Best Safety 1st Sounds N Lights Discovery Walker in 2023 Review

A magnificent interactive learning center that keeps your kid engrossed in playing all the time is the Safety first Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker. It is a dinosaur-themed walker that keeps your toddler entertained for hours. Five toy spin, rattle, and lights while playing sounds and songs merrily in the background, your little one enjoys learning to walk. Safety first sounds and lights baby walker features two swing activity trays to allow your kids to enjoy their snacks.

To keep your baby betrothed while he learns to take the first steps this walker features dinosaur-themed toys on the front panel. Safety 1st walker features a padded seat to keep your kid safe and comfortable while walking. There are grip strips beneath the seat to control the movement on bumpy surfaces. Well, this walker acts as a mobile entertainment system for your baby and is one of the best walkers for carpets.

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Safety 1st Sounds N Lights Discovery Walker

The walker has cute, colorful toys that appeal to the baby’s senses and they want to reach out and play with them.

  • Innovative Design
  • Tough And Sturdy
  • Tough And Sturdy

Features of Safety First Sounds N Lights Discovery Walker:

Safety 1st sounds activity walker offers plenty of fun for your little one. The features of this fantastic product are as follows:

  • Colorful themed toy:

To entertain and engage a kid for a good amount of time this walker contains colorful images of dinosaurs and other toys. It has five playful toys with music to entertain your little tot. The colorful images help to develop a child’s visual senses and your kid loves to play.

  • Activity trays:

The walker is made of two activity trays that swing open to reveal the big tray in the middle. Each tray contains components that light up and play sounds when moved. A center tray is a good place for snacks. It provides maximum utility without increasing the size of the walker.

  • Compact storage:

One of the handy features parents want in a walker is compact storage. Safety 1st walker is designed to be compact. It can be folded quickly for quick family gateways. This walker is compact enough to be stowed away for storage in the car or at home.

  • 3 level height adjustment:

You can adjust the height of the Safety 1st walker at three levels. Well, not all babies are the same. Everyone has different heights so, having 3 positions of height adjustment allows the babies to use the walker for as long as possible. You can say that it is a penny saver walker for the parents.

Safety First Sounds n Lights Walker Review:

The  safety first walker has the following pros and cons:

  • It is durable
  • It has overall good quality
  • Folds easily and quickly
  • Has a comfortable seat to rest on
  • Has washable seats
  • The interactive panel keeps the infant entertained
  • Useable for longer period
  • Not suitable for shorter infants
  • Not easy to replace toy batteries
  • Makes the legs feel a little flimsy due to the folding feature


Safety first Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker is a perfect walker for your kid to enjoy his first steps.

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