best Affordable Baby Walker:

The activity center of this wonderful walker contains 3 toys that let your little one indulge in multiple interactive activities and learn as they play.

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It also ensures that ‘walking’ doesn’t bore them and they are always busy and happy.

There are 12 songs in this walker, as well as lights so that your little one can get distracted and happy.

The walker has a unique base that is quite wide so as to ensure that your little one does not fall and hurt themselves as it provides great stability and balance.

The most important thing when learning to walk is to keep one’s balance and not trip and this walker helps you do just that.

A padded seat means that your little one is comfortable as long as they are in the seat and your money does not go down the drain.

The seat pad is machine-washable so you don’t have to worry about how you will keep it clean.

The rest of the surfaces, including the activity center, can be wiped clean using a damp cloth.

There are 3 different heights to which you can set the walker.

This ensures that your child, whether they are short or tall, skinny or healthy, will fit into the walker and be able to use it well.

It has a tray which is the perfect snack table for your little one allows them to learn how to eat on their own.

The walker can be folded flat when you are done with it and stored away with ease. Because of its compact fold size, it is also easy to transport.

  • Lights and sounds.
  • Padded seat that is machine-washable.
  • Compact fold for storage and transportation.
  • Wide base for stability.
  • Interactive activities.
  • The tray is not removable.
  • The wheels do not roll easily.

Final Verdict:

While some parents think that the wheels of this walker could have been made in a better way, others swear by this product. It is the best walker for babies of all sizes because of its height adjustment levels and a comfy, padded seat among other things.


Your choice in a walker can depend on your unique needs but one thing is for sure – the first and most important things you should consider are safety, stability, manoeuvrability, and comfort. And it is for this reason that we have chosen the Joovy Spoon Adjustable Baby Walker is our top pick from this list!

While it does not have its very own entertainment centre and is on the expensive side, it really has the best quality. Made of the safest materials and built in a way that offers support and stability, it keeps your little one happy and protected. What makes it stand out is its super-large table that is great for when the baby is learning how to eat themselves while also being a platform where your baby can keep all their favourite toys.

All in all, it is the best baby walker you can come across today.

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