How Much Does A Baby Monitor Cost?

Feeling a bit confused about baby monitor cost after exploring the extensive market is somehow unavoidable.

When I first visited Amazon and type “Best baby monitor”.

I exposed to a very long list of monitors where I could find one baby monitor with price tag $20 while another spot with a hefty price tag of $170; even there were so many others fell between price range $15 to $180.

For a minute, I wondered how much does a baby monitor cost.

If you want to get an answer to the same question, then stop your search and find out how much you should pay for the monitor.

And what to consider when buying a baby monitor.

I created this post to explain elements contributing to the overall cost of a baby monitor. Even I told what to must-have in your baby monitor.

I intend to fly you away from the world of confusing price discrepancy to a world where you know how much is okay to pay for the best baby monitor.

How Much Does a Baby Monitor Cost?

A straightforward answer to this question is that the cost of a standard monitor is different from an advanced one.

A standard baby monitor is available with a price range of $15 to $150.

The price of one monitor varies from another based on multiple factors such as brand and quality.

Now If you talk about the advanced baby monitor that unlocks video monitoring options for parents, then it will cost between $50 to $210.

When it comes to add-on cameras or range features, then many parents don’t mind paying some extra bucks. The price of advanced monitoring is defined by two main factors reliability and quality.

Top baby monitor brands always categorized under an expensive baby monitor, but it is because they offer the most reliable baby monitor with the best quality features.

What are 3 Key Features of An Audio baby Monitor?

Here are some features which you must have in your baby monitor and they contribute to the cost of a baby monitor.

  1. Frequency: In case you have a plan to shop a standard audio baby monitor, then make sure it has a rate of 900 MHz or higher. A monitor running on this frequency brings utmost sound clarity and less interference on your way.
  2. Battery Life: A strong battery is another crucial feature to look for when it comes to getting a wireless or radio signal baby monitor. The battery must come with its low-battery alert function. So, whenever your monitor is run short of battery fuel, then you can get a warning. There must be a light which notifies you about your battery. A baby monitor with a durable battery lets you go wireless as and when you need it.
  3. Sound-Activated Light: Another feature to must-have in your baby monitor is sound-activated light. A light turns on your receiver when your baby is active, moves or awake. This feature is quite useful for def parents. The cost of a baby monitor with this feature is usually high.

What are the essential features of a Video Baby Monitor?

When you are going to shop for an advanced baby monitor, then there are so many features that will melt your heart and convince you quickly. Here are some features which prove useful for parents.

  • Temperature sensors ( Infant Optics DXR-8 comes with this feature)
  • A 100ft range
  • Lullabies play
  • Expandable system
  • Cloud technology
  • Alarm 
  • An App

What Must Consider when Buying a Baby Monitor?

Baby monitors have a lot of features and functions — no need to feel panic and get confused when you read all about them. You can make the most from some tips which will make your baby monitor purchase decision quite uncomplicated.

Analog vs. Digital:

People with a low budget often decide for an analog monitor. It is vital to understand that other families around you also have monitors. Signals of their monitor might interfere or tap into yours.

As far as digital baby monitors are concerned, they run on DECT (digital enhanced cordless technology). Therefore, their signals are encrypted. Hackers and other monitors can’t tap on your signal.


Digital baby monitors like Nest Cam Baby Monitor and Infant Optics dxr-8 are more secure than analog monitors. You can boost your kid’s level of security with an advanced digital baby monitor.


This is another feature that plays an essential role in reception quality. You can quickly reduce interference by selecting a monitor with a 900MHz rate. It’s not going to be a tricky thing to look around because these days many brands have launched monitors with 2.4 GHz frequency. 

The higher the frequency of your baby monitor, the lower will be the chance of interference Try to get a baby monitor with a frequency range of 900MHz to 2.4 GHz for enhancing security shield for your sweetheart.

Audio or Video:

Don’t Know whether you need an audio or video baby monitor? Let me offer you my helping hand.

