Do Baby Monitors Emit Radiation?

Do Baby Monitors Emit Radiation

My concern about EMF radiation emitted from baby monitors comes from having four children and now grandkids. Since I have done so much research on this topic, especially for this website, you would think my married children would also be concerned about it.

Despite that, my kids just can’t believe that they are emitting dangerous radiation since every parent owns a baby monitor.

Is EMF radiation emitted by baby monitors? Three types of EMF radiation are emitted by baby monitors.

1. Electric fields

2. Magnetic fields 

3. Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation.

It is highly toxic to consume all three types. These forms of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation have been associated with problems such as brain tumors, breast tumors, infertility in men and crib death. 

Throughout this article, I will discuss the different types of radiation baby monitors emit, what the risks are, and how to lower your child’s exposure if you still choose to use one.

EMF Radiation From Baby Monitors: 3 Types 

Electric fields, magnetic fields, and RF radiation are all types of EMF Radiation that are emitted by baby monitors. According to me, the safest baby monitor is none at all. However, if you insist on using one, some baby monitors are safer than others.

Electric Fields

A physical field surrounding electrically charged particles, that either attracts or repels other charged particles in the field, is an electric field, according to Wikipedia. A charge particle system’s field of force is also called a field of force.”

Electric fields are generated by all electronic devices, including electric cars and electric razors. The electric fields don’t travel very far from small electronic devices like laptops, cell phones, and baby monitors, and they dissipate with distance from the devices. The electric field of your baby monitor shouldn’t reach your child as long as it’s farther away than a foot or two.

Taking into account my own testing of baby monitors, that is just an estimate. In order to be certain, I always recommend everyone get an EMF Meter and test their own baby monitors.

Magnetic Fields

An electromagnetic field can be defined as “A magnetic field is a vector field that affects moving electrical charges and currents, as well as magnetic materials.”. “When a charge moves in a magnetic field, it gets pulled in a direction perpendicular to its own speed.”

Magnetic fields are emitted by all electronic devices, from electric cars to electric razors. In addition to traveling very little distance from electronic devices, magnetic fields also dissipate with distance when measured on small devices.

If you keep the baby monitor at least a foot or two away from your child, the device should not generate an electric field that will harm them.

I have tested baby monitors myself, so this is just a rough estimate. Every parent should own an EMF meter and test their own baby monitor.

RF Radiation

An RF Field travels much farther than an electric field or a magnetic field. Distance, however, also dissipates it. In the electromagnetic spectrum, RF radiation runs from low frequencies up to microwave frequencies (see image below).

In terms of distance traveled and power, it is the most powerful form of EMF radiation. Cell phone signals can travel many miles depending on their frequency and power. RF radiation from baby monitors typically only travels as far as the signal from a WiFi router, which can travel into neighboring homes.

You can protect your infant from electromagnetic radiation by placing your baby monitor only a foot or two away. The RF radiation will blast your baby with more powerful and harmful frequencies.

I would recommend keeping your baby monitor as far away from your baby as possible if you are determined to use a baby monitor. The most important thing is to get the safest baby monitor you can afford. It is best to choose a model that exposes your baby to the lowest possible frequencies as well as RF radiation at the lowest possible levels.

Radiation Protection for Baby Monitors

You can protect your baby from its EMF radiation using two main methods if you use a baby monitor. In our first method, we discussed reducing your baby’s exposure to RF radiation; the less exposure, the better. Once again, you can do this by purchasing a baby monitor that is safer than others.

Another method is to “neutralize” the radiation, by converting it to a less harmful form in a more natural environment. In this case, I trust the products made by Aulterra Global more than any other. (since they are backed by the best peer-reviewed scientific studies).

Scientists have proven that these minerals put a paramagnetic field around the electronic device they are attached to and transform the harmful ionizing radiation into a natural form that is less harmful. Aulterra products can help protect your baby from EMF radiation since he or she will be exposed to it.

When I was a child, I believed such products were snake oil and wanted nothing to do with them. Products like this are sent to me all the time by various companies. but none of them have ever been scientifically studied. The contents of their products are unknown. The Aulterra studies are available for you to read for yourself, just as I did. An explanation of why I trust Aulterra Global products can be found in the video I made below.

Neutralizer for Aulterra baby monitors

Here’s a brief description of how Aulterra Global’s baby monitors can be used with any baby monitor system. Put one neutralizing sticker on the monitor, one on the camera, and another on the battery of your baby monitor. You will also want to put a sticker on your cell phone and WiFi router, as well as any other WiFi device in your house.

Aulterra’s “Whole House USB” can then be plugged into the outlet in your baby’s bedroom by connecting it to the plug end of an old cell phone charger. Both ends of the antenna will be attacked by this method.

RF radiation coming from your baby monitor as it comes out of the machine will be neutralized by the whole house USB, while RF radiation coming from the electricity that runs the monitor will be caught by the sticker.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you found it helpful and beneficial. I would like to raise awareness about baby monitors more than any other RF radiation-emitting device. We, infants, are the most vulnerable and innocent of our family members, so I find this so important. Their small size and still-developing state make them vulnerable to RF radiation.

It would be greatly appreciated if you shared this article on your social media sites if you found it informative or helpful at all. Two things happen when you share our articles. In addition, it shows the search engines that our articles are interesting, which will help us rise in search results. We get more exposure that way.

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