How to Hang Baby Monitor?

How to Hang Baby Monitor?

How to hang baby monitor when the need for a baby monitor becomes apparent very quickly to every new parent. From another room in the house, parents can keep an eye on their children.

A baby monitor that hangs on the wall is an alternative to the traditional type that sits on a table or dresser. With this guide, you’ll learn how to hang a baby monitor on the wall securely, safely, and in a few minutes.

From choosing the right spot to securing and testing the connection, you’ll be able to successfully hang a baby monitor on wall. It’s time to get started!

Baby monitor types

First, let’s quickly go over the different types of baby monitors before we discuss how to hang one on the wall. Audio monitors and video monitors are the two main types.

1. Monitors for audio

A baby monitor with an audio component is the most basic type of baby monitor. Your child’s transmitter unit will stay in their room and your receiver unit will be carried around.

Whenever your child makes a sound, the transmitter unit detects it and transmits it to the receiver unit. Having an audio monitor allows you to hear your child from another room while you are in another room, and they are relatively inexpensive.

2. Monitors for video

There are a few advantages to video monitors over audio monitors, but video monitors are often more expensive. The first benefit of these devices is that they let you see and hear your child at the same time.

It is useful if you want to ensure your child is awake and moving around rather than just making noise. You can also see and hear your child clearly from a video monitor if you’re farther away from them than you can with an audio monitor.

Let’s talk about how to hang baby monitors up now that we’ve reviewed the different types.

Wall-mounted baby monitors: reasons to use them

When compared to other methods for placing your baby monitor, hanging it on the wall offers a few advantages.

As a result, tables and dressers will have more space. When your child’s room is already overcrowded or if it has a small nursery, this is especially helpful.

The second benefit is that hanging the monitor prevents your child from reaching it. Whether it’s the monitor or anything else within reach, your baby will grab anything within reach! The monitor can’t be damaged if it’s hung on the wall, and your baby can’t pull on the cable and hurt themselves.

You have more flexibility when it comes to placement when you hang the monitor. Depending on your preference, you can place it higher or lower on the wall to see the whole crib or just part of it. The crib can also be moved closer or further away depending on your needs.

Baby monitors: how to hang them

Following our discussion of why and how to hang baby monitors on walls, let’s get into the details of how to do it.

  • The monitor must first be placed in a suitable location. You can usually see your baby from the best spot near the crib. Be sure that the monitor won’t be directly visible from any windows, however. The signal can be interfered with by sunlight, making the screen harder to see.
  • Using a level, mark where you want the screws to go once you have selected a good spot. Once these marks have been made, drill pilot holes in the wall. Drilling too deeply can lead to going through the wall on the other side.
  • The baby monitors need to be hung on the wall now. The lower bracket should be screwed in first. Connect the power cord to the monitor by threading it through the hole in the bracket. Then screw the top bracket into place after aligning it with the pilot holes.
  • Last but not least, verify that everything is functioning properly by testing the connection. The baby monitors are now mounted on the wall!

Hanging a baby monitor has some benefits

The following are some of the benefits of hanging baby monitors on the wall:

  • Tables and dressers are freed up
  • Your child can’t reach the monitor this way
  • You have more placement flexibility with it
  • Compared to other placement methods, it’s safer

It is a great idea to hang baby monitors on the wall in your child’s room so you can keep an eye on them while freeing up space. Additionally, it keeps the monitor out of reach of your child, rather than placing it on a table or dresser.

Wall mounting tips for baby monitors

When hanging a baby monitor on a wall, keep these tips in mind:

  • Hang Baby Monitor On Wall Make sure the monitor is straight before drilling the screw holes
  • Drilling too deeply when hanging baby monitors on wall can damage the wall on the other side.
  • Thread the monitor’s power cord through the bracket hole before screwing it into place to hang baby monitors on wall. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the cord falling out of the socket when hanging the baby monitor on the wall

You can easily and quickly hang a baby monitor on the wall by following these tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Command strips work for hanging baby monitors?

Hanging pictures with Command Picture Hanging Strips is the secret! The weight of these monitors varies, so make sure you check the size before purchasing. I followed the instructions on the strips just as if I were hanging a picture.

How should a baby monitor be placed?

A three-foot distance should be maintained between the monitor and the crib, bed, or play area. A baby monitor should be kept as far away as possible from your baby, while still providing a full view and audio. Mounting your monitor on the wall is the best option.

If I want to hide the camera on my baby monitor, how can I do it?

A curtain can be used to conceal the baby monitor cord. Cords for baby monitors should be run inside walls. Make sure your cable covers are long. Consider using a cable sleeve. Make sure your electrical plugs are covered.

What is the best place to place a baby monitor?

A baby monitor should be placed centrally in the living area of your home. The location of the baby monitor should provide good coverage throughout the house, so you can hear your baby everywhere.

What are the options for mounting baby video monitors using 3M?

Baby video monitors can be mounted with 3M. Other types of brackets and mounting materials can be used, or special brackets can be purchased for this purpose.


Baby monitors on wall make great room savers for your child’s room while keeping an eye on them. Also, it keeps the monitor out of reach of your child, as opposed to placing it on a table or dresser. You can quickly and easily hang a baby monitor on a wall if you keep these tips in mind. Enjoy the benefits of hanging a baby monitor on the wall today!

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