An audio monitor is the right choice when you want to listen and hear your baby voice as soon as he wakes up. It is a traditional kind of monitor that remained a part of parenthood for a very long period.

A video monitor, on the other hand, is an attractive option since you can not only hear but also can watch your baby. You can see whether your baby is asleep or not. 

Verdict: If you have budget issues, go for the audio baby monitor. Else you should prefer an advanced video monitor for your baby. 

Size: Big vs Small:

The baby monitor offers different size of camera and screen. The right size is one you like. There is no hard and fast rule to apply here.

People who plan to go wireless, always prefer compact baby monitor. The reason is that the small size makes a baby monitor portable. It becomes easy for the user to clip a receiver on the belt and put it in the pocket.

When you check video monitors, then you find them with varied screen size options. Make sure to pick one device which can bring a clear picture and sound. If you are a person who is into the HD picture, then you should be ready to pay extra bucks for this amenity. 

Verdict: Know what you need and then buy one baby monitor that satisfies your requirements and needs.

Low Battery Indicator:

I always like to get a baby monitor that alerts me when the battery is low or about to die. This feature doesn’t increase the cost of a baby monitor in typical cases. If the monitor battery dies and you get no alert, then it may turn into a bad situation. The connection between your monitor and camera will be no longer, and this is what you can’t afford. 

Verdict: Your baby monitor must have a low battery indicator feature because you want a stable connection and security for your munchkin.


Most advanced baby monitors are upgradable, though the cost of such a baby monitor is high. So, what does expandable mean? It means you can:

  • Get More than one receiver. No need to carry a monitor around. Keep one receiver in every room of the home. 
  • Set more than one camera in every room so that you can monitor the baby in the nursery and kids in the playroom
  • Have an Android and iPhone application through which you can remotely track your baby wherever you go.

Verdict: Expandability is nothing but a blessing that brings peace of mind in your parenthood. Go for it, if you can afford it. 

Are Baby Monitors Worth It?

Yes, video or audio Baby monitor worth it. Want to know why?

First Imagine your life without this device, you need to visit your baby’s room multiple times to check whether he is awake or asleep. Is he crying? It’s like a constant tingling and sensation deep down in your heart and mind to monitor your baby multiple times in a day. Every other parent feels the same, and you are no different. It is normal to keep a proper check on your babies. These continuous baby room visits will

  •  Decrease your body energy
  •  make you feel tired
  • Bring stress in your life
  • Lack of focus on work
  • Wake your baby from his good night sleep

Now Imagine your life with a baby monitor. Things turn out pretty handy and in your favor.

  •  No more risk of waking up your kid at night
  • Always monitor your sweetheart while maintaining focus on your home chores. 
  • There is no need to run for a quick baby check-up while you are cooking or cleaning. 
  • You won’t feel constantly worried about your baby’s health and sleep
  • No more leg work
  • Get rid of stress 
  • Feel fresh

However, you might encounter some high tech monitors which let you check heart rate and oxygen, and they are featured with advanced level detectors. No matter how fancy they sound, or how functional they look, they are not worthy at all.

Many studies and research on super-tech monitors prove that these monitors are not as active as they claim. There are tons of cases where these monitors send wrong alerts and demonstrate false readings, 

Many experts are against these advanced baby monitors because parents pay more attention to the signals and readings and less close attention to their baby. In some cases, parents rely heavily on these devices. This reliance turns them into irresponsible parents. And as a result, they become complacent, which is impermissible.

An investment in video baby monitor pays off to return to parents for a very long time. When your kids get older, then you can make the most from this device in the sleep training phase. Monitoring your toddler room gives you a clear idea of why he is cranky, what is wrong with him. 

Wrap Up:

When it comes to buying the best baby monitor, you can check our comprehensive guide of best baby monitors of 2021. This post provides a detailed answer to the question “How much does a baby monitor cost”. I explained essential features to look into your baby monitor, try to make a selection based on them. You can add some extra features which are vital for you and your baby on the list. Don’t jump on a low-cost baby monitor when another monitor brings excellent features with an affordable price tag.

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